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Israeli Science and Technology related companies database

Israeli Science and Technology related companies database
Israel Hanukoglu1 January 2008
This database of companies was created for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by his Science Adviser Israel Hanukoglu between 1996-1999. Since then Israel Hanukoglu claims to have kept the database up-to-date and expanded it, in his words "these directories include only Israeli companies, or multi-national companies that have a major base of operations in Israel". The database was sourced from the "Israel Science and Technology Directory" website
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Company Details
Abic - (972).2.9906901
Manufacturer of a wide range of veterinary vaccines, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, feed additives and disinfectants. Vaccines against coccidiosis, Gumboro, Lasota, Marek's disease, Goose Hepatitis, etc. Antiparasiticals: Carbaryl, Piperazine.
Beit Shemesh
Achdut Ltd. Food Industries - (972).3.9068020
Manufacturer of sesame products: halva, sweets and tehina. Fruit flavored syrups.
Afimilk - (972).4.6754812
AfiFarm software for dairy farming and herd management. Afiact heat detection. Afifeed for optimizing concentrated feed allocation. Controlled milking systems for sheep and goat dairy farmers.
Agrexco - (972).3.5630940
Fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, citrus fruits, organic produce, flowers.
Tel Aviv
AgriQuality - (972).8.6483396
Matching between worldwide market needs in the field of agriculture and horticulture and solutions based primarily on Israeli manufacturers and producers.
AgriSupportOnline - (972).3.6732030
International consultancy for growing fruits, flowers, vegetables, cotton, field crops (potato, carrot, radish, peanut, wheat) avocado, mango and citrus. Disease and pest control solutions. Latest growing methods. Expert online phytomonitoring assistance.
AgroGreen - (972).8.8633117
Biological pesticides, bio-nematicides and biofungicides against phytopathogenic nematodes. BioNem registered for use in tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, peaches and major herbs. Active ingredient Bacillus firmus.
Agrolan - (972).4.6763091
Meteorological systems and measurement devices for agriculture.
Moshav Nov
AgroLogic - (972).9.8626089
Climate controllers. Weighing systems for live poultry. Silo weighing system. Feedtronic feed weighing for restriction feeding and feed consumption. EC8 infra red egg counter.
Tel Aviv
Agron - (972).8.9352126
Development and marketing of environmentally benign pesticides, insecticidal detergents and soaps, microbial biopesticides and botanical extracts, pheromones and traps. Products certified for use in bio-organic agriculture.
AIDL Watering Systems - (972).8.8523236
Plant-drip watering system for potted plants. System with special soil-moisture sensor releases water to the potted plant in response to change in soil moisture. Computerized irrigation system with Tensiometer for light soils and water-sensitive crops.
Al-Magor Metal & Plastic Works - (972).3.5582907
Hand tools for punching holes into plastic irrigation pipelines of all sizes for insertion of drippers and sprinklers. Punches for saddle connectors. Cutter for cutting holes in layflat hose. Tool for inserting connector in pipes.
Ambar Feed Mills - (972).4.6321300
Feed for poultry, turkeys, ruminants, fish, rabbits and pigeons. Protein concentrates for international markets. Vitamin and trace mineral premixes. Biosecurity feed mill for breeder feeds.
Anglebase - (972).8.9941483
Anglebase container for detached substrate cultivation in greenhouses and open fields, suitable for both vegetables and flowers. SunGreen system of growing vegetables in detached substrate in small 10 liter containers.
Kfar Maimon
Aquaculture Production Technology - (972).4.8704585
Design, construction and operation of fish and shrimp farming and fisheries.
Kiryat Bialik
Arava Export Growers - (972).8.6581668
Galia melons, red and yellow peppers, cluster and cherry tomatoes, seedless grapes, strawberries.
Bnei Atarot
Ardag Quality Mariculture - (972).8.6335111
Marine hatchery, with 6 million fry per year capacity. Types of fish and fingerlings: Gilt head sea bream, red drum, and European sea bass.
Arkal Filtration Systems - (972).4.6775140
Water filtration systems for agricultural micro-irrigation and industrial/commercial water applications.
Bet Zera
Azrom Greenhouses - (972).8.9493620
Design and engineering of greenhouses for all crop requirements and climatic conditions. Modular structures suitable for all types of flexible and hard coverings.
Barkan Wine Cellars - (972).8.9355858
Products in two categories: Wines - Varietal wines, Generic wines, Dessert wines and Sweet Sacramental wine. Spirits - brandy, vodka, liquors, rum, gin and vermouth.
Benzur Nurseries - (972).3.9712348
Plant production from tissue culture, banana, cut flowers, ornamentals or flowering pots.
Tirat Yehuda
BHC Manufacturing Company - (972).4.6536600
Agricultural implements: Bed Shaper, Rolling row cultivator, Precision Sprayer, mechanical cotton pickers. Agricultural development projects in China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, South America and Africa for cotton, vegetables, vineyards, orchards, etc.
Beit Haemek
Bickel Flowers - (972).9.7414777
Producer and exporter of flowers and foliage, many varieties of gerbera, carnations, gypsophila, wax flowers, solidago, solidaster, liatris, chrysanthemum etc. Propagation of seedlings from tissue cultures.
Kfar Malal
Binyamina Wine Cellars - (972).4.6388643
Wine range includes dry, sweet and semi-dry red and white wines. Red varietals include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and Tempranillo. White varieties include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Emerald Riesling, Semillon and Muscat.
BIO-BEE - (972).4.6580904
Natural pollination of greenhouse vegetables using bumblebees Bombus terrestis.
BioDalia Microbiological Technologies - (972).4.9090909
Biological insecticides for moth and mosquito control. Bacillus thuringiensis Bti. Yeast and malolactic bacteria for the wine industry. Biodegradation of surfactant (detergent) contaminants in industrial wastewater. Bioprocess scale-up and manufacturing.
Biofeed - (972).8.9150564
Baited flat panel suspended on trees to lure fruit flies. Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis Capitata (Medfly), Olive fruit fly Bactrocera Oleae control without toxic insecticide residue. Tested hosts: apples, nectarine, sweet cherries, pears, olives etc.
Biogal-Galed Labs - (972).4.9898605
Immunocomb antibody test kit for determining the presence of a variety of diseases in small animals. Kits to determine serum, blood, or egg yolk antibody titers against Bursal Disease, Newcastle disease, Infectious Bronchitis Virus.
Biological Control Industries - (972).4.6580904
Agents for biological control of insects in vegetables, field crops, ornamental and fruit crops. Natural pollination by bumblebees.
Biomor - (972).4.6850525
Organic pesticides based on Tea Tree oil extract effective against Powdery Mildews, Downy Mildew, Early Blight, rust, decays, and Alternaria. For use in cucumber, melon, squash, potato, grapevine, carrot, tomato, mango, almond, plum, nectarine and apple.
Bio-Pet - (972).9.8984102
La-Cat Kitten cat food formulated to supply 100% of nutritional needs. La-Cat Hairball formula to prevent hair ball disturbances enriched with omega fatty acids. Love Dog Puppy Dog Food. Love Dog Light for adult overwight dogs.
Biovac-Vireo Biological laboratories - (972).4.6266772
Manufacturing and development of live and inactivated vaccines for poultry and cattle. Vaccines against Newcastle disease, avian encephalomyelitis, Infectious Bursal disease, bovine rotavirus. Parasiticides.
Or Akiva
Carmel Wines - (972).3.9488851
Fine table wines, sparkling wines, fortified and dessert wines, brandies and grappa, vodka, arack, liqueurs, grape juices, wine vinegars and olive oils. Vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Zinfandel grapes.
Rishon LeZion
Cham Food - (972).4.6334755
Tomato powder with high levels of lycopene. Tomato powder made using GMO free tomato varieties. Banana powder. Corn powder. Lemon base powder. Red Beet juice concentrate and powder. Orange base powder. Chickpea powder for instant soups.
Chateau Golan Winery - (972).4.6600026
Vineyards planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petite Syrah, Petit Verdot, Grenach and Pinot-Noir.
Moshav Eliad
Dagan Automation - (972).9.8987034
Greenhouse equipment such as cooling pad, thermal screen, fans, LHC dehumidifier, Trellising, Foggers, heating, irrigation system, humidity sensor.
Moshav Haniel
Danziger "Dan" Flower Farm - (972).3.9602525
Flower grower and exporter. Main products: gypsophila, aster, solidago, limonium, chrysanthemum, new guinea impatiens, petunia, hypericum, liatris, curcuma and various types of greens. Specialty: asexual reproduction of plants.
Moshav Mishmar Hashiva
Degania Sprayers - (972).4.6755890
Manufacturer of sprayers for orchards, row crops, cotton fields, citrus groves, flowers. Also for sanitation purposes and cow sheds. Two Row Sleeve boom sprayer for vineyards.
Deshen Gat - (972).3.6964124
Low Chlorine - Liquid fertilizers for fertigation of intensive crops and orchards. Shafir - Liquid fertilizers for fertigation of greenhouses, soilless culture and intensive vegetable crops. Liquid chelated microelements - FeroGat, chelated iron, etc.
Tel Aviv
Dolav Dvir-Lahav Plastic Products - (972).8.9111700
Manufacture of heavy-duty large bins for agricultural uses, including fruit picking and transfer of fruits and produce from fields to packing house, mushroom culturing in bins, refrigerated storage, fish storage and transport etc.
Dorot Garlic & Herbs - (972).8.6808095
Garlic, carrots, wheat and potatoes. Frozen chopped dill, basil, parsley, coriander.
Ein-Dor - (972).3.6482231
Manufacturer of low volume irrigation equipment with computerized support system for citrus, banana, orchards, avocado, kiwi, mango, vegetables, nurseries, hothouses, parks, private gardens, etc.
Tel Aviv
Ein-Tal Irrigation Systems - (972).4.6101811
Micro Drip gravity based irrigation system that suits modern agrotechnology methods without requiring an expensive water pressure system. Vibro water Spreader water for low volume irrigation. Turbo Sprinkler. Super Disk water filters.
Or Akiva
Eldar Shany Greenhouse Irrigation Control - (972).8.6736804
Manufacturer of computerized control systems for Irrigation control, greenhouse climate control, poultry house control.
Elgo - (972).9.8632525
Irrigation sprinklers and oscillators, watering pistols, guns and wands, quick hose connectors, brass accessories. Hose reels and carts. Underground irrigation systems: Pop-up sprinklers, watering timers. Micro irrigation: micro sprinklers, drippers.
Evogene - (972).8.9311900
Development of superior crops through genome remodeling. Database of DNA Regulatory Elements (DRE) / promoters from Arabidopsis genome. Current priorities: Rice, Soya and Wheat. Database and seeds of 8,000 transposon mutagenized tomato lines.
Galcon - (972).4.6997575
Manufacturer of computerized irrigation controllers. Battery operated controllers for automatic operation of water systems, municipal and landscape irrigation systems, traffic islands, football stadiums, etc.
Kfar Blum
Galil Agribiotech - (972).4.9991222
Micropropagation of banana, pineapple and eucalyptus plants using advanced tissue culture techniques.
Galil Mountain Winery - (972).4.6868740
Vineyards in the Upper Galilee mountains. Harvest mainly red grapes used for Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Barbera and Sangiovese. White grapes for Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.
Gan Shmuel Foods - (972).4.6320021
Citrus processing technology and packaging systems. Products include concentrated citrus juices, crystal clear concentrated juices, cloudy citrus concentrates, citrus bases, pineapple and tropical fruit blends, and tomato products.
Ganir - (972).8.6871428
Products include concentrates, juices, etheric oils, bases for nectars and carbonated beverages. Citrus fruits: Orange, grapefruit, sweety, lemon, clementine, mandarin. Apple, peach, apricot. Tropical fruits: pineapple, mango, passion fruit.
Gavish Software and Equipment - (972).8.9443961
Control systems for the agricultural market. Climate and irrigation control systems for greenhouses. Feedtrol - cattle feeding control systems. Fish farm control systems with temperature, oxygen, water level and customized functions.
Genesis Seeds - (972).8.9318966
Organic vegetable, flower and culinary and medicinal herb seeds. Seed varieties include beet, broccoli, celery, cabbage, cucumber, eggplant, endive, fava beans, leek, okra, onion, parsley, pepper, pumpkin, radish, spinach, tomato, turnip, watermelon.
Getzler Nurseries - (972).9.7419424
Miniature dwarf ornamental citrus as pot plants for indoors and outdoors. Citrus trees for orchards. Shrubs, climbers and trees for landscape. Rooted cuttings and flowering pot plants for export.
Kfar Bnei Zion
Gilad Desert Products - (972).8.6582515
Growers cooperative for export. Galia melon. Capsicum in red, green, yellow and orange colors. Tomatoes on the vine. Cherry Tomatoes. Sweet Potatoes. Green Onion. Cucumber. Zucchini.
Gilro - (972).2.9914351
Ice-cream cones, wafer and bakery products. Rolled cones, wafers, halva wafers. Products marketed under Alma label.
Beit Shemesh
Ginegar Plastic Products - (972).4.6547947
Producer of cover films for agricultural greenhouses and for mulches and soil disinfection. Geomembranes for preventing seepage from reservoirs and ponds and for soil engineering. Films based on LDPE, HDPE, EVA, mLLDPE, LLDPE, PA.
Ginosar Tissue Culture Nurseries - (972).4.6798845
Vegetal material explants. In vitro banana plants and hardened banana plants.
Golan Heights Winery - (972).4.6968420
Premium varietals, proprietary blends and traditional method sparkling wines, marketed under the labels "Yarden", "Gamla" and "Golan". Grape varieties: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Muscat.
Granot - (972).4.6321200
Central purchasing and marketing agency for the Granot Group of 41 Kibbutzim (agricultural settlements). Organically grown avocados, bananas, cotton and field crops.
Granot Refrigeration - (972).4.6321406
Refrigeration of cold storage rooms that include fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, seeds, bulbs, juice concentrates, meat, poultry and fish. Temperature controlled granaries and ripening rooms.
Hadas Exotic Fruit - (972).4.6258262
Grower and exporter of Kumquat, small orange that is used for pickling and making preserves.
Hadiklaim Date Grower's Cooperative - (972).3.6389555
Cooperative of date growers in Israel's Jordan Valley, Beit Shean Valley and the Arava desert. Date varieties grown include Amari, Barhi, Hayani, Medjoul, Halawi, Hayani, and pitted pressed dates.
Tel Aviv
Haifa Chemicals - (972).4.8469963
Production of specialty fertilizers and chemicals. Multi-K - potassium nitrate products. Slow and controlled-release fertilizers. Soluble fertilizers for greenhouse-grown vegetables and flowers.
Hazera Quality Seeds - (972).8.8508826
Vegetable, flower and field crop seeds, agrotechnical and field services.
Hazorea Aquatics - (972).4.9899137
Koi, cold water and tropical ornamental fish. BioseKoi Koi grown in Biosecure environment. Common goldfish, shubunkin, sarasa. Over 100 varieties of Waterlily and lotus. Bare root lilies (rhizomes) for immediate potting.
Herbs of Kedem - (972).8.9267430
Herbal medicines from Judean desert plant extracts. Herbal products for facial skin care.
Hishtil Nurseries - (972).3.9373148
Seedlings, young plants (vegetatively propagated) and unrooted cuttings - vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, bedding plants (flowering annuals), flowering pot plants, strawberry plugs, herbaceous perennials.
Moshav Nehalim
Irridan - Agricultural Projects Development - (972).8.8594781
Horticultural and agricultural turnkey projects and services worldwide. Supplier of greenhouses, irrigation systems, filtration systems, water supply treatment/purification systems. Site planning and crop consultation.
Israel Wines - (972).3.9651429
Portal on Israeli wineries and wines in Hebrew and English.
Rishon LeZion
Kad Bnei Darom - (972).8.8515548
Gourmet vegetable products. Olive oil prepared using Sinolea method. Basilicum and nut pasto, olives, red peppers, dried tomatoes. Antipasto appetizer vegetables, eggplant, pepper, zucchini.
Bnei Darom
Lachish Industries - (972).8.6891121
Manufacturer of cattle feeding machinery for dairy farming and feedlot industry. R.M.H. mixer feeders for T.M.R. (Total Mixed Ration) feeding system. Trailers (tractor pulled mixers).
Leaf-Sen Irrigation Systems - (972).4.6369859
Irrigation controller, triggered by a leaf-thickness-sensor that continuously monitors leaf turgor. Irrigation water flow is adjusted to real time needs of the plants. The system increases crop yields while reducing consumption of water.
Givat Hayim Ichud
Lin's Bee Farm - (972).8.9415859
Honey and honey based health products, organic honey, organic herbs, tinctures, multivitamin, propolis, pollen, ginseng, echinacea.
Kfar Bilu
Luxembourg Chemicals and Agriculture - (972).3.5103388
Insecticides for agriculture and pest control; herbicides for cotton, lawn and turf; fungicides for citrus, vineyards.
Tel Aviv
M&M Roses - (972).8.9982393
Fresh cut roses grown in the Negev Desert. Direct home delivery via courier FedEx service. Online orders for special occasions such as wedding, bar mitzvah, or holidays. Varieties include prophyta, golden gate, black baccara, circus and red champ.
Moshav Sde Nitzan
Makhteshim-Agan Industries - (972).8.6469837
Agrochemicals, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, veterinary products, aroma chemicals.
Margaliot - (972).9.8850666
Soil fumigation with methyl bromide, metam sodium, tellon. Soil fumigation machine that uses fire and a rotocultivator to fumigate the soil. Glue for gluing patches over holes in tunnels and greenhouses covers, both film and nets.
Margaliot Trade and Fumigation - (972).9.8850666
Design and manufacture of cultivation machinery for open field, greenhouses and tunnels. Soil fumigation machine that uses fire and a rotocultivator to fumigate the soil. Soil fumigation with methyl bromide, metam sodium, tellon, etc.
Marvadeshe - (972).8.9443800
High quality sod farms, palms.
Givat Brenner
Matzot Aviv - (972).3.6182151
Manufacturer of matzot and matzah products. Products include organic, whole wheat, unsalted, and mini matzot. Crackers.
Bnei Brak
Meshek Achiya - (972).2.9401313
Olive oil.
Meteor - (972).3.9222594
High quality woven nets suitable for vegetables and flowers in greenhouses and nethouses, and fruit trees and open field crops.
Petah Tikva
Metzerplas - (972).4.6387001
Irrigation systems. Subsurface drip irrigation products.
Naan Irrigation Systems - (972).8.9442120
Agricultural sprinklers, sprinklers, lawn and garden sprinklers, round and flat-tube drip lines, sprayers and misters, rotors, drainage preventer and flow regulator. Comprehensive agro projects. Expertise in hydraulics, fluid analysis, water distribution.
Negev Spices - (972).8.9915852
Herbs grown in Negev desert. Parsley, sage, oregano, basil, mint and melissa. Sweet red paprika powder. Oleoresin of paprika for use as natural dye.
Netafim - (972).8.6473111
Irrigation equipment, sprinklers, drip systems.
Nirit Seeds - (972).9.8322435
Producer of hybrid vegetable seeds for many varieties of tomato, watermelon, cucumber, pepper, melon, eggplant, cabbage.
Moshav Hadar Am
Organitech - (972).4.8308320
GrowTech2000 - Computerized robotics system for plant growing that performs and monitors all stages of the growing process. Based on hydroponic method that uses water as a replacement for soil as the root bed for the plants.
Orgil Greenhouses - (972).9.8988621
Manufacturer of greenhouses suited to hot and tropical weather conditions. Shadehouses, an inexpensive alternative to greenhouses for crops such as tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and flowers. Coverings for fishponds, storage and for special events.
Emek Hefer
Osem Industries - (972).3.9265265
Major food manufacturer partly owned by Nestle. Products include snacks (Bamba, Bissli, Apropo, Dubonim), Habait cakes, cereals, crackers, coffee, Instant Soup, Ready Meals.
Petah Tikva
Osmotek - (972).8.9315556
LifeLine, products for Plant Tissue Culture. Polycarbonate vessels for plant production. LifeRaft membrane rafts, floats, and culture holder accessories for batch liquid culture growth system.
Pelemix - (972).8.6847848
Coir based substrate and potting-soil mixtures free of soil born pathogens, for plant nurseries, gardening and agriculture. Blends of materials for special requirements, i.e. coir, peat, cocopeat, perlite, volcanic rock/ash and polystyrene granules.
Moshav Katif
Phoenicia - (972).8.6590231
Manufacturer of glass containers, jars, bottles for the food and beverage industry.
PhyTech - (972).8.6715175
Phytomonitoring system: Parameters measured include: leaf temperature, sap flow, stem diameter, growth of fruit, photosynthesis, solar radiation, air temperature, diffusion resistance, soil temperature, and soil moisture.
Kibbutz Yad-Mordechai
Pladot - (972).4.6485090
Manufacture of high quality stainless steel equipment. Mini Dairy for production of pasteurized milk products: skim milk and soft and hard cheeses, yogurt etc. Juice Lines: for pasteurizing natural or concentrate juices, wine, mineral water, etc.
Ein Harod Meuhad
Plasson - (972).4.6394711
Manufacturer of plastic products for the water, gas and agricultural industries.
Maagan Michael
Plastro - (972).4.6549444
Irrigation equipment including drip irrigation and mini-sprinkler irrigation. Pipes and tubing for agriculture, construction, infrastructure, sewage, drainage and communications.
Polysack Plastic Industries - (972).8.9989720
Plastic covering for the protection of vegetables, nurseries, cut flowers and fruit trees.
Nir Yitzhak
Rahan Meristem - (972).4.9857100
Tissue culture plants for over 200 plant genera. In-vitro and hardened dessert banana and plantain plants. Strawberry mother plants. Fruit trees for date palm, citrus, olive, mango, avocado, stone fruit and their rootstocks. Pineapple, jojoba, sugar-cane.
Rosh Hanikra
Recanati Winery - (972).4.6222288
Grapes selected from vineyards in the Upper Galilee. Recanati wine varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay.
Emek Hefer
S.C.R. Engineers - (972).9.8652050
Cow milking systems, heat detection systems.
Sadot Irrigation Systems - (972).3.5732650
Manufacturer of Shibolet irrigation and fertigation platforms for greenhouse and net-house applications. Design and maintenance of filtration and control systems for agricultural, landscape and turf and sports applications. Consultation services.
Scandi Kosher Food - (972).2.5344351
Exporter of kosher Israeli food products to food stores, caterers, restaurants and other business worldwide. Products include snacks, cheese, cakes, etc.
Neve Ilan
SDA Spice - (972).4.6580529
Spices using organic and standard growing processes: parsley, oregano, spinach, dill tips, sweet paprika, and cilantro.
Sde Eliyahu - (972).4.6580511
Organic farming of dates, grapes, pomegranates. Main crops: carrots, potatoes, parsley, paprika, wheat, sweet corn, coriander.
Sde Eliyahu Fish Farm - (972).4.6580522
Largest hatchery of Tilapia in Israel, with a production capacity close to 30 million fingerlings per year. Brood stock for spawning.
Sensmor - (972).51.637986
Metal can lid dud detector for food manufacturers that produce packaged cans or jars. Simple inspection machines verify that food containers are properly sealed.
Shafit Biological Laboratories - (972).9.9523401
Production of veterinary poultry vaccines. Live and inactivated single and combination vaccines that help in the control of all known infectious poultry diseases.
Shemen Industries - (972).4.8654319
Manufacture and marketing of plant oils under the brand name Etz HaZayit. Olive oil, Sesame oil, Canola oil, Sunflower oil.
Sisanit - (972).4.6270381
Web hosting and advertising company in the agriculture, horticulture field.
Pardes Hana
Smmol Flowers - (972).8.6581615
Grower and exporter of flowers: Achilea, Anemone, Animosa, Asclepias, Baby's Breath, Boronia, Cestrum, Craspidea, Delphinium, Desert Pea, Fox Tail lily, Gladiolus, Globularia. Greens: Lilium, Limonium, Lisianthus, Statice, Sunflower, Trachelium.
Moshav Zofar
Solbar Industries - (972).8.8632111
Soy protein concentrates for snacks, bakery products. Bontex, steam-textured soy protein for dehydrated instant meals. Soy isoflavones and saponins for cosmetics and dietary supplements.
Soli - (972).8.8581286
Greenhouse equipment and supplies for the horticultural industry. Pad and fan cooling systems. Thermal screens and shading systems. Ventilation systems to control humidity and temperature in greenhouses.
Kiryat Malachi
Strauss Group - (972).3.6752111
International food and beverage company. Major producer of yogurts, dairy desserts, cheese and ice-cream. Also controls Elite Industries, a leading company specializing in chocolate, coffee, confectionery and salty snacks.
SupHerbs Medicinal Plants - (972).4.6464848
Contract herb-growing farm specializing in organic production of a wide variety of medicinal plants and herbs.
Ta'am Vareach Spices - (972).3.9220939
Manufacturer of wide variety of Mediterranean spices for retail marketing. Oregano, zahatar(Hyssop).
Petah Tikva
Tali Grapes - (972).8.6885911
Table grapes. Varieties include Thompson, Superior , Red-Globe. Wax-flowers grown for export.
Moshav Lakhish
Tama Plastic Industry - (972).4.9899600
Crop packaging. Manufacture of round bale net wraps for hay, straw and silage. Degradable polypropylene for round bales. TamaShade nets for protection against solar radiation, frost, wind, hail and birds. Benches and bench-tops for use in nurseries.
Mishmar Ha'Emek
TAP Agricultural Projects - (972).9.8940507
Turn-key projects in rose-plant, cut-flower growing and herbs and spices production. TAP method based on rockwool hydroponics culture. Growing many varieties of rose plants in isolated beds. Herbs and spices grown in soil less culture free of insects.
Moshav Olesh
Tefen Plastic Products - (972).4.6395550
Design and manufacture of plastic products including fittings and accessories for irrigation, nylon, PVC and polyethylene tubing, air blow guns and spray guns, flower pots, window boxes and planters for decoration and nurseries.
Tekoa Agro-Technology Ltd. - (972).2.9964527
Tekoa Mushroom Farm - Design and operation of mushroom farms and processing facilities. Cultivation training (with options for exotic mushrooms). Spawn (live mushroom cultures) production technology. USFDA-approved food processing technology.
Telman Greenhouses - (972).54.5236988
Greenhouse, tunnels and net house for agricultural use.
Ein Tzurim
Tishbi Estate Winery - (972).4.6380434
Grape varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, French Colombard, Cabernet Sauvignon, Emerald Riesling, Merlot and Petit Syrah. Winery includes a tourist center that overlooks the vineyards of the estate. The center has a Kosher dairy restaurant.
Zichron Yaakov
Tnuva - (972).1.800.666244
Major divisions in dairy products, meat, poultry and fish, agricultural produce and eggs. Dairy products include fresh and UHT milk, yogurts and sour milk specialties, beverages, hard cheeses, soft, cream and cottage cheeses, butter.
V.G.I Agriculture Products Development - (972).3.5407320
Organic fertilizers made of natural components. KF-20, KF-200 fertilizers suitable for organic farming. Replaces or reduces need for chemical fertilizers in conventional farming practices. Highly concentrated and applicable via regular irrigation systems.
Ramat Hasharon
VocalTag - (972).
Rumination Time Monitor for measurement of rumination activity for supervision of individual cow and herd health as well as feed changes. Available as a neck tag, for routine dairy farm use.
Wissotzky Tea - (972).3.5651515
Large variety of teas, including Black Tea, Herbal Tea, Fruit Tea, Green Tea and Classic Tea. Gift boxes of tea.
Tel Aviv
Witt Plastic and Engineering - (972).3.5746290
Plastic pipe fittings with accurate threads for irrigation, domestic water installation, poultry houses, hygienic hand showers. Experts in design and manufacture of plastic articles with combination of metal and rubber parts.
Yagur Flower Nurseries - (972).4.9848108
One of the largest flower nurseries in Israel. Retal marketing of flowers, herbs, shrubs, gardening supplies.
Yamko Yadpaz - (972).8.6718131
Manufacture of modular greenhouses for vegetable crops, flowers and house plants. Star Multi Shed for storage and light industry. Irrigation booms, trellising system, anti-insect nets, heating and irrigation systems, climate control. Turn key projects.
Zakai Agricultural Know-How - (972).2.5901333
Plant production for international distribution. Fruit trees: avocado, babaco, banana, citrus, figs, litchi, olives, mango, pitaya. Varieties of strawberry and pineapple. Tissue culture grown clean plants. Flowers grown in insect-proof greenhouses.
Mishor Adumim
Zeraim Gedera - (972).8.9446220
Fruit, vegetable and field crop seeds. Tomato, squash, melon, watermelon, cucumber, pepper seeds.
Zvieli Nursery - (972).4.6750178
Nursery specializes in hardening date palm tissue-culture plants, and the production of ornamental shrubs.
Moshava Kineret
Biotechnology Companies
Company Details
3BY Ltd. - (972).4.9872332
Manufacturer of medical components, devices, specializing in plastic injection molding services and technical design. Products include disposable pumps, drug delivery devices, stopcocks, flow valves.
Alga Technologies - (972).8.6356425
Algae-derived products for nutraceutical and cosmetics industry. Astaxanthin, a red pigment carotenoid found in algae and aquatic animals that functions as an antioxidant (free-radical scavenger). Feed additive to impart coloration to salmon and trout.
Alomone Labs - (972).2.5872202
Molecular tools for the neuroscience community. Molecular tools for calcium, sodium and potassium channels, channel blockers, modulators, antibodies. Inhibitors for PKC, protein phosphatase, tyrosine kinase. Antibodies and toxins.
Aminolab - (972).8.9303333
Analytical and microbiological tests for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, chemical, biological, environmental and agricultural industries.
Nes Ziona
Applied Spectral Imaging - (972).4.6547567
Cytogenetics, automated spectral karyotyping, FISH probes and imaging. SKY displays chromosomes in unique colors, identifies chromosomal aberrations indicative of cancer, birth defects and genetic problems. Meta scan for Metaphase spreads.
Migdal HaEmek
BioCancell Therapeutics - (972).2.5486555
Targeted therapy based on the identification of genes that are highly expressed only in tumors. The regulatory sequences of these genes (e.g. H19) are used to express a toxin gene exclusively within tumor cells, enabling targeted tumor-cell destruction.
Biokine Therapeutics - (972).8.9301015
Drugs to treat inflammatory diseases and cancer by targeting immune and tumor cell migration, via chemokines. BKT104 targeting production of TNF-Alfa. BKT140, a CXCR4 chemokine receptor antagonist for treatment of tumor growth and metastasis.
Bio-Lab - (972).2.5841111
Pharmaceutical grade chemicals and solvents, HPLC solvents, DNA Synthesis grade reagents and solvents.
BioLineRx - (972).2.5489100
Drug development company. Development of novel compounds for the treatment of neurological disorders including schizophrenia, neurodegenerative disease and cancer.
Biological Industries - (972).4.9960595
Animal cell culture products, serum-free media and serum substitutes, human cytogenetics products. Distributor of imported chemicals, biochemicals and molecular biology products.
Beit Haemek
Biometrix - (972).2.5861241
Manufacturer and distributor of disposable medical devices for critical and intensive care units in Israel. Catheter sets, blood pressure kits, intravenous administration lines, angiography introducers, guide wires, ophthalmic drapes.
Biondvax - (972).3.5477668
Development of universal multi-season / multi-strain, intranasal flu vaccine. Technology utilizes a combination of conserved epitopes derived from the influenza virus possessing strong immunogenic capabilities.
Ramat Hasharon
Biopharmax - (972).9.9716111
Turnkey design and construction of pharmaceutical and biotechnological (API) plants. HVAC and clean rooms, sterile and aseptic filling and packaging lines, Cleaning-in-place and sterilization-in-place (CIP/SIP). Systems comply with USP and EU standards.
CBD Technologies - (972).8.9319550
Products and applications based upon proprietary cellulose binding domain (CBD) genes, proteins and processes that can regulate plant growth rates and fiber characteristics.
Chemagis - (972).3.5773880
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Finished Dosage Forms (FDF) for branded and generic pharmaceutical industries. Sample products: Non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor, CNS depressant, anesthetic, sleeping aid, anti-neoplastic, alkylating agent.
Bnei Brak
Chiasma - (972).2.5715885
Selective Cargo Delivery (SCD) of therapeutic agents in nano-particles. Suitable for peptides and proteins (e.g. insulin, PTH, GLP-1, erythropoietin, G-CSF, monoclonal antibodies) and non-protein drugs (e.g. heparin, alendronate).
ColBar - (972).9.9718663
Biomaterials for aesthetics and reconstructive medicine. EVOLENCE gel dermal filler for upper to mid dermis wrinkle correction. Ossix collagen membrane for guided bone regeneration. Collagen matrix produced by non-enzymatic glycation process.
Collgard Biopharmaceuticals - (972).3.9247447
Tempostatin: Selective inhibitor of stromal cell activation, cell migration and excessive collagen type I synthesis in extra-cellular matrix. Applications examined: suppression of fibrosis and uncontrolled activation of tissue repair in heart disease.
Petah Tikva
CytoLab - (972).8.9460948
Recombinant cytokine and anti cytokine products and ELISA kits. Product lines include human, murine and rat growth factors and cytokines, Neurotrophins, monoclonal and biotinylated polyclonal antibodies.
Dexcel - (972).4.6364000
Manufacture of prescription, generic and over the counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products. Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antihistamine, anti-hypertensive, antidepressant, diuretic drugs. Multi-vitamin supplements. Oral contraceptive.
Disc-O-Tech Medical Technologies - (972).9.9511511
Manufacturer of expandable implants for minimally invasive orthopedic surgeries. Expandable Fixion Intramedullary Nailing Systems for fracture fixation. Expandable B-Twin Spinal System for use in lumbar spinal fusion. Expandable Fixion Hip System.
DNR- Imaging Systems - (972).2.5700818
UV transilluminators, gel imaging systems.
Do-Coop Technologies - (972).3.5333804
Neowater, water-based nanotechnology that mimics intracellular water. Used for oral, topical, ophthalmic, inhaled, transdermal and transmucosal drug delivery. PCR enhancer, transfection enhancer, ligation enhancer, ELISA enhancer, microarray enhancer.
Or Yehuda
Dyn-BioShaf - (972).4.6175442
Medical diagnostics system for testing body fluids and cells utilizing a flow cytometer (FC). Kits for analysis of semen, IVF success prediction, hormone levels, genital infections, and immuno-infertility.
Elcam Medical - (972).4.6988120
Manufacturing of injection-molded plastic disposable medical devices for OEM use in critical care unit, I.V. sets, cardiovascular therapy and hemodialysis bloodline sets. Product lines include stopcocks, manifolds and needleless injection systems.
ErythroSave - (972).54.4935107
Device that enables blood aspiration from infants and retransfusion of red cells back to infants while the plasma is sent to the lab. Isolation of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and retransfusion of activated PRP to enhance healing of tissues.
Ester Neurosciences - (972).9.9601919
Development of therapeutic products for neurological disorders such as myasthenia gravis, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis and acute stress reactions. Monarsen antisense drugs for pre-expression control of acetylcholinesterase (AChE).
Herzliya Pituach
Fermentek - (972).2.5853953
Biologically active, natural products isolated from microorganisms. Products include A23187, actinomycin D, aflatoxin, anisomycin, cytochalasin, mycotoxins, inhibitors of protein kinases A, C, G, antibiotics, immunosuppressive agents, staurosporine.
Fischer Pharmaceuticals - (972).3.6772081
Ophthalmic, dermatological and skin-care preparations: Genesis Minerals sunscreens, shampoos, body lotions, Anti Acne Package, antiseptic wet tissues, Kamil Blue - Baby Skin Care products.
Tel Aviv
Foamix - (972).8.9316233
Foamix Foam and OILGEL platforms for topical dermatological drugs and cosmetics. DermaFoamix alcohol-free foam as a carrier for corticosteroids, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral drugs, local anesthetics, Anti-allergic agents, vitamins, sunscreen.
Nes Ziona
Gadot Biochemical Industries - (972).4.8461555
Manufacturer of citric acid, citrates, food phosphate salts and various food ingredients.
Galam - (972).4.6375222
Manufacturer of crystalline fructose, cornstarch, glucose syrups and a range of modified and instant starches for the food industry. Industrial starches for the paper, corrugated board, plasterboard and textile industries.
Galil Medical - (972).4.9591080
CryoHit cryo-therapy platform for treatment of liver, lung and bone cancer. FDA clearance for cancerous and benign conditions including thoracic surgery, gynecology, oncology and urology applications. Integrates with MRI for safety and efficacy.
GammaCan - (972).3.7382616
Cancer therapy using iv immunoglobulin (IgG) with broad anti-cancer effects including stimulation of NK cells, certain antibodies and cytokines including IL-12. IgG-based therapies treatment of a number of immune deficiencies and auto immune diseases.
Kiryat Ono
Glycominds - (972).8.9181080
Biomarkers for autoimmune diseases using glycan molecules as probes via proprietary GlycoChip technology. IBD differential diagnosis (Chron’s disease vs. Ulcerative colitis). Multiple sclerosis assay.
HDH Medical - (972).4.8490014
Hermetic Docking Head (HDH) vascular device, for suture-less open and laparoscopic surgical procedures that significantly enhance treatment of aortic and peripheral aneurysms, arterial occlusions and blood vessel traumas.
HealOr - (972).8.9407188
Topical drugs for healing acute and chronic wounds including diabetic foot ulcer, venous leg ulcer, pressure ulcers. Protein kinase C (PKC) modulating agents that promote formation of new epidermis over wound gap and accelerate matrix remodeling.
Nes Ziona
Healthcare Technologies - (972).
Manufacture and marketing of clinical diagnostic test kits. Subsidiaries: Savyon Diagnostics Ltd., Gamidor Israel Ltd., Danyel Biotech Ltd.
Herbamed - (972).8.9409648
Manufacturer of nutraceuticals and food supplements. Products include: Prostacal alleviates symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. FluVir an anti-influenza syrup.
HY Laboratories - (972).8.9366475
Manufacturer and marketer of prepared media and microbiological diagnostic kits. Systems for the transport and storage of microorganisms, including salmonella, shigella, campylobacter, vibrio spp, pneumococci and anaerobic microorganisms.
IDenta - (972).8.9716873
Manufacturer of proprietary drugs-of-abuse forensic testing products. Drug-lab quality identification field kits (substance only) for the detection of marijuana, hashish, ecstasy, cocaine, crack and heroin. Suitable for use by police field units.
Inotek Pharmaceuticals - (972).9.7758800
Drug development focused on DNA repair, cell necrosis and inflammatory pathways associated with tissue injury. PARP inhibitors that block nuclear DNA repair enzyme poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP). Inhibitor of nitric oxide synthase (iNOS/ NOS II).
InSight Biopharmaceuticals - (972).8.9463032
Biogenerics, recombinant human proteins. Human Interferon alpha and beta, G-CSF (Filgrastim), GM-CSF (Molgramostim), Erythropoietin (EPO), Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). Heparanase, anti-heparanase mAbs. Small molecule drug development.
Kamada - (972).8.9406472
Biopharmaceuticals. Specialty plasma derivatives, specific and general immune globulins produced using proprietary chromatographic separation and purification methods. Anticoagulant heparin and antagonist. Parenteral electrolyte solutions.
LycoRed - (972).8.9420930
Microencapsulated vitamins and minerals for dietary supplements, breakfast cereals, dairy foods. Lyc-O-Mato tomato lycopene complex. Beta carotene and carotenoid dispersions. Food and beverage colorant in a variety of red shades. Tomat-o-Red oleoresin.
LycoRed Natural Products - (972).8.6296994
Natural products based on the carotenoid antioxidant Lycopene extracted from tomatoes.
Maabarot Products - (972).9.8984104
Manufacturer of powdered food products for human consumption, pet foods and veterinary milk substitutes.
Materna - (972).9.8984113
Materna baby food and milk products.
NanoPass - (972).4.8605806
Painless microneedle devices for drug delivery and diagnostics. NanoPump - Low-cost, disposable, biocompatible product for controlled release of large molecules, including therapeutic proteins such as insulin, antibodies and vaccines.
Neurim Pharmaceuticals - (972).3.7684911
Small molecule drug research and development in the field of central nervous system (CNS) disorders. Circadin™- prolonged-release melatonin.
Tel Aviv
Novamed - (972).2.6781861
Immunodiagnostic kits. DipStreak and ChromoStreak for diagnosis of urinary tract infections. NovaStreak for detection of microorganisms in food and dairy products. Uni-Sep for lymphocyte isolation. Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Coated Plastic Ware.
Novetide - (972).4.8469400
Peptide based active pharmaceutical ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. Calcium regulators, calcitonin, Parathyroid Hormone. Vasopressin analog Desmopressin. Somatostatin. LHRH analogs Leuprolide, Goserelin, Buserelin, Triptorelin.
Nutragal - (972).4.6375161
Nutraceutical company, specializing in mineral fortifications. Vitamin D fortified instant soluble calcium for improved calcium absorption.
NutriCognia - (972).8.8632111
Development of rapid glyco-analytical tests for the food and beverage industries. LactoFact - Lactoferrin Rapid Glyco-Analysis test.
OMRIX biopharmaceuticals - (972).3.5316531
Immunology and hemophilia products. Human surgical sealant used for local hemostasis. Coagulation therapies for hemophilia. Immunoglobulins for prophylaxis of immune disorders. Plasma expanders for treatment of shock, burns and circulatory disorders.
Tel Aviv
Orgenics - (972).8.9429201
In vitro diagnostic and detection kits for a wide range of analytes including AIDS, chlamydia, hepatitis, rubella, and pregnancy test. ImmunoComb system for solid-phase EIA (enzyme immunoassay).
Peptor - (972).8.9387777
Development of drug candidates for the treatment of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases using hsp60-derived SCAPLs (Small Cyclic Analogs of Protein Loops), which switch off immune system patterns associated with hsp60.
Perrigo Israel Pharmaceuticals - (972).3.5773700
Manufacturer of a wide range of products including cardiovascular and dermatological pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, Ethical topical pharmaceuticals. Formerly Agis.
Bnei Brak
Pharmos - (972).8.9409686
Bio-pharmaceutical company focused on therapeutics for the central and peripheral nervous systems, and ophthalmologic, cardiovascular and inflammation-related indications. Lipid-based drug delivery systems.
Polyheal - (972).8.9324013
Topical treatment of acute and chronic wounds, diabetic ulcers and other tissue regeneration disorders, using patented microspheres-based technology. Polyheal promotes initiation of granulation, tissue growth and remodeling of damaged skin tissue.
Predix Pharmaceuticals - (972).3.6128590
Drug discovery platform based on proprietary 3D computational chemistry technologies specializing on G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) to identify novel drug-like compounds that bind specifically to GPCR targets in affinity assays.
ProChon - (972).8.9300023
Development of treatments for articular cartilage injuries and other cartilage defects by autologous chondrocyte transplantation.
Prochon Biotech - (972).8.9310900
Drugs that modulate Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) system to promote tissue regeneration. FGF formulations for bone fractures, bone loss and spine fusion. FGFR antagonists for short-limbed dwarfism. Autologous cartilage implant BioCart.
Procognia - (972).8.8535333
U-c fingerprint, a lectin array based platform that enables high throughput, automated analysis of protein glycosylation. Functional Human Protein Arrays with selected sets of human proteins including proteins associated cancer and signal transduction.
Proneuron Biotechnologies - (972).8.9409550
Biopharmaceutical company developing cell therapies and other treatment modalities for neurological, ophthalmological and immune-related disorders such as spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.
Nes Ziona
ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene - (972).8.9471175
Bulk production of E. coli-derived recombinant human cytokines and growth factors as well as monoclonal anti-cytokine and chemokine antibodies.
Protalix - (972).4.9889488
Proprietary plant cell culture and bioreactor system for efficient, large-scale production of complex human therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies, Glucocerebrosidase enzyme replacement for Gaucher's Disease and other recombinant proteins.
Protein Production Services - (972).8.9367570
Process development and cGMP manufacturing of recombinant proteins obtained by mammalian cell culture and microbial fermentation. PPS is seeking in-licensing of protein-based products (antibodies, fusion proteins, enzymes) in early development stages.
Proteologics - (972).8.9475666
Ubiquitin-based drugs. HIV drug development program based on RING finger E3 ligases.
Quark Pharmaceuticals - (972).8.9305111
Genomics-based drug discovery and development. BiFAR platform for bioinformatics-based target gene selection. Current focus on cancer, fibrotic diseases, ischemic diseases, brain disorders, bone and cartilage disorders, diabetes.
Nes Ziona
Rafa Laboratories - (972).2.5893939
Manufacturer of Over-the-Counter medicines (OTC), generic drugs, antibiotics, etc. Kalgaron for sore throat relief. Fluconazole and lansoprazole. Drugs for diseases of the digestive tract and treatment of pain.
Rakuto Kasei - (972).4.9594041
Enzymes for the textile, food, animal feed industries. Products include acid and neutral cellulase, alfa amylase, catalase, lipase, pectinase, protease. Microbial rennet milk clotting enzyme.
Rekah Pharmaceutical Industry - (972).3.5581233
Rekah develops and markets a wide range of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, vitamins and food additives for human use.
Rotem Industries - (972).8.6568300
Portable survey meters for alpha, beta and gamma radiation, hydrazine, stable isotopes (O-18), sapphire domes and windows, radioactive products for nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceuticals, labeling services.
Savient Pharmaceuticals - (972).8.9381122
Recombinant human growth hormone (GH). Vitamin D derivative for treatment of psoriasis. Recombinant hepatitis B vaccine. Viscoelastic devices for ophthalmology and orthopedics based on hyaluronic acid.
Savion Industries - (972).8.8565959
Manufacturer of medical furniture. Over 100 models of hospital beds, stretchers and trolleys, for intensive care, emergency/casualty, maternity, geriatrics, orthopedic, internal, pediatric and home care.
Savyon Diagnostics - (972).8.8562920
In vitro medical diagnostics testing for sexually transmitted diseases (e.g., Chlamydia), viral diseases, urinary and respiratory infections.
Semorex Technologies - (972).8.9725539
Development of antibody-like polymers, called molecular imprinted polymers (MIPs). Environmental Diagnostic Detection platform for both military and civilian usage, to detect small molecule chemical toxins.
Shahak Diamond Tools - (972).9.7461972
Sintered diamond instruments for dental laboratories designed for grinding, cutting and polishing precious, semi-precious and non-precious metals and Titanium. Instruments for use on porcelain, acrylic and gypsum.
Sigma-Aldrich Israel - (972).8.9484222
Broadest range of biochemicals, organic chemicals, chromatography products and diagnostic reagents.
SLP - (972).3.5371281
Manufacturer of devices for sleep disorder diagnostics. SleepStrip - sleep apnea screener. Respiratory effort sensors, reusable or disposable airflow sensors, motion detection sensors, body position sensors, snoring detection sensors.
Tel Aviv
Soflex Contact Lenses - (972).4.9955600
Manufacturer of contact lenses, lens solutions and accessories. Multifocal, toric, therapeutic, cosmetic, prosthetic, disposable and gas permeable contact lenses. Colored lenses. Soft K Keratoconus lenses.
Sol-Gel Technologies - (972).2.9997661
Sol-gel nanotechnology for encapsulation of active ingredients in nano size glass (silica) matrices and nanospheres. UV-Pearls safe and inert sunscreen and cosmetics. Acti-Pearls benzoyl peroxide antibacterial acne medication without irritation.
Beit Shemesh
Solubest - (972).8.9461030
Solumer - Nanotechnology for drug re-engineering and production of water-soluble compounds. Soluble anti-cancer and anti-infective drugs, including Itraconazole, Azithromycin, Clarithomycin, Taxol, etc.
Synergix - (972).2.6480396
Design of small active prototype molecules using rational drug design as a core technology. Projects under development: signal transduction therapy, renin inhibitor for hypertension and aids.
Syntezza - (972).2.5867138
Products for molecular biology research with DNA synthesis facility in Jerusalem to produce custom oligos. Kits for Real-Time PCR, custom probes, siRNA, peptides, antibodies and more.
Tagra Biotechnologies - (972).9.8656454
Microencapsulated vitamins A, E and F suitable for cosmetic formulations providing increased stability of active principles. Microencapsulated natural oils. Stable derivatives of vitamin C.
Taro Pharmaceutical Industries - (972).9.9711800
Pharmaceutical company with a wide range of products, from over-the-counter analgesics and vitamins to injectable anti-cancer drugs.
Tarom - (972).3.9214145
Distributor of diagnostics and laboratory systems, hygiene and food testing biomedical products in Israel.
Petah Tikva
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries - (972).3.9267267
Global pharmaceutical company specializing in the development, production and marketing of generic and proprietary branded pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Copaxone for the treatment of Relapsing- Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.
Petah Tikva
Trima - (972).4.8982862
Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. Dermatological preparations, creams and ointments. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) analgesics for rheumatology. Some example products: Acnetrim, Betacorten, Fungimon, Celcox, Diatrim, Dentix.
Tuttnauer - (972).2.6581611
Autoclaves, and sterilization equipment for the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, bio-technology, and surgical markets. Ultrasonic cleaning systems.
Unipharm - (972).3.6135050
Manufacture of branded generic drugs for cardiovascular medicine, neurology, psychiatry, gastroenterology, and macrolide antibiotics.
Tel Aviv
Vascular Biogenics - (972).3.6346450
Products at pre-clinical stage for prevention of progression of atherosclerosis in patients. Gene therapies targeted to the vascular wall endothelial cells, for both cancer and ischemic disease applications.
Or Yehuda
Vascular Technologies - (972).8.9301822
Vein Entry Indicator Device (VEID) for intravenous (IV) catheter insertion and spinal punctures. VEID includes a pressure sensor, a signal processor and indicator in a tiny unit that attaches to the end of IV cannula via disposable VEID Adapter.
Nes Ziona
XTL Biopharmaceuticals - (972).8.9304444
Novel therapeutics to treat life-threatening infectious diseases based on human monoclonal antibodies (hMAbs) and small molecule drugs. Developing anti-HBV and anti-HCV therapeutics.
Yamit Biotechnologies - (972).4.6818815
Specialty: immunotherapy. Y-Complex for the treatment of dairy cattle infected with bovine Mastitis more effective than antibiotics. Development of avian IgY type (main immunoglobulin fraction of fowls) polyclonal antibodies against melanoma gp100.
Kiryat Shemona
Chemical Companies
Company Details
Ahava - (972).3.5571111
Facial care, body care and hair care cosmetics developed at Dead Sea Laboratories. Products include cleansing cream, body lotion, hand cream, shower gel, mud soap, bath salts, shampoo, conditioner, makeup remover, moisturizer.
Dead Sea
Alon Oil Company - (972).9.9618500
Alon-Dor fuel company has over 350 operating stations around Israel with a 20% share of the local petroleum market.
American Israeli Paper Mills - (972).4.6349349
Israel's leading producer of paper and paper products. Household tissue products, feminine care products, disposable baby diapers (Hogla), detergents, cleansers. Recycling division collects and recycles paper, board, plastics and solid waste.
Amisragas - (972).3.5644124
Retailer of liquefied petroleum (LP) gas propane in Israel.
Tel Aviv
Amraz - (972).3.9632808
Manufacturer of plastics packages, P.E.T. preforms and bottles, caps and closures for soft drinks, dairy, foods, cosmetics, chemicals and electrical appliances. In-Mold Labeling (IML) by label injection molding system. Multi-colored "striped" foils.
Rishon Lezion
Aromor Flavors and Fragrances - (972).4.6524900
Aroma chemicals for the food, cosmetics and perfume industries. Nootkatone grapefruit flavor. Orange carbonyls. Ambermor, amber identical to product from whale's secretion. Aquamor, watermelon ketone. Gamma lactones. Cis Hexenyl esters. Dihydrojasmone.
Aviv Recycling Industry - (972).1.800.662066
Production of garden furniture, fences, plastic integration blocks and disposable loading platforms from recycled plastics. Plastic garbage cans, benches for municipalities.
B.G. Polymers - (972).8.6874236
Manufacturer of acrylic emulsions for the production of coatings, paints, adhesives, sealants, flexographics inks, organic pigment paste. Products for use in construction, textile, lamination and paint industries. Acrylic and vinyl acetate copolymers.
Beit Guvrin
Carmel Chemicals - (972).4.9549600
Thermoset urea and melamine molding compounds (urea formaldehyde and melamine formaldehyde - UF/MF) and melamine phenol molding compounds, in injection and compression grades.
Carmel Olefins - (972).4.8457371
Manufacturer of polyolefins, ethylene, low density polyethylene, carmelstat, polypropylene and polystyrene. Uses include production of films for agriculture, packaging irrigation pipes, sanitary pipes and fittings, toys, injection molded articles.
Carmex Precision Tools - (972).4.9973601
Manufacturer of precision threading tools, thread-milling tools, grooving tools, small boring tools. Carbide tools per customer's drawings. Whit and partial profiles, acme, trapez, round, NPT, BSPT, API-oil, AM-buttress, sage, tool holders.
Chemada Bromine Compounds - (972).8.9983421
Producer of chemicals for the pharmaceutical, photographic, cosmetic and agricultural Industries. Acyl bromides, 2-Bromo carboxylic acids, benzyl bromides, bromo aromatics, alkyl bromides, bromo acetophenones, bromo carboxylic acids.
Nir Itzhak
Chromat - (972).3.5590195
Heat treatment and brazing services for stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and nickel alloys. Hardening and tempering under endothermic atmosphere. Vacuum hardening. Induction hardening. Vacuum brazing. Salt bath mar-tempering. Metal annealing.
Dead Sea Bromine Group - (972).8.6297222
World's largest producer of elemental bromine and bromine compounds for flame retardants, agrochemicals, biocides, industrial and fine chemicals. Methyl bromide fumigant. Clear brine oilfield drilling fluids.
Dead Sea Magnesium - (972).8.6465638
Production of magnesium based on electrolytic decomposition of carnallite (KCl.MgCl2.6H2O). Magnesium ingot for aluminum alloying. Magnesium slab for desulfurization. Mg casting alloy for die casting.
Dead Sea Periclase - (972).8.6566113
Production of magnesium oxide for refractories, MgO bricks to line furnaces for steel production. Magnesium oxide (MgO), magnesium hydroxide and magnesium carbonate. Other applications in plastics, adhesives, and pharmaceutical industries.
Dead Sea Works - (972).8.6465351
Manufacturer of potash and a wide range of other products based on Dead Sea minerals: magnesium chloride, industrial salts, anhydrous aluminum chloride, de-icers, table salt and bath salts.
Delek - (972).9.8638588
Israel's second-largest number of gasoline stations (215). Manufacturer of petroleum derivatives. Partner with Esso Petroleum.
Delkol - (972).8.9270801
Manufacturer and importer of oils for the automotive industry.
Denber Israeli Paints - (972).8.9960794
Polymer based paints, oil paints, epoxy paints, polyurethane paints, nitro paints and melamine paints for interior painting and exterior coating of buildings, roads, ships, swimming pools.
Dor Chemicals - (972).4.8465000
Petrochemical raw materials for the pharmaceutical, plastics, wood, drugs and food industries. Paraformaldehyde, methanol, formaldehyde. Pure hydrogen gas for the food industry. Fordor disinfectant.
DPL - Disposable Hygienic Products - (972).4.6177800
Manufacturer of Natura brand wet cosmetic wipes, hygienic wipes, refresher wipes and medical wipes. Antibacterial, antiseptic, insect repellent wipes. Optical lens cleaning wipes. Computer and palm screen wipes.
Duram Rubber Products - (972).9.7474458
High quality technical rubber parts: O-rings for use in drinking water systems; picking fingers for pickers in agriculture; Rubber slings for the automotive market; gaskets, seals, and machetes for sanitary equipment; PVC pipe lines; irrigation systems.
Ramat Hakovesh
Ein Shemer Rubber Industries - (972).4.6371037
Wide range of rubber profiles. Water hoses, air hoses, welding hoses, fuel hoses, solvent hoses, hydraulic hoses, refrigerant gas charging hoses. Tire retreading materials. custom-designed products with CR (Neoprene), EPDM, Viton, SBR, NBR and silicon.
Ein Shemer
Elkayam Metal Industries - (972).2.9916136
Manufacturer of concrete production plants, quarry equipment, conveying systems and steel constructions. Vibrating screens. Sludge treatment systems. Concrete recycling plants. Dust separation systems.
Beit Shemesh
Epolac - (972).4.8419472
Paints, lacquers, polyurethane and epoxy coatings for steel and concrete structures and water pipes. Solventless epoxy, epoxy vinyl-ester for protection against corrosive agents. Silicon coatings.
FineTech Laboratories - (972).4.8308700
Synthesis of advanced pharmaceutical intermediates, diagnostic reagents, chiral amines, short peptides, pheromones made to order. Adamantane derivatives. Cost-effective glycosidation.
Fluortech - (972).8.6519271
Engineering solutions, and professional consulting on chemistry and technology of Tantalum, Niobium, inorganic Fluoride compounds and related materials.
FormaGlow - (972).52.3310680
Chemiluminescent light sources for light glowing products. Technology can be used to produce glowing greeting cards, flags, banners, stickers, coasters, signs etc. Product is made up of layers of special Laminates and Polymers developed by the company.
FriCSo - Friction Control Solutions - (972).4.8580008
Combined Micro-Relief (CMR) technology enables near-frictionless motion of moving parts using a special lapping material. Proprietary surface treatment, without coating. Applications: Internal combustion engines, compressors, bearings, shafts, axles, etc.
Tirat Hacarmel
Frutarom - (972).4.8462462
Aroma chemicals, citrus specialties, flavors, "botanicare" standardized extracts, sunscreen agents, botanical extracts, water soluble gums, emulsifiers, stabilizers, laboratory chemicals.
Gadiv Petrochemical Industries - (972).4.8788020
Producer of aromatics, aliphatic solvents and intermediates, for the chemical, plastics, food and pharmaceutical industries. Products include benzene, toluene, xylene, Solvent Naphtha-100, hexane, heptane, rubber solvent, lacquer diluent, succinic acid.
Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories - (972).3.9258888
Manufacturer of cosmetics. Eye care, Retinol Forte skin care line, Vitamin E enriched moisturizer and facial soap, Sun Care moisturizer. SPA body massage oil. Deodorant Spray. Lipacid.
Petah Tikva
Golan Plastic Products - (972).4.6677432
Pexgol pipes made of crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) for hot water under-floor central heating systems, municipal sewage systems, slurry (gypsum, sand, salt, phosphates, silts, potash) transport. Multygol - Multilayer composite piping system.
Shaar Hagolan
Haifa Basic Oils & Waxes - (972).4.8788637
Manufacturer of various grades of base oils, and paraffin wax for the candle industry, packaging and paper industries, wood and rubber industry. Aromatic oils. Laboratory services for wax and oil.
Hanita Coatings - (972).4.9859919
Coating, laminating and metalizing of polyester films. Sheet and roll form films for digital print presses. Filmic media for color copiers, laser and inkjet printers. Manufacturer of Solar and Security Window Films.
Haogenplast - (972).9.8980180
WinShield films for the lamination of window profiles, doors, window sills and other construction elements. PVC sheeting for use in awnings and canopies. PVC sheeting and liners for use in swimming pools. Thermoplastic roofing membranes.
Kibbutz Haogen
ICL Fertilizers - (972).8.6465128
Chemicals based on phosphate rock as raw material. Products include potash, phosphoric acid, granular fertilizers, specialty chemicals and phosphate salts.
IMI (TAMI) - (972).4.8469411
Contract R&D, synthetic peptides, chiral chemistry. Analytical services for elemental analysis, thermal analysis, water quality analysis, industrial effluent analysis, corrosion testing.
InterTool Machine-Tools - (972).9.8337323
Tool and cutter grinding machines. CNC milling and profiling machines. CNC Grinder with software modules for calculating variable lead of conical tools.
Beit Itzhak
Iscar - (972).4.9970311
Manufacturer of precision carbide metal working tools, producing a wide range of carbide inserts, carbide end mills and cutting tools for metal cutting applications.
Israel Chemicals - (972).3.6844401
Manufacture and development of fertilizers, bromine and bromine compounds, specialty chemicals, magnesium metal, and related products. ICL accounts for 35% of world bromine production, 9% of world potash production, 5% of international phosphate trade.
Tel Aviv
Kafrit Industries - (972).8.6809845
Producer of a wide range of Masterbatches and Compounds for the plastic industry. Extruded sheets, profiles, agriculture film, proprietary FR for transparent PC applications, flame retardants.
Kleen - (972).1.700.706760
Household cleaning products, detergents. Paper towels, toilet paper. Fabric softeners.
Koffolk - (972).3.9273100
Veterinary pharmaceuticals, vitamin concentrates. Large-scale synthesis of complex organic molecules. Technologies include Cyanation, Hydrogenation, Methylation (dimethyl sulphate), Pyrimidine Chemistry, Carbonylation, Darzen, and Sandmeyer processes.
Tel Aviv
Kroosh Technologies - (972).8.8527597
Multifrequency vibratory machines for screening fine powders: Metal powder (nickel, tungsten carbide), silica, pharmaceutical, food and chemical powders, coating pigments, wet minerals, building materials (sand, dolomite). Screeners, sieve analyzers.
Levgum - (972).2.9962965
Novel rubber devulcanization technologies for rubber recycling. The process involves a dry chemical reaction that breaks down sulfur links across polymer chains in vulcanized rubber without heating. Devulcanized rubber can be reused.
Kiryat Arba
Magma Magnets - (972).4.6753620
Permanent ferrite magnets for AC and DC motors for the automotive and household industries. Arc and cylindrical shape magnets, small and medium blocks and rings. Rare earth magnets (NdFeB and SmCo) and Alnico magnets with high resistance to corrosion.
Merkaz Hagaz - (972).1.700.507999
Gas distribution company for domestic use.
Even Yehuda
Metal-Tech - (972).8.6572333
Recycling of heavy metal powders from electronic waste, batteries, metal sludge and scrap. Manufacturer of ceramic powders, high-purity metals and metal powder alloys such as tungsten carbide, cobalt oxides, tantalum, tungsten alloys, copper sulfates.
Middle East Tube - (972).8.9274332
Manufacturer of pipes for water, sewage, oil and gas.
Modgal Metal - (972).4.6914222
Cast iron products. Quikcoup grooved couplings and fittings, hole-cut and threaded components for automatic sprinkler systems (fire protection), HAVC services, industrial, plumbing and cold or hot water piping installations. Cast iron pipe fittings.
Rosh Pina
MY Polymers - (972).8.9350101
Custom development in polymer chemistry and technology. Low refractive index UV adhesives, flexible epoxies, hydrophobic coatings, gels, hydrolytic stable elastomers. Projects in electronics, optronics, mechanics, print industry, biomedical devices.
N.M.A. Israel Metals - (972).4.8622706
Metal Scrap trading. Aluminum sheets and turnings. Lead battery plates. Extrusion briquettes.
NanoMaterials - (972).8.9318690
NanoLub solid lubricant based on spherical inorganic nanoparticles. Nano-spheres and nano-tubes based on inorganic compounds like WS2, MoS2, and NbS2. Applications include semi conductor fabs, pharmaceutical and food industries.
Neca - (972).3.9056400
Body Care: Bar and liquid soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Laundry detergents: Powder and liquid softeners. Household detergents, dishwasher soap.
Petah Tikva
Nilit - (972).4.6544441
Production of nylon 66 fibers for the fashion industry and engineering thermoplastics. Fine and mid-denier yarns for hosiery, circular knitting and seamless knitting industries. Sensil brand of polyamide yarns for circular and seamless knitting.
Migdal HaEmek
Nirlat - (972).8.9986302
Manufacturer of acrylic sealants, silicones, water and solvent-based paints, finishers, interior and exterior coatings, adhesives, additives and powders. Environmentally-friendly building products.
Nir Oz
Noga Engineering - (972).4.9808080
Machinist hand tools for metal working, plastic and plumbing industries. Deburring equipment: Swivel, Scraper, Countersink and Chamfer. Cooling systems for cooling and lubricating during machining, turning, drilling etc.
Numinor Chemical Industries - (972).4.9978220
Leading recycler of zinc in the Middle East. Manufacturer of zinc oxide, zinc ingots, zinc powder and other zinc related compounds.
Oil Refineries - (972).
Crude oil refinery. Petroleum products: liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, bitumen, paraffin.
Omative Systems - (972).2.6510310
OptiMil CNC milling and drilling optimization and automation. OptiTurn for CNC turning machines. OptiMonitor tool monitoring system for monitoring machining conditions. OMAT-Pro management tool for shopfloor managers.
Ortal Diecasting - (972).4.6063241
Zinc and Magnesium die-casting plant. Design, complete development of prototypes and J.I.T supply.
Neve Ur
Oxygen and Argon Works - (972).9.9559005
Manufacturer of industrial gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, CO2, acetylene, gas mixtures and specialty gases) in Israel.
Palgal Plastic Industries - (972).4.6531629
Manufacturing plastic extrusion products. Pipes for running water and waste water for household, industrial, and urban use. PALGAL Ducts system made from rigid PVC to hide and organize electric cables. Heating system for greenhouses and hothouses.
Palindent Organic Intermediates - (972).4.8468515
Manufacture of aromatic and heterocyclic compounds for chemical, pharmaceutical, and agrochemical industries. Activities include Nitration of aromatic and heterocyclic compounds (e.g. 5-Nitroisophthalic acid), Sulphonation, Esterification, etc.
Palziv - (972).4.6062999
Cross-linked, closed-cell, polyethylene and synthetic rubber foams. Production of a wide variety of extruded and molded foamed materials, finished and semi-finished products for automotive, construction, air-conditioning and packaging industries.
Beit She'an
Paz Lubricants & Chemicals - (972).
Largest petroleum oil company in Israel. Automotive oils, diesel oils, coolants, lubricants, hydraulic oils. Solvents (mineral, aromatic, non-aromatic). Industrial lubricants: turbine oils, vacuum pump oils, greases. Metal cutting oils.
Paz Oil Company - (972).1.800.774774
Company has 257 gasoline fueling stations across the country. Pazomat automatic refueling device installed in vehicle fleets.
PazGas - (972).3.9688076
Retailer of gas for home and industrial use. Gas appliances for homes. Courses in gas piping installation and safety.
Rishon Lezion
PetroMetriX - (972).4.6441808
Process analyzers based on Near Infrared (NIR) technology for the petroleum and petrochemical industries.
Migdal HaEmek
Pi-Gliloth - (972).3.6462333
Petroleum distillates storage in 4 terminals. Distribution of petroleum distillates by subterranean pipelines. Products include transport and heating diesel fuel, all types of gasoline, kerosene and jet fuel.
Plasgad Plastic Products - (972).4.6935485
Design and manufacture of stackable plastic containers, crates, pallets, pallet bins, boxes, trays, ventilated box and containers for storage and transportation in industry and agriculture. Anti-static (ESD) bins for electronics and printed circuits.
Plassim - (972).4.6598511
Manufacturer of piping for infrastructure, water supply, sewage, industry, telecommunications and building. Domestic sanitation and waste discharge systems. Compression fittings and couplings for PE pipes for water supply, agriculture and cables.
Polycad Industries - (972).9.9523701
Design and manufacture of plastic packaging for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Blow and injection molding and injection blow-molding techniques using PET, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and polycarbonate.
Prodair Israel Ltd (Air Products) - (972).8.6603444
Equipment, gases and chemicals for electronics industry. Argon, carbon monoxide, syngas, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen energy fuel.
Kiryat Gat
Resht O Plast - (972).4.8302406
Manufacture of cast polypropylene film and BOPP bags. Polyethylene UV stabilized fences (Safe-T-Fences) for the DIY market; agricultural, residential, and construction sites.
Ricor Cryogenic & Vacuum Systems - (972).4.6530800
Design and manufacture of cryo-coolers for electro-optics, applied superconductivity, scientific Instrumentation and vacuum applications.
Ein Harod Ihud
Sano - (972).9.7473222
Laundry powders and fabric softeners. Stain removing products. Spray starch: for easy starching of fabrics while ironing. Sano Guard for fabrics. Bathroom and toilet cleaning products and bleaches. Air fresheners fragrances. Insecticides and pesticides.
Hod HaSharon
Sea of Life - (972).8.9291221
Skin care cosmetics: Mineral facial cleanser, moisturizing cream, facial peeling cleanser. Aloe Vera gel. Hair care products. Hand cream with antioxidants vitamin E, beta carotene. Bulk packaging of Dead Sea mud, shower gels, aroma therapy massage salts.
Shalon Chemical Industries - (972).3.6291225
Manufacturer of protective systems against chemical warfare. Injection molding of plastic and rubber parts. Ultrasonic welding of plastic materials. Design and production of gas and aerosol filters, respiratory and body protective gear.
Tel Aviv
Sonol - (972).9.8637757
Distributor of refined petroleum products, lubricants, greases and related products.
Supergas - (972).9.8308103
Supplier of gas with about 30 branches around Israel.
Supergum Industries - (972).3.9365692
Rubber, plastic and sealing products for industrial and military applications. NBC panoramic rubber mask. Protective suit against biological warfare agents. Filters and blower systems. Bulletproof vests for civilian, police and military use.
Tel Aviv
Tambour - (972).1.800.321321
Leader in the Israeli paint industry. Decorative paints and industrial paints and coatings.
Terraflex - (972).4.6065110
Manufacturer of hoses and PVC compounds. Polyester braided PVC hoses for outdoors. Hose reels. Agricultural hoses resistant to pesticides. Shower hoses. PVC clear tubing. Gas hoses. PVC and EVA tubing. Suitable for high pressure applications.
Tosaf Compounds - (972).4.6420419
Masterbatches and compounds for the plastics industry. Masterbatches for the production of films and sheets for agriculture, BOPP, raffia tapes and fibers, foams, pipes, injection molding products. Color masterbatches for the plastics industry.
Unilever - (972).3.9729222
Cosmetics. Laundry products, fabric softeners, soaps.
Airport City
Zohar Dalia - (972).4.9897234
Developer and manufacturer of detergent intermediates and cleaning products. Enzymes for the pulp and paper industry and food industry. Biopesticides, biofungicides, biopolymers.
Israeli Defense Companies
Company Details
Achidatex - (972).3.9213431
Body armor and ballistic products, bulletproof vests. Dry Storage System to protect against rust and corrosion for tanks, armored personnel carriers, guns, aircraft. Pillow tanks for liquids, chemicals, fuels. Tents. Products conform to U.S. MIL-STD 662.
Petah Tikva
Aeronautics Defense Systems - (972).8.9433600
Aerostar Unmanned Air Vehicle System (UAV). Orbiter for over the hill reconnaissance missions with camera guided flight. SeaStar unmanned surface vehicle for harbor and strategic facility protection, command from maritime platform or ground station.
Defense Industries International - (972).8.6891611
Manufacturer of personal military and civilian protective equipment and supplies. Products designed for military, law enforcement, border patrol enforcement, security forces around the world.
DefenSoft - (972).4.9090700
Lighthouse software for planning defense and security systems, used in borders, coastlines, military bases, airports, seaports, etc. Combines mapping and GIS data management, device simulation, CAD solutions and mission planning tools.
dsIT Technologies - (972).3.5313333
Naval sonar and acoustics-related projects for foreign navies. Harbor Surveillance System, Diver Detection Sonar, Mobile Acoustic Range, Generic Sonar Simulator, Underwater Acoustic Signal Analysis system (UASA).
Givat Shmuel
Export Erez - (972).8.6891611
Manufacturer of protective equipment and personal military supplies for the Israel army, police, security forces, and other international armies. Military gear and camping equipment, sleeping bags, flight jackets, tents and other IDF equipment.
International Security Academy - (972).9.9500969
Tactical and counter-terrorism training centers and courses delivered by Israeli security and anti-terrorism experts. International training networks for protection officer, VIP protection operative and team leader.
Israel Military Industries - (972).3.5485617
Aircraft equipment, pylons, fuel tanks, chaff and flare dispensing systems, unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), airborne electronic control units for aircraft-launched missiles. Handgun and rifle ammunition.
Tel Aviv
Mofet Etzion - (972).2.9935326
LIBA Armor, protection from IED (improvised explosive devices) and land mines; used in Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) of Marine Corps, Pandur. Personal body armor panels. Soft and hard body armor vests based on ceramic materials.
Kfar Etzion
Sibat - (972).3.6977207
Israel Defense Forces (IDF) surplus systems and equipment. Air Systems: Aircraft, engines, spare parts, armament and ammunition, anti-aircraft weapons. Submarines, helicopter carrier missile boats, naval guns. Tanks, artillery cannons, armored vehicles.
Tel Aviv
Soltam Systems - (972).4.9896282
Artillery systems with fire control computer, muzzle velocity radar (MVR), inertial navigation and target acquisition. 155mm guns, howitzer with standard NATO ammunition. Upgrading artillery for customers including Russian made 130mm M46, 152mm M85.
Israeli Companies of Earth Science and Environment
Company Details
AllTelescopes - (972).54.4388788
Astronomical telescopes, binoculars and accessories such as eyepieces, Digi-Cam adapter, tripod mounts, Barlows, diagonals, filters (oxygen filter, moon filter, polarizing filter, deep sky filter for viewing nebulae).
Amiad Filtration Systems - (972).4.6909391
Water filtration equipment. Plastic and steel self-cleaning automatic filters. Media filtration systems including sand, gravel and multi-media filters. Filtration systems for irrigation, industry and domestic use. Potable and affluent water treatment.
Arad - (972).4.9897917
Manufacturer of water measuring systems, water meters for municipalities, agriculture and industry. Turnkey projects for control of water supply systems. Automatic remote reading, flow monitoring and leak detection systems. Woltman turbo meters.
Arad Technologies - (972).4.9935222
Manufacture of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems for Water, Gas and Electricity consumption. Products include Dialog system for data communications as an internal element of the water meter. Drive By system for automatic meter reading.
Argad Water Treatment Industries - (972).4.9549574
Representative in Israel of Kinetico. Filtering, softening, reverse osmosis and ion exchange systems.
Arrow Ecology - (972).4.8412599
Environmental consulting, maintenance of industrial and municipal sewage systems and treatment plants, treatment of hazardous waste, solid and liquid waste transportation.
AtlasCT - Atlas Cartographic Technologies - (972).3.6124535
Developer of worldwide mapping solutions. AtlasNET - mapping server that provides mapping capabilities via internet. AtlasCONTROL - ActiveX control that offers mapping capabilities for Windows-based ERP systems developers.
Auto Cool - (972).3.9342080
Customized air conditioning system for private cars, commercial vehicles and trucks. Special vehicle operation dedicated to developing A.C. systems for military use and other specialized purposes.
Petah Tikva
Bar-Kal Systems Engineering - (972).9.8851151
Hyper-spectral remote sensing for monitoring of global processes such as desertification, deforestation and drought. Agriculture: Detecting nutrient deficiencies. Geological and mineral mapping. Marine pollution, bathymetry.
C Valves - (972).4.6914210
Linear Flow Linear Control (LFLC) valves for water works industry, fueling, treated water and salty water. Flow control valves, pump valves, reservoir valves, on-off valves, pressure reducing and pressure sustaining valves.
Rosh Pina
Carta - (972).2.6783355
Israel map publishing company.
Chemtec - (972).9.8358877
Design and manufacture of water treatment systems, combining filtration, membrane technology, ion-exchange, reverse osmosis, and chemical treatment. Purification plants for drinking water, desalination systems for brackish and sea water.
Chromagen - (972).4.9839456
Manufacturer of solar energy systems for domestic and industrial sectors. Solar collectors, storage tanks. Photovoltaic systems for security fences, street lighting, communications, agriculture. Solar energy for hot water supply. Thermosyphonic units.
Shaar Ha’amakim
Cosmos Pat-El Trading - (972).3.6724303
Astronomic and scientific equipment for educational institutions and amateurs - model planetariums, celestial models, and globes, software, slides, posters, books.
Dorot - (972).8.6808900
Automatic control valves. Diaphragm and hydraulic valves. Pressure and flow rate control valves to control water level in tanks and reservoirs to prevent overflow and draining. Fire protection valve for fire extinguishing systems.
E.P.C. - (972).9.8826464
Environment Protection Company (EPC). Wastewater treatment plants and equipment. Bio-Robi system utilizes a unique purification process for domestic sewage and can handle up to 1000 gallons per day.
Shaar Heffer
Ecozone Technologies - (972).9.8912445
ActivO ozone generator and ozone removal systems to remove odors from large rooms contaminated by odors such as tobacco smoke. Ozone generators use double dielectric barrier discharge technology. Non-thermal plasma air pollution control technology.
ELA - (972).1.700.700310
Agency that manages recycling of disposable drink containers such as plastic bottles and cans with refundable mandatory deposit payment.
eMap - (972).3.7660108
Online street maps of Israel. Local distributor of ESRI GIS and mapping software.
Tel Aviv
Environmental Services Company - (972).8.6503700
Hazardous waste recycling plant. Laboratory services, air monitoring and sample analysis, calibration of monitoring instruments, counseling on packaging and transportation of hazardous waste, survey tests of contaminated soil.
Envitech - Environmental Data Management Systems - (972).3.5731944
ENVIEW - central software system for real time meteorological and environmental quality monitoring based on SQL Server. Data acquisition and communication in real time via telephone lines.
GeoMatrix Solutions - (972).2.6731653
Technology for radioactive and hazardous waste management. Mineral Encapsulation incorporates high-level radioactive waste (HLW) in minerals. Immobilizing mineral is encapsulated by an additional inert mineral covering.
Geo-Sense - (972).9.8995531
Geophysical technologies for subsurface mapping using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), seismic and magnetic surveys, geo-electrical conductivity. Applications include environment, engineering, geology, hydrology, natural hazards and archaeology.
Even Yehuda
Givot Olam Oil - (972).2.5356315
Oil exploration.
Heliocol - (972).8.9983201
Solar pool heating systems for residential and commercial use. Heating panels resistant to pool chemicals, scaling, extreme temperatures and corrosion.
IDE Technologies - (972).9.8929777
Design and operation of plants for saline water desalination, effluent concentration and purification of industrial streams and water treatment. Specializing in low temperature thermal distillation, reverse osmosis, heavy duty evaporators.
Juanico - Environmental Consultants - (972).4.6523903
International consulting firm, high-tech low-cost low-energy solutions for warm climates. Sewage treatment, wastewater storage and reuse. Municipal, industrial and agricultural effluents. Applied limnology. Online consulting. Green building design.
K.M.M. Recycling Industries - (972).3.9566677
Collection and recycling of all types of waste paper.
Rishon Lezion
MAPA - Mapping & Publishing - (972).3.6203252
Publisher of road maps, and street atlases. GISrael - National digital database of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). (in Hebrew)
Tel Aviv
Marine Pollution Services - (972).4.8624660
Marine and land oil spill response.
Mekorot - (972).3.6230555
Israel National Water Company.
Tel Aviv
Millennium Electric - (972).9.7439490
Solar energy power stations. Photo-voltaic systems. Applications include isolated rural areas, street lighting, computerized irrigation, communications, etc.
Nesher - (972).8.9271430
Concrete production and marketing. Production plants in Haifa, Ramla, and Har-Tov.
Nimrod - (972).3.9615333
Manufacturer of solar and electric water heaters, tank collectors. Galvanized seamless steel pipes resistant to rust. Tempered solar glass panels. Water heaters with internal enamel coating to prevent corrosion.
Rishon Lezion
Nirosoft Industries - (972).4.9883311
Reverse osmosis systems for desalination and demineralization. Sea water and brackish water desalination plants. Mobile and autonomous purification systems. Membrane separation systems. Ion exchangers. Chemical-physical effluent treatment plants.
Oceana - (972).3.9033393
Marine and civil engineering works, water treatment and desalination plants construction, hydrographic surveys and marine charting.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Odis Filtering - (972).3.9258503
WastePoint: Municipal waste water treatment plant. Compact drinking water treatment plant. GreenPoint: Recycling of Leachate in Greenhouses. MultiFlow.Car-wash waste-water recycling system. Membranal biological reactor. Self Cleaning Screen Filters.
Petah Tikva
Ofek Aerial Photography & Mapping - (972).9.8653065
Aerial and satellite imaging. High precision mapping by digital Orthophotos. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and geodetic scanning. Photogrammetric mapping for road planning. Aerial photography for cadastral mapping. Remote sensing helicopters.
Plastic Magen Solar heating systems - (972).8.9984664
Manufacturer of all plastic solar collector, used mainly as a swimming pool water heater and as pre-heating systems for industrial and domestic hot water supply.
Puretec Water Engineering - (972).9.8945734
Water treatment products for agriculture, industrial and municipal customers. Membranes, filters and deionization units. Sea water desalination systems. Mobile water treatment unit. Services include carbon and resin regeneration.
SDE Sea Waves Power Plants - (972).3.7397107
Planning, building and marketing of power stations, producing power from sea waves. Proprietary technology for production of electricity through "harvesting" sea wave motion.
Tel Aviv
Solel Solar Systems - (972).2.9996620
Manufacturer of solar thermal collectors for heating, cooling, power and steam generation for industry and commerce. Solar power plants that co-generate heating and cooling.
Beit Shemesh
Sunriks - (972).8.9222816
Exporter of solar collectors, solar storage tanks and solar hot water systems for manufactures of solar products in Israel.
Tabib - (972).3.9309670
Toxic waste treatment and disposal company. Water waste treatment and recycling. Medical and biological waste disposal. Solvent recycling and reclamation of solvents by refining for reuse in industry. Hazardous transport. Evacuation of brine.
Petah Tikva
Tahal - Water Planning for Israel - (972).3.6924434
Planning and design of water supply systems.
Tel Aviv
Tana Industries - (972).3.5387685
Manufacturing and development of water treatment (mainly drinking water) and cooling systems. Specializes in use of ultraviolet (UV) technology for water purification.
Netiv Halamed Hei
TAT Technologies - (972).8.8595411
Design and manufacture and R&D of environmental control systems, cooling systems, heat transfer equipment, heat exchangers, oil coolers, precoolers, cold plates, cold walls and brazed assemblies.
Tiltan - (972).3.5780711
3D terrain databases with real-world geo-specific textures. Automated classification of space and aerial photography with automated extraction of DEM/DTM in urban areas.
Bnei Brak
Treatment Chemicals and Filtering Systems - (972).3.6047284
Reverse osmosis installation for desalination of sea and brackish water to obtain drinking and industrial water. Denitrification. Chemical effluent treatment for metal shops, battery plants. Solenoid driven dosing pumps. Sand and anthracite filters.
Tel Aviv
Zion Oil & Gas - (972).4.6231425
Oil and gas exploration in Israel.
Electronics Companies
Company Details
AccuBeat - (972).2.5868330
High precision frequency and time generation and synchronization products based on Rubidium Frequency Standards and GPS receivers. World’s smallest atomic oscillators for use in cellular base stations, computer networks, calibration labs, telemetry etc.
Ace Verification - (972).54.8101102
Verification IP and services for the semiconductor industry. Specialist in coverage driven random verification of HDL designs.
Tel Aviv
Active Cool - (972).8.6726123
AC4G, the world's first thermo-electric cooling and noise-reduction system for PC processors. Microprocessor-controlled in PCI form factor.
Advanced Semiconductor Technology Ltd. - (972).9.7744278
ASIC and VLSI design including FPGA conversions, Gate Array and Cell Based designs. Customizable DSP core (CDSP) implemented in DSLAM products of xDSL chip set. DES Encryption/Decription core. Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and STD products support.
Advice Electronics - (972).3.9000900
Manufacturer of power supply systems and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Laboratory power supplies. DC/AC converters. Power cabinets.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Aeromaoz - (972).3.6954261
Manufacturer of illuminated display and control systems for military and commercial / business aircraft, armed personnel carriers. Night Vision Imaging System. Control panels, display bezels.
Tel Aviv
Afcon Industries Group - (972).3.9392500
Design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of electrometrical equipment and industrial control systems. Electro-mechanics and HVAC contracting works. Industrial control electronics products engineering and manufacturing.
Petah Tikva
Agent Video Intelligence - (972).3.2201500
Video intelligence system for large-scale video surveillance networks, based on IPoIP (Image Processing over IP) technology. Video Motion detector designed to detect various object types (humans, vehicles, animals etc.) moving at any predefined condition.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Agilent Technologies - (972).3.9288555
Digital design and debug, RF and microwave instruments and systems, wireless communications, telecom/datacom, frequency/time standards, lightwave instruments, component test, mechanical and physical test and manufacturing test systems.
Petah Tikva
Agma Power Systems - (972).4.8764844
AC-DC and DC-DC switching power supplies and converters. Military standard DC/DC, AC/DC power supplies per MIL-STD-704A and MIL-STD- 275A (AT) with single or multiple outputs. DC power supplies for telecommunication systems.
Kiryat Bialik
Algotec - (972).9.7482442
ImagiNet - Web based medical image management, storage, 2D and 3D processing and distribution system. Teleradiology, telemedicine. Applications: volume-rendering for visualization of 3D structures using CT or MR data, angiography, vessel tracking.
Alpha Omega Engineering - (972).4.6563327
Manufacturer of equipment to analyze electrical activity of the brain and nervous system. Data acquisition, spike detection and sorting systems, amplifiers, microelectrode manipulators and manifolds. Micro electrode recording for functional neurosurgery.
Nazareth Illit
Amimon - (972).9.9629222
Wireless High-definition Interface (WHDI) Video modem. Baseband Transmitter chip can be embedded in DVD players, consoles, PCs and cameras, enabling wireless streaming of uncompressed HD video and audio to TVs, PCs and projectors. Baseband Receiver chip.
Amit Technology Science and Medicine - (972).2.5322173
SCS - Scalp cooling system prevents hair loss (alopecia) caused by chemotherapy treatment. The device cools scalp during chemotherapy. Contractions of the blood vessels reduces quantity of chemotherapy material that reaches hair follicles.
Amza Ltd. - (972).3.9211505
Surface-finishing for PWB (Printed Wire Board) and electronics industries. Member of Enthone group. Technologies include Pattern-Panel and Through-Hole Plating, Hot Air Solder Leveling, Dry Film Imaging, Surface Treatment, Tin Immersion, Shielding.
Analog Devices DSP Design Center - (972).9.9502104
Development of high end digital signal processors.
Anorad - (972).4.9095222
Linear motor systems and technology - Servo controllers, Anoline linear servo motors, standard positioning stages, PCLM and Anocast composites, air bearing systems.
Yokneam Illit
Applied Materials Israel - (972).8.9488888
Semiconductor fabrication process diagnostics and control products. Wafer and reticle inspection systems. SEM based metrology systems.
Arel Control - (972).8.9433020
Advanced computerized systems for central control, combining dye recipes and dye programs for the textile industry. Plant management control systems.
Astronautics - (972).3.9251555
Mission and Display Processor (MDP) for avionics systems of F-5, Mig-21, F-4, BO105 , A-4, KTX-2 , C-130 Gunship , T-38, MB-339 C/D and Mirage III fighter planes. Air Data Computers (ADCs). Cockpit instruments. Navigation System (INS/GPS).
Petah Tikva
Ateka - (972).3.9392311
Manufacture and installation of a wide range of industrial electrical equipment, control, automation, software and electronics systems. Air purification systems. Electronics and communication racks. Subsidiary of Afcon Industries Ltd.
Petah Tikva
Athena Smartcard Solutions - (972).9.9517550
Smart Cards. Cryptographic Smart Cards for national and corporate security and health insurance applications. Smart card readers for PC. Cryptographic Smart Card Software Development Kits. PKCS#11 and Smart Card CSP.
Aurora Technologies - (972).4.8576982
Smart card controllers for unattended applications and for vending machines. Point of sale terminals for smart cards and magnetic cards. Electronic ticketing (e-ticketing) for buses and taxi cabs. Time and attendance units.
Tirat Hacarmel
Av-Gad - (972).3.6816767
Manufacturer of electronic alarm and security systems for residential, commercial, industrial and military applications. Easyloader series with multiple zone control panels. Systems include remote communications, event logs, siren and voice modules.
Tel Aviv
Azimuth Technologies - (972).9.7612500
Target acquisition and navigation for defense field intelligence, target identification, directing fire elements such as artillery and rockets, attack aircraft and helicopters. GPS Navigation and communication for commercial cellular markets.
BAE Systems ROKAR - (972).2.5329888
Aircraft self-defense Chaff and Flare Dispensing Systems (CFDS). Integrated with Missile Warning Systems (MWS) and Radar Warning Receivers (RWR). Stores Management Systems (SMS) for helicopters and light attack aircraft. GPS receivers for defense.
Bar Tal Electronic Enclosures - (972).3.5515951
Manufacture of electronic enclosures and packages for the electronics industry. Turnkey services include mechanical manufacturing (CNC punching, CNC bending, laser cutting, engraving), painting (coating, thermal treatment, silk printing), etc.
Bat Yam
Baran Advanced Technologies - (972).8.6200020
Piezo ceramic Push Buttons, Keypads, Keyboards and pointing devices. Airplace cockpit access control system.
Barnev - (972).9.8633070
Computerized Labor Monitoring System (CLM) uses proprietary ultrasound technology to provide safe, continuous and accurate measurement of cervix dilatation and fetal head descent reducing the need for frequent vaginal examinations.
BeamWorks - (972).4.6041818
Automated Multi Process Assembly System that incorporates dispensing, pick and place, laser soldering and inspection capability for surface mount technology. In-line Automated Selective Soldering systems. In-Line Automated Optical Inspection systems.
Migdal HaEmek
Beepcard - (972).3.6124274
Reader-free smart card. Comdot technology enables wireless sonic communication with a PC or phone without a card reader. Cards use digital IDs to authenticate the user. Can be incorporated into regular cards with magnetic stripes and embossed numbers.
BioView - (972).8.9366868
Duet automated microscopic scanning of blood and bone marrow samples for detection of rare cells based on fluorescent markers. Applications: Bone marrow transplantation, multiple myeloma, stem cell analysis, interphase FISH analysis, metaphase finder.
Nes Ziona
BrainsGate - (972).9.7456252
Medical device for electrical stimulation of spheno-palatine ganglion to increase cerebral blood flow and the permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) for treatment of acute ischemic stroke and drug delivery into the CNS.
BVR Systems - (972).3.9008000
Simulation and training systems for military and civilian sectors. Air, sea and land vehicle simulators, land combat maneuvering instrumentation systems, pilot training systems.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Cadence - (972).9.9712500
Electronic design automation (EDA) technologies and engineering services that speed IC and system design for semiconductors, printed circuit boards and systems used in consumer electronics, networking and telecommunications equipment and computer systems.
Cadent - (972).3.6341441
3D information services to dental offices and laboratories. OrthoCAD 3D: digital orthodontic models with the “look and feel” of plaster models. Electronic Impression Device: intra-oral scanner for generating crown/bridge using CAD/CAM technology.
Or Yehuda
Camtek AOI Systems - (972).4.6048100
Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) systems and related products for the PCB market.
Migdal HaEmek
Card Guard - (972).8.9484000
Telemedicine monitoring systems. Portable ECG recorders and transmitters for physicians and cardiac patients. Transtelephonic Spirometer. Fetal and maternal monitor. Glucometer. Telemedicine software package for management of medical data and activities.
Caspit - (972).
Manufacturer of transaction automation systems. Host computer systems (TRAMMS). End-user equipment (POS terminals). Smart cards, readers, PIN pads.
CByond - (972).4.8200578
Miniature and disposable cameras attached to endoscopes and catheter tips with capability for stereoscopic 3D image acquisition. Applications in diagnostics, urology, gynecology, bronchoscopy, gastroenterology and interventional intra-vascular cardiology.
Chip PC - (972).4.8580999
Manufacturer of Chip PC thin client and server-based-computing technologies. Chip PC has compact size (180 g) and low power consumption (3.5 W), is reliable (with no moving parts), configurable by a Software Management suite. PC/SC PKI smart card.
ChipX - (972).4.8550011
Development of Structured ASIC products to simplify complexity of custom silicon design. FPGA migration service. USB 2.0 HS OTG PHY USB sub-system capable of achieving USB-IF compliance. Libraries for Magma, Synopsys, Synplify ASIC synthesis tools.
CI Semi - (972).4.6448882
Noncontact Temperature Monitor (NTM), Electro-optical temperature monitor based on the measurement of optical characteristics of semiconductor wafers. WetSpec100 non-contact monitor of chemical composition of liquids such as peroxide in slurry, HF, HCl.
CI Systems Electro-Optics Division - (972).4.6448888
Electro-optical test and measurement systems for defense, industrial and scientific markets. Collimators, Flir and laser test systems, remote sensing spectroradiometers, blackbodies.
Migdal HaEmek
Cidav - Printed Circuits - (972).4.9522333
Production of high-tech multilayers and double-side printed circuits under Military, ISO 9002, U.L. and IPC standards.
Civcom - (972).3.9229229
Dynamic opto-electronic components for communications, measurement and military applications. Optical switches and shutters based on Solid Free Space (SFS) ultra-fast, polarization independent switching. LIDAR/LADAR, Laser Range Finders, Fiber Gyro, FLIR.
Petah Tikva
CMT Medical Technologies - (972).4.8566220
Medical equipment for cardiac cathetherization, interventional radiology and general radiography applications. SmartSPOT - digital photospot system for ERCP, urology, GI and angiography examinations.
CogniTens 3D Vision Systems - (972).3.5488222
3D vision measurement systems for industrial applications, mainly for automotive and aerospace industries. Core technology: reconstruction of 3D space (modeled by a cloud of feature points) from multiple projections obtained by CCD cameras.
Ramat HaSharon
CompuLab - (972).4.8222140
CORE module product line - miniature single board computers designed to serve as the heart of embedded applications. X86BASE boards - small stand-alone PC-compatible computers with standard connectors for peripherals.
Compulite Systems - (972).9.7446555
Manufacturer of console control equipment for the entertainment technology industry. Computerized digital lighting control systems. Digital dimming systems (SCR and Sine-Wave). Motion systems (yokes), dowsers and color changers.
Hod HaSharon
Connect One - (972).9.7660456
Fabless semiconductors for connecting devices to IP-based networks. iChip updateable Internet Controller chips for embedding IP-based communication in low-cost non-PC devices running M2M (machine-to-machine) applications. Wireless internet adapters.
Kfar Sava
Controp Precision Technologies - (972).9.7440661
Electro-optical and precision motion control systems. Stabilized Observation Payloads for surveillance on helicopters, aircraft, boats and ground vehicles. Thermal imaging cameras with high performance zoom lens. Aerial reconnaissance film cameras.
Hod HaSharon
CyOptics - (972).4.9096222
40Gbps Indium Phosphide Electro-Absorption Modulators for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) systems to increase bandwidth over fiber optic backbones by transmitting several wavelengths of light simultaneously over the same optical fiber.
Deep Breeze - (972).4.6266650
Vibration Response Imaging (VRI) displays pulmonary images by capturing the vibration response energy generated by the lungs, creates a radiation-free, dynamic, real-time structural and functional image of the lungs throughout the respiration process.
Or Akiva
Degem Systems - (972).3.9002323
Training systems for industry professionals. Mechatronics: Hydronics, FMS, Material Flow, CIM. Analog and digital telecommunications, microwaves, lasers. Autotronics: automotive electricity and electronics. Computerized refrigeration training
Rosh Ha'ayin
Denx - (972).2.6417748
DentSim - computerized dental training system using advanced imaging and simulation technologies. IGI - Image Guided Surgery system aimed at dental implant practitioners. Includes assessment of bone density, and high accuracy motion tracking system.
DIP Tech - (972).9.7633166
Manufacturer of inkjet digital printing systems for the glass industry. GlassJet the first industrial direct-on-glass digital printer; uses solvent-based ceramic ink for laminated and tempered glass. Used in architecture and automotive industry.
Kfar Sava
Direx Medical Systems - (972).3.9248095
Thermex-I Trans-Urethral Radio-Frequency (TURF) system for Prostatic thermal treatment. AccuKnife for stereotactic radiosurgery and conformal radiotherapy. Osteoporosis Diagnostic Treatment Center for bone diagnosis and treatment.
Petah Tikva
DSP Group - (972).9.9529696
SmartCores programmable Digital Signal Processor (DSP) cores used in semiconductor chips for diverse applications: digital cellular phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, multimedia devices, modems, VoIP, telephony and hard disk drive controllers.
Herzliya Pituach
Duma Optronics - (972).4.8200577
Optical beam positioning measurement systems. Beam analysis systems (beam profilers, M2 meter, Divergence meter). Multi-Channel power meters. Optical fiber beam analysis systems. Tailor made test stations.
EasyPark - (972).4.6868000
EasyPark parking meter on a smart card that can be used for on-street or parking lot and toll-road payments. Card system can be employed by municipalities to replace steel parking meters.
Rosh Pina
ELAM Electroliminescent Industries - (972).2.5328888
LyTec™ electroluminescent wiring. Applications include decorations, religious products, safety and emergency lighting systems, marine signs, advertising, toys and gadgets, electro-optical design, safety markings for aircraft landing pads and runways.
Elbit Systems - (972).4.8315315
Aircraft upgrades, helicopter upgrades, avionics systems, unmanned airborne vehicles, naval combat systems integration, combat vehicle upgrades, simulators, security systems, helmet mounted systems, electro-optical systems (el-op subsidiary).
Elbit Vision Systems (EVS), ScanMaster - (972).9.8661600
Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) for quality control of manufacturing textiles, fabrics, composite materials, plastic films. Automated Ultrasonic (UT) inspection-imaging systems and transducers for aerospace, pipe, automotive and railway industry.
Eldat Communication - (972).3.6887879
Electronic shelf labels for retailers using infra red (IR) technology. ESL system gets the prices from the computerized Point Of Sale (POS) system and transmits it through transceivers in store's ceiling, to the ESLs located on shelves in the store.
Tel Aviv
Electric Fuel - (972).2.9906666
Manufacturer of high-capacity, high-power zinc-air batteries for portable electronic devices such as cellular telephones, camcorders, handheld computers and PDA's, medical devices, as well as for electric vehicles and defense applications.
Beit Shemesh
Electronics Line - (972).3.9211119
Home network and security technology. Wireless home network systems that enable remote monitoring and control of electronic devices at home from anywhere in the world and security application.
Petah Tikva
Elisra Electronics Systems - (972).3.6175522
Airborne self protection Radar and Laser warning systems. EW suites for combat ships and submarines. ESM/ELINT systems for aircraft, ships and land-based vehicles. Maritime patrol aircraft suites. EW simulators and training systems.
Bnei Brak
Elisra Microelectronics - (972).3.6175472
Design of IF and RF receiving products for EW and radar systems. Detector Logarithmic Video Amplifiers (DLVAs). FM Discriminators. IF Limiters. S-RAM and Flash Memory modules. Analog/digital Multi Chip Modules (MCMs). Alphanumeric LED display modules.
Bnei Brak
Elisra Microwave Division - (972).3.6175472
Microwave facility can integrate almost any custom RF chain to a single component. Synthesizers and frequency sources. Passive components: Filters, Couplers, Multiplexers. Low Noise Amplifiers. Transmitters. Receivers. Static RAM and Flash EEPROM devices.
Bnei Brak
Elmo Motion Control - (972).3.9292300
High-reliability digital servo drives and motion controllers for DC-brush and brushless motors. Composer: Windows software for operation of motion control systems using ELMO's digital amplifiers with CANopen interface.
Petah Tikva
el-op Electro-optics Industries - (972).8.9386606
Electro-optical sensors and systems, lasers, visible and thermal imaging, stabilized payloads for all military applications, remote observation systems, space-borne sensors, fire control systems, avionics instruments, diode pumped lasers, FLIRS.
Elron Electronic Industries - (972).4.8545000
Defense electronics, communications, semiconductors and, information technology.
Elspec - (972).4.6272470
Manufacturer of products to improve electrical network quality. Equalizer - transient-free real-time power factor controller. Power Quality Analyzer - RMS Dual load precision analyzer with computer support for panel mounting.
Elta Systems Group - (972).8.8572312
Electromagnetic sensors (radar, electronic warfare and communication) and Information Technology. Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) Systems. Microwave, antennas, transmitters, signal processors. Special test equipment. Data Links and SATCOM.
Emza Visual Sense - (972).9.7679333
WiseEye miniature surveillance sensor for outdoor intruder detection that continuously analyzes the visual scene and sends images only during alert. Applications in traffic monitoring, customer tracking, railroad crossings, toll booths.
Kfar Sava
Epos - (972).9.7673565
High Resolution Local Positioning Systems (HR-LPS). Chipset for digital pens for PC, mobile phones, PDA’s, Absolute True Positioning™ for Assembly Robotics, toys, industrial appliance etc.
Kfar Sava
EPS Tech - (972).9.7498585
Electronic packaging and integration on various platforms: industrial PC, VME, CPCI/2.16. Diagnostics services for embedded computing systems. Punching, bending, grinding, milling machines to produce mechanical packaging. Front panel production.
EVT Technology - (972).3.9291511
Developor of DVR/NVR (Digital/Networked Video Recording) technology for the surveillance CCTV market. V-Xtream Mobile digital video and audio recorder for the automotive market using wireless network and integrated with GPS technology.
Petah Tikva
Exatel Visual Systems - (972).8.9316130
Broadcast quality video distribution and recording for the digital video market. High quality, cost-effective, MPEG-2 compliant video encoding engine. DVN-2200 - MPEG-2 encoder for the digital cable headend. PVR - Personal Video Recorder Module.
Excalibur Systems - (972).2.6541050
MIL-STD-1553 Multi-channel boards which operate as a bus controller, remote terminal or bus monitor. Mini Munitions Store Interface (MMSI) modules. ARINC-708 /453 for Weather Radar Display databus. Multi-protocol test, simulation board for PCI computers.
Friendly Robotics - (972).9.8632100
Consumer and home robotics. Robomower, robotic mower.
Frontline PCB Solutions - (972).8.9322183
XPlan - Engineering tool for CAM automation. Genesis 2000 - provides optimized CAM via full pre-production automation for PCB fabricators.
G.I. View - (972).3.6111818
Miniature, self-propelling, self-navigating, disposable camera for colonoscopy screening. Colon inspection system includes a workstation that processes data from the digital camera and reconstructs picture of the entire colonic mucosa.
Gamatronic Electronic Industries - (972).2.5888222
Manufacturer of power electronics devices including UPS systems, power systems for the telecom market, DC to AC inverters, line voltage stabilizers, frequency changers, battery chargers.
Ganis Systems - (972).8.9477448
Manufacturing of parking solutions based on Personal Parking Meters controlled by a Smart Card technology. Smart Park In Car Parking Meter (ICPM). Parking Control Unit (PCU) enables remote authentication of parking of a vehicle by IR communication.
Nes Ziona
Gavish - (972).8.6900770
Production of sapphire and other crystalline materials for use in semiconductor process equipment, analytical and medical laser and optical applications.
GE Healthcare - (972).4.8579290
Manufacturer of single and dual head cameras and workstations with a new disease-detecting technology that incorporates nuclear medicine and X-ray Tomography (CCT) allowing functional anatomical mapping.
Tirat Hacarmel
Genoa Color Technologies - (972).9.9509970
Developer of multiple primary color technology. Advanced real-time algorithms that address the creation of color space. Design of electro-optic color filters to improve color gamut and performance of displays. Mmobile displays and spectral color displays.
Herzliya Pituach
Gidel - (972).4.6391708
PROC boards: Generic FPGA/PLD based boards for system prototyping and ASIC emulation. Mezzanine boards with LVDS communication and fast prototyping capability. SW for Automatic generation of hardware/software interface for user design in a PC environment.
Ein Ayala
GigaLinx - (972).9.9575350
Krypton DSP processing engine for GigE-Vision cameras. GigE-Connect SA-CLB, camera link base to gigabit ethernet stand alone converter. Composite, YC, RGB to Gigabit Ethernet stand alone converter. GigE traffic accelerator for Windows.
Given Imaging - (972).4.9097777
Given system - an adjunctive tool in the diagnosis of diseases of the small intestine. The system consists of M2A™ swallowable imaging capsule, a “walkman-like” recorder, and a computer installed with proprietary image processing software.
Glucon Medical - (972).3.9347660
Non-invasive glucose monitoring devices for the diabetic market based on a novel Photoacoustic (optical and sound-based) technology.
Petah Tikva
Grip - (972).3.9026105
Design, engineering and production services for intelligent machines, robots and image processing-based systems. GServo - Digital Distributed Servo Control. ISCAN: robotic workcell for unloading flat glass sheets off the continuous float glass line.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Home Free Systems - (972).3.6488690
Tele-homecare monitoring for Alzheimer patients. Personal Watcher, a small body-borne device, enables continuous, wireless, transfer of individual data to local monitoring stations and/or remote monitoring centers.
Tel Aviv
Horizon Semiconductors - (972).77.2020400
SoC (system-on-chip) for H.264 (AVC), VC1 and MPEG-2 decoding, encoding, transcoding, transmission of video, voice and data for consumer electronics and broadband communications. Applications include HD-DVD, Blu-Ray players, cable, satellite and IPTV.
HP Indigo - (972).8.9381818
Digital color printing systems. Digital Offset Color technology combines the quality of ink-based offset printing with the performance advantages of electronic imaging. Proprietary ElectroInk for commercial and industrial printing markets.
HP Israel - (972).9.7623222
Local HP offices represent the full range of HP products including printers and computer systems. HP has also purchased major Israel printer companies such as Scitex Vision and Indigo.
IDesia - (972).4.6371938
BioDynamic Signature (BDS) authentication technology for commercial and homeland security. BDS sensors are comprised of two-dimensional conductive contacts, smaller than other biometrics sensors. Biometric sensing directly on ISO smart cards.
IES - (972).3.7530753
Electronic equipment; Multimedia training simulators; Hardware and software design for military and civilian markets; Automatic test equipment for airborne radio communication.
InfoCyclone - (972).3.6919171
Storage Appliances for massively accessed repositories, enabling them to support millions of customers retrieving information.
Tel Aviv
InSightec - (972).
ExAblate - Magnetic Resonance (MRI) guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) device that focuses ultrasound energy, to heat and destroy tumor cells inside the body while sparing tissue outside the tumor. Therapy of uterine fibroids.
Tirat Hacarmel
Intel Electronics - (972).4.8655555
Intel Pentium microprocessor development and production. Networking, wireless telecommunications and Internet telephony solutions.
Intelitek - (972).
Solutions for teaching Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) including software, hardware and multimedia curriculum for courses in fluid power, process control, robotics, Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) and other subjects.
Rosh Ha'ayin
InterCure - (972).2.9212126
Proprietary technology platforms to treat chronic diseases with interactive therapeutic devices and eHealth technologies. RESPeRATE - self-treatment of hypertension with device-guided breathing exercises.
International Technologies Lasers - (972).3.9616567
Laser based systems and sensors for GIS, surveying, speed and distance control, laser systems for the construction industry, industrial laser marking systems. Night vision systems for military, laser aiming devices, portable fire control systems.
Rishon LeZion
Intrinsix - (972).9.7414436
Turnkey electronic product design, Systems-on-a-Chip (SoC), ASIC or FPGA. Large (500k-1 million gates) multi-chip systems. Embedded SRAM/DRAM integration. Wireless networking and digital media products. Fuzzy logic and neural networks.
ioIMAGE - (972).9.9546003
TotalTrack surveillance that can identify intruders without human intervention. Video Threat Detection (VTD) system extends Video Motion Detection (VMD) by adaptive tracking algorithms to control PTZ cameras automatically. Used in the Israeli Parliament.
Herzliya Pituach
I-Scan Robotics - (972).9.8912780
Glass industry float glass cold-end equipment. Automatic robotic glass stacking, cutting, snapping and breaking systems. Hawk and Condor - robotized unloading and stacking of LES and jumbo glass sheets. HawkEye Cut-Glass inspection system.
Israel Aircraft Industries - (972).3.9353343
Upgrading of aircraft and civil helicopters. Conversion of passenger aircraft to freighters. Unmanned air vehicle. Air traffic control. Ballistic missile defense systems. Sea to sea missiles. Electro-optical payloads. Electronic warfare. Air defense.
Israel Electric Corporation - (972).
The only electric utility company owned by the State of Israel that generates, transmits and distributes all the electricity used in Israel. The company owns and operates 17 power stations.
Itamar Medical - (972).4.6177000
Endo-PAT2000 device for coronary artery endothelial function assessment with high sensitivity and specificity compared to the coronary blood flow response to intra-coronary acetylcholine-infusion. Watch-PAT100 for sleep-related breathing disorders.
ITL Optronics - (972).3.9277444
Night Vision systems for combat infantry. Fire control and target acquisition system for light weapons. Lightweight C4I system and software for infantry. MARS Multi purpose accurate weapon aiming sight. Weapon mounted RED (Visible) laser aiming light.
Petah Tikva
Jemtex Ink Jet Printing - (972).8.9243035
Patented novel ink jet technology, targeted at printing solutions for industrial applications, such as textile, cardboard, tiles and banners printing.
Joint Binaric Systems - (972).3.9212802
Development and manufacture of point of sale (POS) systems, cash drawers, touch screen kiosks, magnetic card readers, programmable keyboards, RF ID solutions, industrial small factor computers for the retail, banking and administration environments.
Petah Tikva
Jordan Valley Semiconductors - (972).4.6543666
X-Ray based semiconductor metrology for metal and dielectric thin films. Metrology tools designed specifically for high-volume FABs, and front-end as well as back-end applications.
Migdal HaEmek
Kinetics - (972).3.9720200
Manufacturer of systems and components for Armored Fighting Vehicles, including: Suspensions, turret drives, NBC protection, air conditioning, engine and transmission components, braking and hydraulic systems.
Kornit Digital - (972).3.9085800
High-speed digital inkjet printing machines for the garment and apparel printing industry. Printers print Direct-On-Garments. Textile ink compatible with most fabric types such as cotton, cotton blend, lycra and viscose, machine washable and UV resistant.
Moshav Magshimim
KP Systems - (972).4.9873066
Long-range radio alarm and data communication products for the security and telemetry (SCADA) industries. Wireless Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system. Radio controlled irrigation for parks, highway landscaping, golf courses, municipal needs etc.
KTec - (972).9.8655432
Products for DSP development based on TI TMS320C6414/16 for multi-channel, multifunction and high data rate applications such as video/audio encoding and decoding and image processing for medical and military applications. FPGA design.
Laser Modeling Israel - (972).8.9401168
Rapid prototyping services - Solid modeling, stereoLithography models and patterns, RTV silicone rubber molding, urethane casting, RIM molding, plastic CNC machining,aluminum plaster casting, plastic injection molding.
Nes Ziona
Lumenis - (972).4.9599000
Medical devices utilizing pulsed light and laser technologies for aesthetic, surgical, and medical applications, including non-invasive treatment of leg veins, pigmented lesions, skin rejuvenation and dental, OB/GYN and neurosurgery procedures.
Maayan IP - (972).4.6181800
Design services including FPGA, structured ASIC, ASICs and circuit and analog design. Open-source IP-Cores.
Magal Security Systems - (972).3.5391444
Outdoor Perimeter Protection systems for airports, borders, industrial complexes, nuclear and conventional power stations and public utilities. DreamBox: CCTV security. Intrusion detection fence. Photoelectric detection system. Turnkey security projects.
Mango DSP - (972).2.5328706
DSP systems for the communications, medical imaging, array, image and voice/audio processing markets for PCI, EVM, cPCI, VME platforms in different form factors. MATLAB based development environment for real-time DSP applications.
Mars Antennas and RF Systems - (972).3.5599661
Manufacturer of antennas, RF systems and transmitters. Antennas for cellular, and military broadband, ECM and ECCM applications. MIL SPEC transmitters and amplifiers in HF, VHF and UHF bands. Military jammers.
Marvell Semiconductor - (972).4.9091500
Broadband communications technologies and storage products. System-On-Chip (SOC) solutions.
Matan Digital Printers - (972).3.9002720
Manufacturer of digital Piezo, DOD and inkjet printers for industry. High-speed Thermal Transfer printers for traffic signs, tags, labels and ticket converting industry. Spark1612 decal, label and sign printing system. Six-color solvent-based inks.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Mate - (972).3.5369061
Intelligent video surveillance systems. Video object detection, behavior tracking and identification of specific behaviors to minimize false alarms. TriggerCam CCD camera with DSP board for access control. DSP embedded device for people flow counting.
Mavix - (972).4.9892492
Video surveillance and remote monitoring systems over IP. Remote control of sensors and alarm. Traffic data detector. Applications: Transportation, city traffic management, security and access control, industrial control. Wireless handheld video receiver.
Maytronics - (972).4.6598111
Automatic pool cleaners. Moby easy-to-service robot pool cleaner. Dolphin, self-diagnostic cleaning for public and Olympic pools that climbs walls. Self contained filter for savings on main pool filter. Cable-free robot with remote control.
Kibbutz Yizrael
Medcon Telemedicine Technology - (972).3.6487702
Cardiac imaging products for filmless image management, including acquisition, analysis, storage, DICOM CD generation of cardiac images generated by X-ray angiography, echocardiography, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and CT (Computed Tomography).
Tel Aviv
Medex Screen - (972).8.9953584
Medex Test hand-held device for measurement of electrical skin impedance of dermal-visceral zones. Diagnostic tool for inner organ pathology. Screens cardiovascular, gastroenterological, hepatic, immune, respiratory, endocrine and spinal cord systems.
Medical Compression Systems - (972).4.6266630
WizAir - miniature mobile pneumatic compression systems with Calf-Length Sleeves for deep venous thrombosis (DVT) prevention, reduction of postoperative wound healing time. Wound care patients with diabetic and venous related ulcers.
Or Akiva
Medical Enterprises - (972).3.9244830
Synergo - Medical device for minimally invasive therapeutic outpatient method for ablation of Superficial Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder (STCCB).
Petah Tikva
MediGuide - (972).4.8500690
Medical Positioning System (MPS) enables real time tracking of miniature sensors integrated into therapeutic and diagnostic medical devices such as catheters, needles and other surgical tools.
MediGus - (972).8.6466880
Developer of endoscopic devices for the treatment of gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). The SRS system combines in a single instrument, a video flexible gastroscope, a surgical stapler and ultrasonic sights for alignment.
Medivision Medical Imaging - (972).4.9894884
MediVision develops, manufactures and markets high-tech electro-optical products in the field of medical imaging.
Yokneam Illit
Medoc - (972).4.9830751
Quantitative sensory testing (QST) devices for evaluation of the Central and Peripheral Nervous system. Applications include assessment of Pain caused by injury or disease, female sexual dysfunction and clinical trials of drugs for diabetic neuropathy.
Ramat Yishai
MedSim Advanced Medical Simulation - (972).9.7421412
Medical simulators using advanced hardware and software for medical training and evaluation of medical skills and competency. UltraSim for ultrasound training and emulation of cardiovascular and pulmonary physiology.
Kfar Sava
Mega_F Motion Systems - (972).4.9891050
Software programmable DSP based motion control products for highest quality automated systems. Applications include semiconductor manufacturing equipment, electronic testing and inspection stations, imaging systems and printing machinery.
Mellanox Technologies - (972).4.9593244
Semiconductor I/O building blocks for Internet infrastructure. InfiniBridge product family based on InfiniBand point-to-point high-speed switch fabric interconnect architecture that is independent of the host operating system and processor platform.
Mempile - (972).2.5338600
Development of removable optical storage technology allowing for the storage of 1 Terabyte (1,000 Gigabytes) of information on a single inexpensive disc.
Neve Ilan
Metrolight - (972).9.8633060
SuperHID microprocessor-controlled family of electronic HID ballasts. Ballasts enable continuous, flicker-free dimming of HID lamps. MetroControl software for central control and monitoring of industrial and commercial HID lighting systems.
MicroKim - (972).4.8577490
RF Microwave components and subsystems, antennas for PCs. Military field testers: radar signal simulators, altimeter tester.
Tirat Hacarmel
Micronet - (972).3.5584886
Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) ranging from display terminal to On-Board Computer with built-in GPS and modem including Windows CE/.NET platform. Used in trucking, distribution, transportation (taxis and rentals), utilities, public safety (police, fire).
Minicom Advanced Systems - (972).2.5359666
Keyboard, Video, Mouse (KVM) for server management. DX - KVM matrix management switch that provides 24/7, out-of-band BIOS level management for high-density server room and data center. Audio, video and serial distribution systems for digital signage.
MobilEye Vision Technologies - (972).2.5417333
EyeQ vision-system-on an ASIC chip. AWS (Advance Warning System) vision system for driver assistance. Applications: Lane Departure Warning (LDW), pedestrian recognition, adaptive headlight control, traffic sign recognition.
Modem Art - (972).9.7469264
Fabless semi-conductor company that specializes in developing system-on-a-chip solutions for wideband and broadband communications systems.
Motorola Semiconductor Israel - (972).9.9522222
Design and development of a variety of VLSI microprocessors, digital signal processors, data communication, micro-controllers, PowerPC processors, automotive electronics, cellular communication.
Mplicity - (972).3.6488522
Fabless semiconductor design for Multi-Threaded/Multi-Core silicon solutions for OEM's and SoC developers in data and tele-communications. CoreUpGrade process converts a processor into dual processor. Optimizes RISC, CISC and DSP processor netlists.
Tel Aviv
Nanomotion - (972).4.9590862
Electronic motors without moving parts and magnetic fields, based on reversed Piezo-ceramic technology. Applications include: Microscopes, inspection machines, plotters, robotics, magnetic and optical disk drives, cameras and automotive parts.
Nanonics Imaging - (972).2.6789573
Near-field microscopy systems. Applications include optical characterization of surfaces, optical lithography, failure analysis of microchips, opto-electronic devices, histological specimens and biological samples, confocal imaging.
Negevtech - (972).8.9366050
Wafer inspection and yield control solutions for the semiconductor industry. Negevtech - A high-resolution brightfield imaging system designed for the 65nm Node.
Nemic-Lambda - (972).3.9024333
Manufacturer of linear and switching power supplies and DC/DC converters for a wide range of applications including: Industrial, commercial, telecommunications, medical, military, office automation etc.
Kibbutz Givat HaShlosha
NeoMagic Israel - (972).9.8632020
Multimedia (graphics, video and audio) chips for handheld low-power devices such as cellular phones, PDAs, portable games. MiMagic System-on-Chip (SOC) architecture combines a RISC CPU, memory, multimedia hardware, and I/O functions.
Netline Communications Technologies - (972).3.5109855
Programmable jammers for wireless and cellular communications and cellular phone smart detectors. C-Guard Low Power for indoors coverage. High Power jammer to block large outdoor areas. Very High Power (VHP) jamming any wireless communication device.
Tel Aviv
Nexense - (972).8.9328224
A new generic platform for physical measurements including temperature, pressure, force, flow, volume and distance. Applications in aviation, medical, automotive, communications, sensors. Nexaver sleep monitor.
Nextec - (972).4.8571308
WIZprobe - 3D optical laser scanning sensor that can be integrated in any CMM system. Applications include quality inspection, digitizing, injection moulding, metalworking and reverse engineering.
Tirat Hacarmel
Nibea Quality Management - (972).77.9014000
TestShell software for automated functional testing. Code-less creation of functional testing programs. Set of advanced algorithms for data analysis. Standardized drivers for testing instruments.
Ganey Tikva
NICE Systems - (972).9.7753777
NiceVision digital video and audio recording and IP platform for long distance security monitoring for public facilities. Command and control for airports, mass transit and tollway operators. PDA connection for security officers. Video content analysis.
Nova Measuring Instruments - (972).8.9387505
Manufacturer of monitoring and measurement systems for the semiconductor industry. Integrated Metrology systems for online control of wafers in production and Integrated Process Control systems for CMP, CVD and Photolithography manufacturing processes.
Novacom Technologies - (972).9.7469981
Single-chip ICs for communications with proprietary Reclocking Technologies. ICs for ATM 25Mb/s Networks and Token Ring local area networks, for the IBM AS/400 systems, multiplexers, stars and repeaters supporting IBM 5250 standards.
NSC - Natural Speech Communication - (972).3.9519779
DSP based Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) boards for mass-market telephony voice driven services. Target systems: Telephony, intelligent peripherals, IVR systems, VoIP Soft Switches. Voice Activated Dialing (VAD), calling cards, voice mail.
Rishon LeZion
N-Trig - (972).3.6443933
Input devices for Flat Panel Display (FPD) systems. Transparent electromagnetic digitizers for tablet PC and thin client platforms. Multi point input device. Passive Stylus without any batteries. Fingertip operation. Z axis detection above screen.
Tel Aviv
NUR Macroprinters - (972).8.9145555
Digital printing systems - family of wide-format piezo continuous inkjet printers and presses for sign printers, screen printers, billboard and media companies, professional photo labs and digital printing service providers.
O.D.F. Medical - (972).3.6255870
G-View, Ob/Gyn vaginal endoscope for real time imaging, inspection and detection of vulva, vagina and cervix abnormalities. L-view laparoscope integrating Omni Directional field of view displaying full cylindrical scene using Panoramic lenses.
Tel Aviv
O.D.F. Optronics - (972).3.6255870
Eye Ball R1 rotating imaging device in a durable ball that transmits real time video via wireless communication. ODR omni-directional reconnaissance system for armored vehicles. Video Motion Detection (VMD) algorithms for omni-directional cameras.
Tel Aviv
Ofil - (972).8.9407953
Solar Blind UV (SBUV) optical filters with UV BandPass that enable detection of faint UV signals in full daylight, for homeland security, law enforcement and power distribution markets. DayCor corona camera system for electrical utility industry.
Nes Ziona
OMATIVE Systems - (972).2.6510310
Adaptive Control and Monitoring (ACM) systems for milling, drilling, metal cutting CNC machines. ACM continuously monitor spindle load, adjust feed rate in real time and prevent damage to the spindle, workpiece and tools.
Omek Optics - (972).4.9832483
Custom optical and opto-mechanical designs for military, medical and high-tech industries. Turnkey assembly of optical systems. Optical microscopy. Cassegrain systems. Optics for high power industrial lasers. FLIR systems. Achromatic lens design.
On Track Innovations - OTI - (972).4.6868000
Contactless microprocessor-based smart card solutions that can process security algorithms like DES, RSA and ECC. Readers support ISO 14443 Type A and Type B standards. Cards can be incorporated in key chains, tags, stickers and wristwatches.
Rosh Pina
Opgal Optronic Industries - (972).4.9953903
Electro-optical systems; thermal imaging systems; night vision devices; medical equipment.
Ophir Optronics - (972).2.5484444
Laser measurement instrumentation for laser power, energy, beam profile and spectrum. Optical assemblies for IR thermal vision systems. Diamond fly cutting and turning machines.
OphthoCare - (972).
FDA approved electronic eye glasses for treatment of Amblyopia (lazy eye syndrome) in children. Liquid Crystal Glasses (LCG) function as an electronic shutter incorporated into the optical refractive lens. Applications in treatment of ocular disorders.
Oplus Technologies - (972).4.9592288
System-on-a-chip solutions for the digital display market. Flagship product is Rembrandt-I, a digital display controller designed for projection systems, flat panel displays, TVs, LCD monitors and digital display applications.
Optoacoustics - (972).3.6344488
Manufacturer of optical fiber-based acoustic sensors. Optical microphone for functional MRI used for human brain mapping. Microphones for acoustic measurement and communications in high noise areas, oil rigs. Accelerometers for vibration measurement.
Or Yehuda
Orbotech - (972).8.9423533
Manufacturer of equipment for inspecting and imaging circuit boards and display panels using proprietary automated optical inspection (AOI), imaging and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technologies.
Orex Computed Radiography - (972).4.9591331
Distributed Computed Radiography (D-CR) system. PcCr Scanner digitizes X-ray data on reusable phosphor plates for display on standard PCs in the RAD room. Dental applications include panoramic, cephalometric, intra-oral and computerized tomography.
Oridion - (972).2.5899159
Manufacturer of medical devices for capnography, respiratory monitoring and breath test diagnostics. Portable bedside monitors, EtCO2 sampling lines. BreathID detects Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria associated with peptic ulcers and gastric cancer.
OrthoScan Technologies - (972).4.9937363
Radiation-free diagnostic products for the orthopedic field. Ortelius800, A non-invasive, radiation free system for early diagnosis and monitoring of spinal deformities, such as scoliosis and kyphosis.
Oscar Sami Electronics - (972).3.5588458
Electronics equipment. Computer accesories. Batteries. Audio and video cables and accesories. RF and IR communication. Remote controls. Plugs and adapters. Telephone connectors, couplers, jacks, ADSL adapters, coiled extension cords.
OTOT Electronics - (972).3.9246665
Manufacturer of automatic ticketing systems for admission to public venues such as stadium, museum, park. Electronic Ticket Validator (ETV). Standalone online smart cards. Tickets may be encoded and include magnetic strip, barcode. Turnstiles.
Petah Tikva
OzVision - (972).8.6894278
Plug and play remote video technology that transmits quality images over phone lines, satellite or Internet. OzLine 4VC works with most existing CCTV equipment.
Kibbutz Nahal Oz
ParthusCeva - (972).9.9529788
DSP cores and IP platforms. Communication: Bluetooth, 802.11, 2.5G, 3G and Multi-Gig serial comms. Electronic platforms - GPS, digital audio, Smartphone, PDA, and VOIP. PLLXpert: Design and deployment service for PLL and Clock Synthesis IP Cores.
Philips Medical Systems Israel - (972).4.8310138
Computerized imaging systems - Computerized Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Nuclear Medicine systems, Mammography.
PineApp - (972).4.8212321
Mail-SeCure - an email perimeter security appliance including mail server with SMTP authentication, spoofing prevention, syntax verification, anti-virus software. Anti-spam modulewith Commtouch RPD engine. Backscatter prevention system.
Power Paper - (972).3.9007500
Thin and Flexible Microelectronics (TFM). Ultra thin, flexible batteries with thin polymer-based displays, integrated circuits and packaging technologies. Allows low-cost, mass-production solutions for a limitless range of electronics products.
Kibbutz Einat
R.H. Electronics - (972).4.6089000
Development of SMT Surface Mount solutions for the electronics industry. Lines for high-speed surface mount and fine pitch assembly from 0402 chips to 15 mil-pitch packages. ICT board testing 24 hours per day.
RADA Electronic Industries - (972).9.8921111
Avionics systems. Data acquisition systems and flight data recorders for collecting data during flight for further use on the ground. Ground Debriefing Station (GDS) PC-based system to optimize post-flight debriefing.Commercial Aviation Test Station.
Radix Technologies - (972).3.9606350
Radix Protector PCI card protects against changes of computer system and revives computer in case of a failure. Ideal for management of large computer farms in training environments and classrooms in universities, colleges and schools.
Raicol Crystals - (972).3.9367412
Manufacturer of nonlinear optical materials. KTP, RTP crystals for applications in visible to mid-infrared range. Electrooptic and Cr4+:YAG Crystal Passive Q-switch for Nd and Yb doped lasers. BBO (Beta Barium Borate) and LBO (Lithium Triborate) crystals.
Real-Time Radiography - (972).2.6481101
Direct Digital Radiography (DR) detectors based on proprietary mercuric iodide x-ray photoconductor technology. Detectors can operate in both dynamic (fluoroscopic) and static imaging applications providing high image quality at low doses of radiation.
RedC Optical Networking - (972).3.6476789
Developer of EDFA and Raman amplifiers for the C and L band range for WDM optical network system designers and network service providers. Accommodates full spectrum of EDFA applications: Metro, Long-Haul and CATV. Incorporated into Lucent (Chromatis).
Tel Aviv
Redux - (972).8.9148888
Single chip network processors: RS-160 enables data and E1/T1/J1 services to be transported over single high-speed (100 Mbps) packet links for TDM over Ethernet/IP applications. Other products include RX-100 and RS-125.
Regard - (972).3.5572400
Viewing and logging solutions to the safety, security and surveillance markets. Management of multiple systems over IP networks using standard web browser. Public transportation security solutions for Buses, Railway cars, Delivery trucks, Taxis.
Remon Medical Technologies - (972).4.6230001
RemonCHF - a device to monitor the hemodynamic status of patients with congestive heart failure (CHF). RemonAAA - a device to monitor pressure, following an endograft procedure in AAA patients.
Replicom - (972).4.8574720
ProxyView - Front end unit to provide network administrators access to multiple servers connected to any KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch through modem, Internet connection, or across a LAN or WAN.
Tirat Hacarmel
Ricor - (972).4.6530800
Cryogenic coolers for IR sensors, cryocoolers for thermal imaging, HTSC, vacuum, X-ray spectrometers. Cryopumps for superconductive devices, telecommunication and medical applications. Cryogenic water vapor pump that does not require a helium compressor.
Kibbutz Ein Harod Ihud
Rimed - (972).9.7484425
Developer of non-invasive vascular and Transcranial Doppler (TCD) systems for diagnosing and monitoring cerebral circulation. Automatic detection of emboli. For use in neurology, operating rooms, intensive care units and stroke units.
RISCO Group - (972).3.9637777
Security and home automation control systems. Solutions integrate control panels, intrusion detectors, wireless transmitters and receivers and glass-break detectors into security systems serving commercial, industrial and residential applications.
Rishon LeZion
Rosh Electroptics - (972).9.8627401
Distributor and representative of many companies in the field of electro-optics. Main line of work: Optical substrates and materials, electro-optics and optical components, lasers etc.
Rotem Computerized Controllers - (972).3.9206200
Development and production of climate control and management systems for poultry, hog and greenhouse industries. Rotem Supervisor, top of the line greenhouse irrigation controller.
Petah Tikva
Rotlex - (972).8.6901144
Manufacture of inspection systems for optical lenses, mostly used in quality control of spectacle and contact lenses. Based on Moire Deflectometry. Output includes power, cylinder, axis, MTF, wavefront and power maps, radius, toricity and optical quality.
Saifun Semiconductors - (972).9.8928444
Patented NROM technology for design and manufacturing of Non Volatile Memory (NVM) devices (Flash, EEPROM and Embedded NVM) enabling high density embedded applications.
SanDisk - (972).9.7645000
Flash memory data storage products for electronic systems and digital devices. Originally M-Systems Flash Disk, inventor of DiskOnChip single-chip flash disks with full read/write disk emulation.
Kfar Sava
Sarin Technologies - (972).3.7515490
Manufacturing of planning and measurement systems for diamonds and gemstones. DiaExpert 2000 - Computerized rough diamond maximization and analysis system that allows diamond cutting with maximum yield possible.
SATEC - (972).2.5411000
Digital Power meters and Power Quality Analysis equipment.
SCD Semi Conductor Devices - (972).4.9902535
Manufacturer of IR detectors and electro-optical components. Indium Antimonide (InSb) two dimensional arrays (FPA series). Laser diodes.
SCsquare - (972).3.7657331
Apollo OS: Multi-application Smart Card Operating System. Supported standards:SO 7816/1-4,8,9,15. Applications include payment, banking, ID identification, driving licenses, healthcare, passports, employee cards.
Tel Aviv
SeBo Technologies - (972).9.9500885
iPDA series PCI boards for high performance data acquisition systems (up to 2GHz sampling rate). Medical image and data storage systems, biofeedback and diagnostic ultrasound systems. General purpose PC cards including ADC, DAC, I/O and communication.
SerVision - (972).2. 5350000
Video monitoring systems with wireless communication. DVR gateway with Linux OS can be connected to 2-16 cameras including audio. Video transmission over phone, Wi-Fi and cellular networks. PC, mobile phone and PDA interfaces from the web to client.
Shafir Systems - (972).9.7679661
Manufacturer of computerized systems. Automation systems for the metal and automobile industry. Assembly lines and stations for seat accessories. Packing system for shims with computer vision. Loading and unloading system.
Kfar Sava
Shekel Electronic Scales - (972).4.6629100
Manufacturer of electronic scale systems. P.O.S scales with scanner. Price computing scales. Agricultural weighing systems for cattle, horses, poultry etc. Infant health scales.
Kibbutz Beit Keshet
Sightic - (972).9.8854759
SV-III Video DSP VLSI device with high sensitivity, dynamic range and resolution for camera enabled mobile phones, digital still cameras and CCTV. CamDoc turns mobile phone into a copy machine and letter-size page scanner at one shoot.
Silicom - (972).9.7644555
An extensive line of PC Card and USB products with support for home networking, fast Ethernet, token ring, and modems.
Kfar Sava
Silicon Value - (972).2.6491444
Manufacturer of ultra-high density full-custom ASiXs for the deep-submicron age using metal Poly CMOS processes. Customizable embedded memory blocks, embedded SRAMs, ROMs, FlexCAMs (Content Addressable Memories). A/D and D/A converters.
Sim Squared - (972).54.4785056
Marine and Submarine simulation products based on PC desktops. Products cover training and technology demonstrator for UAV/ROV, flight, marine and rocket based simulations for a wide range of needs.
Simpod Israel - (972).4.9937770
DeskPOD hardware modeler to verify electronic products constructed from programmable logic, application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), and off-the-shelf semiconductor devices.
SkyBot - (972).3.6872188
Automated computerized cleaner for high rise buildings that cleans windows and other exterior building surfaces using pressurized water or steam. The cleaner is equipped with computer vision optics to monitor glass surface cleaning.
Tel Aviv
Smart Link - (972).9.8638000
Design of broadband, soft ADSL modem over Ethernet and dial-up modems for desktop PCs, notebooks, internet appliances, digital TV set-top boxes, point of sale (POS) products, and multi-function printers. Embedded modem line includes V.22bis standard.
Solid Applied Technologies - (972).3.7101440
Solid and liquid level measurement and gauging systems. MicroScan: Low-cost ultrasonic gauging device for measurement of liquid and solid levels from up to 5m. SoltaScan: Web enabled radar level measurement system designed for operation in tank farms.
Tel Aviv
Spectrum Dynamics - (972).4.8580774
BroadView, functional imaging technology, accessories and applications to detect abnormalities with higher sensitivity than SPECT. D-SPECT Cardiac Scanner, rapid functional myocardial perfusion imaging. Cardiac-CT Scanner-Functional imaging at CT speeds.
Tirat Hacarmel
Spetrotec - (972).9.7434555
Design and manufacture of automobile security systems. Thunder: Wireless RS232 car alarm system with internal immobilizer. CellguarD: 2 way cellular paging device with GPS module. Motorcycle alarm system.
Hod HaSharon
Steadicopter - (972).4.9592959
Stabilization and navigation systems for unmanned Helicopters. Airborne robotic systems, for high voltage line inspections, military surveillance, traffic control, law enforcement, police forces, media coverage, precision photography.
Stern Engineering - (972).8.9407233
Electronic faucets and flushing devices operated by infra-red sensors. Lavatory and wall-mounted electronic faucets. Electronic flush valves for urinals and toilets.
Nes Ziona
Sunlight Medical - (972).3.6842626
Omnisense7000S sonometer for bone strength assessment using patented Axial Transmission technology for diagnosis and management of osteoporosis. Measures bone properties such as density, elasticity, cortical thickness and micro architecture.
Tel Aviv
SuperCom - (972).9.8890800
SuperCom Contactless Smart Cards machine-readable cards designed for a broad range of commercial applications such as passport, visa, driver's license and national ID cards. eID (electronic ID) technology integrator.
Superior Cables - (972).4.8466222
Telecommunication Division: manufacture of telephone copper conductors up to 2400 pairs, electronic wires and cables, fiber optic cables. Armored power cables, XLPE insulated, PVC sheathed. Welding cables.
Supertec Electronics - (972).9.7480130
Digital, mixed signal and analog ASIC design. Turn key projects for OEMs. FPGA conversion. RTL to gate level synthesis and ATPG. VHDL design. Verilog design. Core design. 90% of projects for international companies.
Synel - (972).4.9596760
Time and attendance hardware and software including biometric fingerprint verification. Access control systems. Magnetic card reader. Products range from PC-based systems to complex mainframe-hosted solutions.
Syneron Medical - (972).4.9096200
Medical aesthetic devices with combined energy technology using bi-polar radio frequency and light. Applications include hair removal, skin and acne treatment, leg vein vascular treatment, wrinkle treatment.
Systel - (972).8.9313010
Integrated configurable system on chip (CSoC) devices for Digital Control of Electronic Power Devices. IDC architecture for building lighting applications, dimmable fluorescent electronic ballast design, automotive motors and actuators.
Sytron Technologies - (972).3.6194004
Integrated custom display and computer solutions for indoors and outdoors. LCD, TFT, Plasma, OLED, touch panels, Anti vandal glass. Applications in public transportation, gas stations, 19" rack mount. Designed for standard to extreme temperature ranges.
Bnei Brak
Tabor Electronics - (972).4.8213393
Manufacturer and OEM of high-end test and measurement equipment with private-labels. Products include universal counters, timers, synthesizers, pulse, function and arbitrary waveform generators with 1 ppm clock accuracy, waveform creation software etc.
Tadiran Electronic Systems - (972).
Divisional Artillery Command and Control System (DACCS). Bombard, battalion C4I artillery system. Ballistic missile defense systems. Voice communication system for air force control centers, ships and headquarters. Ruggedized tactical remote receiver.
Tapuz Medical Technology - (972).3.9217722
Medical devices for emergency medicine. ECG chest electrode belt, which replaces vacuum disposable electrode and lead braid. 12 lead Rest ECG belts for defibrillators.
Petah Tikva
Techtium - (972).3.6443747
Fabless semiconductor hybrid battery module allows OEMs to put both a rechargeable battery and a disposable battery in one easy-to-use package making the ideal power pack with both high energy (primary battery) and high power (rechargeable battery).
Tel Aviv
Telefire Fire and Gas Detectors - (972).3.9211955
Manufacturing of fire and gas alarm and detection systems. Smoke, heat and gas detectors. Control panels for fire detection and automatic extinguishing. Fire alarm remote panels for supervision and display. Analog addressable fire alarm control panels.
Petah Tikva
Tessera - (972).2.6798890
Wafer level chip size packaging for semiconductor devices. ShellOP CSP solution for image sensors and light detection applications. ShellBGA Chip Size packaging for memory, logic, RF, analog, Integrated Passive Components ("IPCs").
Tevet Process Control Technologies - (972).4.9591775
In-situ Thickness Measurement System. IsTMS measurement tool integrates into all manufacturing platforms for thin film metrology on stationary or moving wafers. Large spot size, broadband Fourier Transform spectral reflectometry.
Tower Semiconductor - (972).4.6506483
Foundry manufacturer of semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) on silicon wafers. Embedded non-volatile memory devices, CMOS image sensors, and mixed signal devices. Integration of large Flash arrays in embedded applications.
Migdal HaEmek
TransScan Medical - (972).4.6440080
FDA approved real-time breast cancer diagnostic system using a multi-electrode sensor array that maps the local electrical impedance of the underlying tissue. Results are displayed as a real-time image.
Migdal HaEmek
Unitronics - (972).3.9778888
Designer of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), the computer 'brains' that automate mass production lines. OPLC combinea Operating Panels with display, keyboard and Programmable Logic Controllers in a single unified device.
Airport City
Urban Aeronautics (UrbanAero) - (972).3.6835798
Rotorless Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) vehicle with no exposed rotors. X-Hawk: protoype of multi-mission, aerial, utility vehicle operating safely in urban and natural environments. Uses include high rise rescue, utility repair.
Airport City
VeriFone - (972).3.9029740
Electronic payment systems at the Point-of-Sale (POS). Handheld, wireless and phone line POS terminals, cash registers, PIN pads, smart-card readers, self-service terminals including kiosks and ATMs. Products marketed under the NURIT brand name.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Verisity - (972).3.9004000
Software for verification of designs of electronic systems and integrated circuits (ICs) in communications and other electronics industries. Specman Elite captures rules from the specifications and automates the functional verification process.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Vishay Israel - (972).3.5569123
Manufacturer of discrete semiconductors (diodes, rectifiers, transistors, opto-electronics, and selected integrated circuits) and passive electronic components (resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transducers).
Visionix - (972).2.6797401
PowerMap series for inspection of optical lenses and multifocal contact lenses including spheric, toric and aspheric lenses, on a Windows based environment. Mold inspection equipment. Systems are based on Hartman 3-D technology.
Voltaire - (972).9.9717666
nVigor - TCP/ IP to InfiniBand router, connecting InfiniBand fabrics with IP infrastructure. (InfiniBand is a fabric based, switched network, that allows devices such as servers, storage and I/O to communicate at the same time and at very high speeds).
Vulcan Batteries - (972).8.8596661
Volta brand batteries, range between 36Ah and 220Ah. Standard automotive batteries, batteries for motorcycles, scooters, SUVs and jet skis. Back up batteries. Deep discharge batteries. Products meet standards: DIN, IEC, JIS, Mil Spec., ISO 9000-2000.
WideMed - (972).8.6909488
Biosignal processing technologies for real-time identification and prediction of pathological events in clinical and remote sites. Scoring includes Sleep Stages, Respiratory events obstructive apnea, hypopnea, cardiac rhythm monitoring etc.
Wintegra - (972).9.7439998
Fabless semiconductor company enabling the next generation of access networks with a family of single-chip solutions. Access packet processor technology enables migration between Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) cells and Internet Protocol (IP) packets.
XLoom Communications - (972).3.6919960
Chip-scale optical interconnect solution for Grid computing and data center applications. XFlame technology enables wafer level mass production of opto-electric components using standard semiconductor processes, enables a 1:10 reduction of size and cost.
Tel Aviv
Yamar Electronics - (972).3.5445294
DC-BUS technology for multiplex battery power line communication of data and sound. Products for mechatronics, telematics, body electronics, power train at speeds of 10Kbps to 2Mbps based on CAN, LIN. DC-BUS Alliance of carmakers standardized technology.
Tel Aviv
Yaskawa Eshed Technology (YET) - (972).3.9004114
XtraDrive - High-precision AC servo drivers for motion control zero settling time and small tracking error. Applications include wafer and chip handling machines, wafer inspection, wire bonding, chip testing, laser cutting, display inspection machines.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Zamir Recognition Systems - (972).2.6797460
InSignia - License plate recognition system that automatically identifies a vehicle, in real-time, by means of its license plate. Applications include control of access, revenue, security etc., toll roads, border control and traffic enforcement.
Zoran Microelectronics - (972).4.8545777
Development and manufacturing of VLSI and embedded SW for video and audio compression. Supplier of ICs for DVD players, digital still cameras, digital speakers, etc.
Israel and Judaica Gift Companies
Company Details
Albatross Photography - (972).9.9540066
Skyline photography series of books on Israel, Jerusalem, Golan, Desert, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Archaeology subjects.
Backlite Keyboard - (972).52.5080220
Fluorescent stickers for computer keyboards with Hebrew and English characters to allow Hebrew typing in computers without Hebrew characters.
Birconim - (972).2.6724405
Publisher of Birconim with original designs for Tefilot (prayers) and zemirot (songs) for Jewish customs. Examples: “Bircat Hamazon”, “Zemirot Shabat”, “Sidur”, "Holiday Blessings" etc. Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Edot Hamizrach, and Ha'ary versions.
Fields of Israel - (972).4.9841758
Dried flowers, decorative fruits and natural gift items. Rose heads, rose petals and leaves. Orange citrus fruit slices, lotus pods, acorns, kazurina. Preserved eucalyptus fillers. Scented rose bags. Potpourri bag. Fragrant candles with dried fruits.
Kerem Maharal
Flowers Israel - (972).4.6491718
Flower arrangements, bouquets, plants, gift baskets, wine, chocolates.
Gefen Publishing - (972).2.5380247
Online store for Jewish and Israeli books.
Gift Israel - (972).52.2427548
Chocolate Bouquets - Specialty gourmet chocolates shaped and molded as colorful flower bouquets. Kosher food baskets with Kosher certificates. Jewish gift baskets. International express delivery.
Gifts from Israel with Love - (972).
Judaica gifts. Afikoman bag, kiddush cups, seder plates, challah covers, besamim - spice sets for havdalah, posters.
Karnei Shomron
Gush Etzion Judaica Center - (972).2.9934040
Contemporary Judaica and artwork from Israel. Mezuzot, talitot, talit bags, plates etc.
Gush Etzion
Gush Katif Online Store - (972).
Flag, T-shirt, stickers and other gifts to support Gush Katif settlers.
Gush Katif
Harrari Biblical Harps - (972).2.5340329
Biblical Harps, the Nevel and the Kinnor. Each harp is individually handmade using musical hard woods.
HaSOFER - (972).2.5383701
STa"M (scribe) items, tefillin, mezuzah, megillah. Tallit, Sefer Torah mantels, Torah crowns and decorations, sterling silver gifts.
Hazorfim - (972).8.9186666
Silversmith company. Exporter of silver items, candle holders, tableware, gifts, religious articles. Flower delivery service to anywhere in Israel.
Kfar Daniel
Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation - (972).2.5600147
Commemorative coins and official medals of the State of Israel to commemorate historical and national events, scientific and cultural projects, and achievements. Judaica gifts.
Israel Music - (972).9.7454227
E-commerce arm of the "Tamuz Records" company. A large selection of Israeli and Jewish music, DVD, Video and Multimedia.
Raanana - (972).2.6722355
Kosher baskets and gifts for delivery in Israel and worldwide for any occasion: anniversary, army service, sympathy, bar-mitzvah, wedding, baby, etc. Gifts include dried fruit and nuts, balloons, elegant edibles, wines, spices, pasta, and fruit packages.
Israeli Military Products - (972).3.6204612
Israeli military equipment, army surplus, bags, T-shirts, caps, insignia and memorabilia. Bumper stickers.
Tel Aviv
Israeli Poster Center - (972).2.6240042
Posters on Israeli scenery, maps, tourism, history, flags, national anthem, declaration of independence, soldiers, leaders and politics. Diaspora, holocaust. Jerusalem views, sites. Jewish art, education, Hebrew alphabet, holidays, Judaic, blessings.
Judaica Jewelry - (972).2.9973676
Traditional Yemenite jewelry. Sterling silver necklaces, earrings, medallions, chains.
Elon Moreh
Judaica Web Store - (972).2.6517992
Judaica gifts, silverware, jewelry, art, talitot, tefilin, mezuzah parchments, books, software.
Melechet Machshevet - (972).50.7317201
Kit for Building the Holy Temple (Beit Hamikdash) of Jerusalem.
Bat Ayin
Mezuzot - (972).
Mezuzah for doorposts written by a Jewish scribe on klaf shlil (fine parchment).
Elon Moreh
Mirry's Art Glass - (972).9.7928150
Colored glass handcrafted Judaice items including candlesticks, mezuzah cases, Choshen jewelry, Kiddush cup and glassess, Seder plate.
Mor Brothers Diamonds - (972).3.5750517
Manufacturer of loose diamonds in ideal and fancy cuts. Specialize in manufacturing round brilliant polished diamonds blended with clinical symmetry and precise aligning of the facets creating the renowned "Hearts & Arrows" phenomenon.
Palphot - (972).9.9525252
Publisher of books about Israel and the Holy Land, Greeting cards, Stationery products, Calendars, Benchers with Zemirot.
Plugot - (972).9.7747561
Printed T-shirts and sweatshirts with Hebrew logos of Israeli Defense Forces (TZAHAL, IDF), Hebrew university, Jerusalem, Israeli sport teams. Aprons with Kosher and Jewish themes. Judaica gifts for Bar - Bat Mitzvah.
Safed Candles - (972).4.6921093
Havdalah candles. Hand-dipped paraffin tapers, Chanukah Candles, Hand Crafted Pillars, and Art Candles.
Safed (Tzfat)
Shemot - (972).8.9701090
Personalized gifts with printed Hebrew names, including aprons, bibs, bookmarks, door signs, key chains, teddy bears, pillows, t-shirts, tote bags, towels and more. Sublimation printing of photo-quality and wash-fast images with vivid colors.
Shofarot Israel - (972).3.6821017
Shofar manufacturer. Yemenite shofars, ram's horn shofars, silver plated shofars, anointing horn.
Tel Aviv
Shop in Israel - (972).
Internet directory of online shops for Israeli, Jewish, Judaica gifts and souvenirs.
Sukot Nehalim - (972).1.800.706706
Portable, modular sukah manufacturer for Sukot holiday.
Moshav Nehalim
Tefillin Beit El - (972).2.9974560
Manufacturer of tefillin and leather tefillin boxes. Tefidanit protective boxes for tefillin storage. Mezuzah parchments.
Beit El
Yaldushenu - (972).2.5888269
Personalized silver pendant with charmers in the shape of a boy, girl, man or woman. Present for mothers and grandmothers.
Yemenite Art - (972).3.6835336
Jewelry with traditional Yemenite motifs. Products include pins and pendants, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, Roman glass and gold jewelry.
Tel Aviv
YeshaShops - (972).9.7921238
Israeli products from Yesha (Judea, Samaria and Gaza). Jewelry, chains, rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, personalized Hebrew names, silver watches. Judaica (mezuzot, chanukiot, kiddush cup, shabbat candle sticks, etc). Organic tea and spices.
Zer Matok - (972).3.6440375
Zer Matok means Sweet Bouquet. The bouquets are made of quality pralines, chocolates and other sweets. The candies are wrapped as fresh and colorful flowers. The sweet bouquets will not die, do not need special care and are edible for a long time.
Tel Aviv
Publishing Companies in Israel
Company Details
Achiasaf Publishing House - (972).9.8851390
School textbooks, dictionaries, education, travel guides in Hebrew, chess guides,family and parenthoof related books.
Am Oved Publishers - (972).3.6291526
Fiction, non-fiction, children's books, illustrated books, periodicals and textbooks.
Tel Aviv
Bar-Ilan University Press - (972).3.5353446
Academic books and journals on Jewish studies, history, literature, linguistics, geography etc.
Beit-El Library - (972).2.6427117
Publisher of books on Judaism and related subjects. Children's books.
Even Sapir
Bialik Institute Publishing House - (972).2.6797942
Publishing literary and scientific projects including the Biblical Encyclopedia, historiographical collections, "Dorot" series, research on the Bible, the Apocrypha and the Dead Sea Scrolls, etc.
Carmel Publishing House - (972).2.6540578
Publisher of scholarly studies in the fields of literary criticism, history, philosophy, politics and translation series such as Russian Classics.
Carta - The Israel Map and Publishing Company - (972).2.6783355
Publications about Holyland related topics including Jerusalem, Bible, and Temple. Electronic Products. Reference books, maps.
Eric Cohen Books - (972).
Publisher of English Language Teaching (ELT) materials, coursebooks, games, professional resource books.
Feldheim Publishers - (972).2.6513947
Books on Jewish subjects including Jewish law, Torah, Talmud, Jewish living, Sabbath and holidays, history and biography. Cookbooks on Kosher cooking.
Focus Computer Books - (972).1.700.700212
Computer books. Hebrew translations of English books from Que, Microsoft-Press, Peachpit, IDG and Samas. Internet, Windows, programming, graphics, databases, Office applications, hardware, teaching guides. Books from children to advanced levels.
Freund Publishing House - (972).3.5628540
Books and journals on chemistry, materials science, engineering, medical sciences, psychology, sociology, environmental health, mathematics, education,computerized educational aids and games in science.
Tel Aviv
Halachot - (972).3.5490545
Judicial literature and databases.
Ramat Hasharon
Hebrew University Magnes Press - (972).2.6586660
Publishes scholarly books on all academic subjects with emphasis on Jewish studies.
Hod-Ami Computer Books Publishers - (972).9.9564716
Computer books and magazines. Internet, networking, databases, graphics, programming languages, operating systems, information technology. Translated titles from English (QUE, Microsoft Press,IDG, NRP, Sybex, SAMS, John Wiley).
Ketuvim Almog Publishers - (972).2.6259229
Specializes in publishing Jewish religious books (Babylonian Talmud, Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah, Shulhan Arukh) with encyclopedic indexes. Law and legislation in the State of Israel.
Laser Pages - (972).2.6522277
Publisher of scientific journals in chemistry, zoology, earth sciences and plant sciences.
Meemek Hevron - (972).2.9605631
Publisher of books and booklets on Biblical interpretation and children's books.
Kiryat Arba
Opus Press - (972).3.6814231
Computer books. Science fiction and fantasy books.
Tel Aviv
Oram Publishers - (972).3.5372277
Elementary to high school textbook publishing. Other subjects: Literature, biographies, psychology, popular medicine, translated fiction and non-fiction books.
Rosh Ha'ayin
OR-TAV Music Publications - (972).9.7679869
Publications include original compositions, arrangements of classical works, ethnic and educational music, collections of Israeli songs and books on musical topics. Distributor of sheet music published in Israel, CD's and cassettes.
Kfar Sava
Prolog Publishing House - (972).3.9022904
Bilingual Hebrew dictionaries in English, Francais, Espanol. Hebrew self-study audio-video courses and Hebrew phrase books.
Tel Aviv
Sifriat Poalim Publishing - (972).3.5785810
Hebrew literature, Jewish thought and research, philosophy, science, contemporary educational thought, world's prose, poetry, children books, school books, art, other academic subjects.
Tel Aviv
Tirosh - (972).3.5662080
Specialty magazines, calendars.
Tel Aviv
Tzivonim Publishing - (972).2.5700996
Literature, poetry, academic subjects.
Mevaseret Zion
Urim Publications - (972).2.6797633
Publisher of Jewish classical and contemporary books. Bible commentary, Jewish and Israel Studies, Kosher cookbooks, Modern Biographies, Haggadah for Passover, Children's Illustrated Books.
Yediot Aharonot Book Publisher - (972).3.7683333
Encylopedias, dictionaries, art books, cooking books, medical subjects, politics, children's books, biographies, Jewish subjects etc.
Tel Aviv
Software Companies
Company Details
10Levels - (972).77.6657171
Network and telecom protocol conformance testing from TCP/IP, DHCP, RFC 1242, RFC 2544, QoS to validation of fiber optics. Wireless testing (802.11) and broadband gateway/router testing. Software testing from multimedia games to database applications.
2Bsecure - (972).3.6492007
Consultation, design and implementation services in all areas of information security and risk management. Internal and external security systems: Firewalls, VLan’s, data encryption and VPN systems. Access control. Enterprise proxy servers.
Tel Aviv
3DV Systems - (972).4.9599599
ZCAM, the world's first real-time 3D video camera. Based on proprietary Parallel Range Sensing (PRSTM) technology, ZCAM captures both color (RGB) and depth (Z), the distance from the camera, for each pixel.
AACI Israel Jobnet - (972).3.6129090
Searchable and indexed database of computer and electronics related jobs in Israel.
Tel Aviv
Academia Medica - (972).2.5703550
High-quality multimedia software for Continuing Medical Education programs for physicians.
Acceloop - (972).4.8211707
Acceloop accelerates the transfer of high demand static and dynamic (streaming) content using the existing network infrastructure.
AcroWise - (972).54.4990624
Customized PDF (Portable Document Format) solutions. Smart e-Forms (electronic forms), e-Tools (electronic tools), e-Manuals (electronic manuals), PDF brochures, e-Tests, e-Exams (electronic tests and exams). PDF presentations. PDF document security.
Gush Segev
Actimize - (972).3.9213777
Patent-pending technology that runs analytical models over stored or transactional data, enabling management of business processes in real-time. Applications include fraud management, dynamic pricing, event driven marketing and customer service control.
Petah Tikva
ACTL Systems - (972).2.5376459
Training, mentoring and consulting services in the design and development of object-oriented client/server and real-time systems for software developers. Courses on object oriented design using Unified Modeling Language (UML).
Advance Logistics, ALD - (972).3.7913200
Software house in the field of reliability engineering and quality assurance. RAM Commander Reliability and Maintainability software. Spare parts analysis and optimization. Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis. Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis.
Tel Aviv
AE40 - (972).9.7438410
Software house, specializing in complex voice, VoIP, video systems. Real time software, embedded software. Sub contracting and system engineering projects for High Tech companies.
Afek Systems - (972).3.9635635
General Computer systems consulting, Internet e-business, ERP systems.
Rishon LeZion
Aladdin Knowledge Systems - (972).3.6362222
Products include eToken, the first USB authentication device; the eSafe line of anti-vandal and anti-virus software; Privilege, electronic software licensing and distribution platform; and HASP and Hardlock, software security systems.
Tel Aviv
Algorithmic Research - (972).3.9279500
Digital signature and data-security for financial, legal and governmental sectors. CoSign digital signature supports content management systems, CPOE medical applications, ERP, Office, Adobe Acrobat, TIFF images. PrivateCard PKI-based SmartCard.
Petah Tikva
AllCharge - (972).3.6126556
Payment platform for the purchase of digital content over electronic networks, such as the Internet, interactive TV, mobile networks, etc.
Allot Communications - (972).9.7619200
Policy-based QOS networking solutions. Allot offers enterprises and service providers products to ensure the quality of network services and resources (bandwidth and server traffic management) and implementation of service level agreements.
Hod HaSharon
Almog - (972).3.9228811
ERP, CRM and MRP systems for medium to large companies.
Petah Tikva
Amadesa - (972).3.9726090
Acquisition, retention and service solutions for online customer interactions. LiveForm, interactive form to convert site visitors to registered users. LiveGuidance, host-based session-builder tool, with complete content, graphic and layout flexibility.
Airport City
Aman Computers - (972).3.6910112
Custom business solutions for accounting management, salary payroll, human resources designed for IBM AS/400 systems. Represents Informatic in Israel.
Tel Aviv
Amanet-Management & Systems - (972).
Custom projects in the fields of management engineering; information systems; behavioral sciences; economics and business development.
Amdocs - (972).9.7762222
Customer care, billing and order management systems for communications, Internet services providers and business support systems for directory publishing companies.
Amital Data - (972).3.9033350
Software packages for companies dealing in customs agency, international freight forwarding, bonded warehousing, overseas insurance, international courier, export and import.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Ananas Group - (972).4.8333232
Web design and development, electronic marketing consulting services, logo design and digital branding. Mobile gaming development.
Haifa - (972).2.6495000
Online service that provides information about any selected word in any document using 1-Click Answers (formerly GuruNet). References include online dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, news, sports, weather and stock quotes. Free Software
Applicure Technologies - (972).9.9579096
TotalShield - Security for Apache open source web applications. Firewall and intrusion prevention technologies. dotDefender secures websites against HTTP-based attacks, including session attacks, worms and spammer crawlers.
AppStream - (972).3.7654444
AppStream solutions to accelerate Internet deployment of rich applications using predictive analysis of user behavior.
Tel Aviv
AppSwing - (972).4.9990395
By integrating LAN and Internet technologies, AppSwing B2B solutions allow partners, suppliers, customers and employees to seamlessly connect to enterprise resources.
Apregon - (972).3.9230717
Development of web based data management systems for internet and intranet platforms. Catalog Toolkit: web-based application to create and manage an online catalog without any need for technical knowledge.
Petah Tikva
Ardix - (972).3.6495511
Development of software and hardware for real-time and embedded systems.
Tel Aviv
Arel Communications and Software - (972).8. 9407711
Arel family of Interactive Distance e-Learning systems for live training and communications to geographically dispersed virtual classrooms and desktop PCs. Includes satellite-, internet- and video conferencing-based learning environments.
Artishok Multimedia - (972).9.8780072
Development of interactive multimedia projects, kiosks, training (CBT), web graphics, courseware, presentations. Technical illustrations, simulations, animation.
Bat Hefer
AtarTec - (972).6.6671743
Web site and logo design for mid-sized businesses and organizations worldwide.
Attunity - (972).9.9602626
Attunity B2B enables enterprises to create, share, automate and manage business processes that integrate customers, suppliers, partners, eMarketplaces, employees and enterprise systems over the Internet.
AV Bros. - (972).5.5205774
Developer of Adobe Photoshop plug-ins. Puzzle Pro - plug-in to generate jigsaw puzzles. Page Curl - plug-in to generate realistic turning page effects.
Petah Tikva
Axeda Systems - (972).3.9226322
Device Relationship Management System that can monitor, manage and service intelligent devices deployed at remote sites anywhere in the world in real time.
Petah Tikva - (972).3.5382111
Babylon is an online and offline translator from English to 12 different languages. It also includes converter for multi-national currency, measurements and time. Free Software
Or Yehuda
Basic concept - (972).3.6021658
Website design for small and mid-sized expert-knowledge companies and for the academic market. Biomedical knowledge-base construction and scientific editing. Data-driven applications such as community sites, portals and on-line journals.
Tel Aviv
BATL Advanced Technology - (972).4.6247637
Terminal emulation software for DEC and UNIX mainframes enabling easy connectivity between local PC and host applications.
Beyond Security - (972).9.8656850
Automated Scanning service to locate security holes in hosts and networks, exposing vulnerabilities in the corporate network. Checking computer systems for the possibility of hostile external attacks.
BIG design studio - (972).2.6230494
Graphic design studio specializes in visual communication and information design. Corporate identity design. Branding. Websites combining both artistic design and computer technology.
Billonet Micropayment Services - (972).3.7528551
Web-billing solutions. Micro payment systems and IVR (interactive voice response) services for web masters and ISP's. Reliable, easy to use charging via user's phone bill, private and secure without a need for a credit card.
Binamica - (972).2.9309306
Specialty corporate and e-commerce web sites. Dynamic, database driven interactive internet sites with chats, forums, guest books and other tools to make the web site an online community. Programming with PHP, ASP, Perl/CGI, C++, Flash, Java, Javascript.
Binar Information Systems - (972).3.5615058
Binar Financial Management System (BFMS) for managing bank’s financial data. BFMS is a financial OLAP system. Modules perform daily management of balances and liquidity, regulatory and public financial reporting, budget planning and control, etc.
Tel Aviv
BioIntelligence - (972).4.8340947
Software development in bioinformatics and biotechnology. Statistical and algorithmic methods for genomic data analysis, gene mapping, gene expression analysis, computational evolutionary biology. Software tool for RNA folding.
BIS Advanced Software Systems - (972).2.6490610
InterEST - Internet Enterprise Server Technology - rapid web-enabling with easy, elegant GUIfication for e-Business / e-commerce. TransFast/QDL - fastest download technology with auto-updating, eliminating transfer of redundant information.
BluePhoenix Solutions - (972).9.9526100
Systems modernization and IT renewal solutions. E-business enabling for legacy systems. Migration from IDMS, VSAM, ADABAS to DB2. Euro transition. Expert System for telecommunication companies to improve auditing process of invoices.
BMC Software - (972).3.6451111
Comprehensive e-business systems management software for large enterprises such as credit card companies, banks, airlines and governmental agencies. Flagship products include PATROL, COMMAND/POST, BEST/1, OnSite
Tel Aviv
BMidas - (972).3.6165199
Online e-finance and banking account management systems. Secure-Speak technology stores user's financial information on his own PC and not on a server.
BQR Reliability Engineering - (972).3.9625911
CARE software tools to test reliability and maintenance of CAD / CAE / CAM designs of complex systems such as: railways, automotive, telecommunications, production lines, power stations, aircraft, ships.
Rishon LeZion
Breakthrough - (972).3.6349922
Consulting company providing system administration, project management and software development services for Linux, Unix and Windows platforms. Network architecture design and infrastructure.
Or Yehuda
Britannica Knowledge Systems - (972).3.6070440
e-Learning solutions for the professional development market. HighLearn - a virtual campus that is designed for institutions of higher education and also addresses professional development needs.
Tel Aviv
BSafe Software - (972).9.9525480
Data security software for IBM mainframes, AS/400 and NT systems.
Calanit Carmon - (972).9.9602222
Help desk and customer service outsourced services to global companies such as Microsoft, HP and Xerox. Software infrastructure projects with thousands of workstations and hundreds of servers.
Herzliya Pituach
Callflow Software - (972).3.6393634
Syncro suite - software for analyzing customer service processes, providing real-time monitoring, alerts and statistics. Customer service management in large contact centers and back offices.
Tel Aviv
Capella Computers - (972).3.6968559
Flagship products: MMD and PubliShare - MultiMedia Databases that enable even novice users to create complex multimedia applications without programming.
Tel Aviv
Cardonet - (972).9.7447201
Comprehensive tools for the development and management of procurement, supplier and e-marketplace catalogs.
CareerHarmony - (972).3.9246569
Assessment and selection solutions for recruitment and career management. Tests designed by I/O psychologists provide competency profiles and overall job-suitability scores with predictive validity. Personality inventories, work sample simulation tests.
Petah Tikva
CastUP - (972).3.5502080
A global network infrastructure that allows incorporation of streaming video and audio services in web sites without any special server hardware or IT support .
CAV Systems - (972).9.8608222
Development and application of Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs). Areas of specialization: Financial services, banking, industry, marketing and distribution, tourism and international forwarding.
CDI Systems - (972).2.5870112
Interactive multilingual e-publishing platform designed for premium content applications on Internet, DVD/CD-ROM and PDA/handheld devices. NetISTM e-publishing technology enable interactive delivery of digital assets.
Celebros - (972).9.9555257
Localization of information in vast databases using novel artificial intelligence algorithms.
Center for Educational Technology - (972).3.6460160
Developers and publishers of educational software (K-12) in all subject areas.
Tel Aviv
Cerylion - (972).2.6535777
WebSpace Builder, is a link management system that allows Web site contributors to easily communicate and implement content-in-context with minimal IT department programming effort.
Check Point - (972).3.7534555
Firewall-1 - Enterprise security suite that integrates access control, authentication, encryption, network address translation and auditing. FloodGate-1- A policy-based bandwidth management solution to alleviate Internet traffic congestion.
CheckM8 - (972).9.9563880
Internet advertising solutions based on web events, user interaction and advertiser rules. Rich Media Manager (RMM) facilitates the production, management, serving and tracking of rich media through a single centralized solution.
Cimatron - (972).3.5312098
Data-to-Steel Solution: integrated CAD/CAM solutions for mold, tool and die makers.
Givat Shmuel
CipherActive - (972).4.8580475
Standard real-time-high-level encryption algorithms security for multi-platform communications, without degrading the integrity of the data. Includes libraries for accelerated cryptographic key generation, distribution and management.
Tirat Hacarmel
ClearForest - (972).3.7350000
Software for text mining large document collections, such as patent abstracts and databases. DIAL (Data Information Analysis Language) can assimilate data of indefinite size, identifying key terms and generating a taxonomy with inter-relationships.
Or Yehuda
Code Red Systems - (972).2.6423401
AirBlock - Software only solution for wireless LAN (802.11) security for home and small business networks. Custom solutions for wireless security.
CogniFit - (972).4.6412120
Development of applications which assess, train and enhance cognitive and psychomotor abilities. DriveFit - designed to train and enhance driving skills and performance.
Nazareth Illit
Comda - (972).3.6485255
Integrator of IT security solutions. Daughter firm: ComSign. Establishment of public key infrastructure. Integration of smart cards and biometric based systems (eye/finger) within existing databases in the organization (attendance reporting systems).
Tel Aviv
Comet Information Systems - (972).3.5168669
Web Applications, e-commerce solutions, content management, user interface design. Info systems consulting.
Tel Aviv
Comex Software - (972).3.5653111
Computerized services and solutions in the fields of data communications, wide area networks (WAN), local area networks (LAN), information security and general Internet solutions.
Tel Aviv
Comfy Interactive Movies - (972).3.7538797
Interactive software movies and integrated hardware products for children (ages 1-6).
Commit Business Solutions - (972).3.5504466
Service management, CRM and billing for small computer repair businesses. Handles customer support calls, on-site visits, hardware and software sale, billing for labor, expenses, products and parts. Manage service contracts and analyze profitability.
Commtouch Software - (972).9.8636888
Integrated email and messaging solutions with powerful online services and premium applications, such as online calendaring, unified messaging integration with voice, fax, pager and wireless connectivity.
Compedia Software Development - (972).3.7510044
Educational and edutainment software products for development of reading, math, thinking and creativity skills. All products include dynamic animation and graphics, 3D modeling and top-rate original music and sound tracks.
Complete Information Technologies - (972).3.6345678
Consultancy to commercial companies specializing in project management, ERP systems, development of internet-based, executive information systems for multi-national companies. Design and development in an AS/400 environment.
Or Yehuda
Compucraft - (972).3.9335534
RobotWorks: Robotics Interface for SolidWorks for welding, sealing etc. Custom made systems for assembly of electronic components, mechanical assemblies, components assembly, resistance and temperature testing, textile industry and wire technology.
Petah Tikva
Compugen - (972).3.7658585
Bioinformatics software tools for analysis of genomic and protein sequences to extract useful information from genomic and protein data.
Tel Aviv
Compugraphic Solutions - (972).3.5732140
Multimedia systems for harmonized control of video and slide projectors, projection of digital films, audio channels (music, effects), lighting and lasers, active theater systems. Virtual Reality system for 3-D animations in real time.
Computer Associates - Israel - (972).3.7661313
Software engineering teams for management of computer, data and communications infrastructures and business processes in the e-Business environment. Management of networks and Internet sites, backup management, data base and data security management.
Tel Aviv
Computer jobs in Israel - (972).
Weekly mailing list of computer jobs in Israel.
Comsec Group - (972).3.9234646
Data security solutions in design and implementation, communications, storage and backup and electronic security. With its e-Sure certification, Comsec is the single company in Israel to offer a security certification for e-commerce businesses.
Petah Tikva
Comsign - (972).3.6443620
Representative of Verisign to market digital authentication certificates and act as VeriSign's certificate authority in Israel.
Tel Aviv
Comtec - (972).3.6102606
Software development, system management and support for government, financial and commercial organizations and the insurance industry.
Ramat Gan
ConKor Systems - (972).4.9523138
Development of embedded, Real-Time, object-oriented software packages. Equipment control software, GUI design. Portfolio includes industrial image processing applications, electro-physiological mapping system, monitoring system for aircraft engines.
Consist - (972).3.9204125
Financial modules include: ConsistGL (General Ledger, including Budgeting and allocations), ConsistFA (Fixed assets), ConsistAR (Accounts Receivable), ConsistAP (Accounts Payable), ConsistPO (Purchase Order). Applications in 11 languages.
Petah Tikva
Coral Computer Systems - (972).
Oracle client/server and web based application development. Online transaction processing (OLTP) and decision support systems (DSS) using Oracle case methods, Designer 2000, Oracle forms, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle data browser and reporting tools.
Tel Aviv
Creambit Systems - (972).4.8745684
Software systems development and outsourcing services. Expertise in software project life cycle, software development methodologies and tools in Windows and Unix. Mapping and tracking software, web applications. Client Server and database systems design.
Kiryat Motzkin
CTware - (972).3.5576838
Contact Centers for small to medium size businesses, help desks, customer assistance lines, outsourcing, mail-order catalog organizations, telemarketing companies.
Cubus Engineering Software - (972).9.7489713
Software for civil engineering. Tunnel-4H: design of Concrete Box Culverts using AutoCAD. Building-4: software for reinforced concrete design of building beams, slabs, pillars and walls. SeismicFEA: Static and dynamic seismic analysis of structures.
Daemon Systems - (972).9.9525444
Software house specializing in Oracle applications including DBA services, ERP, infra-structure building for Internet and Client-Server systems.
DAN Recruitment and Assignment - (972).3.6136555
Recruitment of professionals for the computer field.
DataBank - (972).3.5611911
Storage and management of corporate computer back up tapes. Offsite tape storage and transportation.
Tel Aviv
DB@NET - (972).3.6126161
Services in the fields of databases, application development, high-end system maintenance and software solutions. Oracle database design and administration, data warehousing, high availability systems.
Delphi Information Systems - (972).3.6121614
IT systems development on different platforms. Software products for hand held devices, designed for different markets. Medipalm, management of medical sales in the pharma industry.
Digital Fuel Technologies - (972).2.5885200
ServiceFlow service level agreement (SLA) management and service cost management software. Call center services, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, building and environment management. Management of outsourcing contracts.
DiskSites - (972).3.6911160
FilePort and FileCache appliances centralize data in data centers while giving workers in remote branch offices (RBOs) LAN-like access to corporate data over existing WANs. Suitable for retail banking and insurance companies.
Tel Aviv
DocuStar Documentation Services - (972).9.7403840
Design and production of comprehensive software and hardware documentation, primarily for Internet, communication and multimedia products. Products include user manuals, tutorials, online helps, HTML helps and web sites.
Dotomi - (972).3.7686000
Ad-Vantage - campaign management software that provides an easy solution to preparing, launching and managing Dotomi Direct Messaging ad campaigns using personalized messages.
Tel Aviv
dsIT Technologies - (972).3.5313333
OncoPro software system for management of complex chemotherapy protocol planning, implementation, analysis and assessment in guidelines-based pediatric adult cancer care in oncology and hematology departments in a range of medical settings.
Givat Shmuel
E & C Medical Intelligence - (972).
Software-based platform with a Medical Knowledge Base for documentation and clinical management support for obstetrical care.
e & m Computing - (972).3.5766999
Client/server solutions representing Compaq and Sun Microsystems.
E4X - (972).3.6877920
E4X provides an instant infrastructure and service for enabling and ensuring electronic multi-currency transactions for online Internet businesses and e-merchants.
Tel Aviv
Easybase - (972).3.6114266
easyPilot software tools for prototyping business objects, user interface and interactions.
Easy-QA - (972).3.6448484
Software system testing. Quality assurance and quality control. Design of tests using automatic tools.
Tel Aviv
EasyRun - (972).9.7410953
EpicCenter, multimedia (voice, e-mail, fax and web) management software for contact centers with up to hundreds of seats. Management of callers on hold, group workload distribution by call routing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Live Agent capability.
EDP Computers - (972).3.6438222
Consulting, project management, system integration and implementation, system services, software development. Executive information systems (EIS). Alternative backup sites (DRP).
Tel Aviv
Eduself Multimedia - (972).
Interactive Agriculture Educational Science CD ROM's in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Fields: Water, Soil, Plant biology, Fertilizers, Irrigation. Level of education: High school and College. Technical writing, Translation.
Edusoft - (972).3.9002401
Multimedia educational titles and computer-based integrated educational systems specializing in English learning, early childhood and science.
Rosh Haayin
Elad Software Systems - (972).3.6499932
Information Technology services for banking, insurance, transportation and public sector including government ministries, local municipalities and health organizations.
Tel Aviv
Eldan Software Systems - (972).3.5443085
Software consulting and development services. Kernel drivers and real-time systems for Windows, WinCE, VxWorks and Embedded Linux. ARM/MIPS design with RTOS such as ThreadX and Nucleus. Cryptography and cryptanalysis. System security protocols.
Tel Aviv
ELK Comprehensive Computer Solutions - (972).50.7337687
Storage management based on peer-2-peer or SAN environment for corporate data centers and infrastructure solution providers. Storage Discovery for mapping in graphic format current state of the SAN environment. Reports capacity, Storage Port Layout, etc.
Elron TeleSoft - (972).3.9254666
Home Banking System - Secure Internet system for e-commerce management. SmarToken - a transaction manager for secured payments based on credit card, prepaid cards, bank accounts, telephone or ISP billings.
Petah Tikva
Enigma Information Systems - (972).9.9569955
Web based e-catalogs, e-publishing for e-business.
Herzliya Pituach
Entopia - (972).8.6466350
Quantum enterprise knowledge management system components: Collect captures and archives web pages or other documents. Collaborate and Capitalize include tools for network sharing and semantic mapping, searching and retrieval of documents.
Equivio - (972).3.9386885
Equivio detects and groups near-duplicate documents in a systematic review of similar documents discovered in document repository. Equivio>Compare software highlights textual differences between two documents.
Rosh Ha'ayin
ERA (Enhanced Recognition Algorithms) - (972).3.5173652
Software for image enhancements, damaged text reconstruction and improvements of text-recognition processes. HyperOCR - powerful yet easy-to-use high-end multi-lingual OCR software.
Tel Aviv
Ericom Software - (972).2.5714774
PowerTerm series of terminal emulators, e-Business, wireless, business-to-business and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions that generate Web/WAP applications from existing host resources, without changing original legacy application.
ERPdex - (972).2.5701719
IT consultancy firm specializing on the treasury and financial modules of the leading ERP packages (SAP R3, Oracle Application). Treasury integration solutions to back-office ERP systems. ERP implementation and project management services.
Har Adar
e-SIM - (972).2.5870770
Rapid family of products, for electronic development, interactive training and Web-based simulation of "virtual products" for the embedded systems market.
Etsuv - (972).4.6677200
Corporate identity design. Graphic design. Interactive flash presentations. CMS (Content Management System).
Kibbutz Shaar Hagolan
eWave - (972).9.9543040
Integration between Legacy systems (AS400, MainFrame) and web-based applications. Corporate applications, e-Commerce systems (B2B, B2C). Network solutions: mapping, installation and integration of computer networks such as NT and Exchange mail servers.
Kibbutz Glil Yam
Ex Libris - (972).3.6490430
Library automation systems for higher education as well as for public, national and special libraries. Flagship product, ALEPH.
Tel Aviv
ExaNet - (972).9.9717777
Exanet Storage Server - ultra-scalable storage system infrastructures into the petabyte (1,000 terabyte) range and beyond as a single, unified storage resource. Aggregate bandwidth in the 1TB/sec range. Support for multi-vendor RAID.
Exent - (972).3.9243828
EXEtender enables web hosting services and application service providers (ASPs) to deliver software applications over any broadband, IP-based network to users equipped with any web browser.
Petah Tikva
Eyeblaster - (972).9.7760800
Rich media serving and management platform for online advertising and publishing media. Ad formats include banners, floating ad, window ads, full-page overlay, etc. Ads can be created by Macromedia Flash, GIF and/or EyeWonder streaming video content.
Eyron - (972).3.5751415
Design and maintenance of large scale web sites, intranet sites and complex web applications, demanding high availability and tight security. Localization of web sites and software products from English into Hebrew.
Finjan Software - (972).9.8659440
First-Strike Security products to combat Trojan horses, worms, malicious Active X, Java, VB Script and JavaScript programs, using real-time behavior-monitoring technology that does not require database updates. Free Software
Formula Group - (972).9.9598800
Formula Systems is the largest Israeli public traded Information Technology company, with a large proprietary software solutions division for international markets.
Formula Travel Solutions - (972).3.5797551
PAXYS 2000: on-line system covering all phases of tour operating business and airline travel management system. Database handles flights, tours, packages, hotels, insurance, car rentals, transfers, cruises, train transportation and other land services.
Bnei Brak
Fundtech - (972).3.5752750
Global cash management and payments solutions that enable financial institutions and business customers to manage cash, process payments and transfer funds electronically.
FutureWeb - (972).9.7421250
Web site content copywriting. Search engine optimization (SEO), web site marketing and promotion, linking strategies and other traffic-building techniques.
Hod HaSharon
Galtech Soft - (972).2.5322224
Genesis 11 cross-platform globalization library for software developers to make products Unicode-compliant. Dagesh multilingual word processor supporting 49 languages. Localization and internationalization of software source code.
GeoSim - (972).3.9217717
Precise 3D-city models and 3D visualization for city planning, design, monitoring and city-related decision making. Geo-referenced search capabilities for location related information (text, pictures, audio, video). Applications for urban infrastructure.
Petah Tikva
Giant Steps - (972).3.5781243
Software and driver development for PCI, USB, PCMCIA, Bluetooth, file-system drivers, Block Device Drivers. Network Management (NMS) on Windows, Linux and Unix systems. Mobile and wireless devices.
Bnei Brak
Giga - (972).3.6817888
Software design, consulting and outsourcing. Experience in information technologies, computer embedded systems, real time OS, Internet applications, mobile and power line communication (PLC) technologies. Banking, insurance and management systems.
Tel Aviv
GigaSpaces Technologies - (972).9.9526751
Enterprise Application grid computing platform for developing real time, clustered and collaborative distributed applications over low-cost open platforms such as blade racks and Linux servers. Distributed Shared Memory.
Girafa - (972).3.7515530
Browser add-on toolbar that shows visual previews of web sites without the need to visit or load the sites. Thumbnail images can be displayed for bookmarks, search results or links on a page. Free Software
Gita Technologies - (972).3.9014707
Software development services in security, encryption and networking.
Rosh Ha'ayin
GlassHouse Technologies - (972).9.7622700
Enterprise Management family of products - an integrated solution for controlling and managing computer site's complicated environment (including operating systems, databases and backup devices), through a common look-and-feel.
Global Translations - (972).3.6471240
Translation services in over 30 languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch and Swedish. Graphic User Interface (GUI), documentation and Help files for use in the target country.
Tel Aviv
Great Budget - (972).
Software to manage project budgets for project managers in small businesses and individuals. Free Software
G-STAT - (972).2.5871314
Statistical and data mining models for predicting events in the lives of customers and organization. Customer credit risk assessment. Inventory management and planning based on consumer demand.
Gteko - (972).9.7766466
Online support automation software (eSupport) for PC and peripherals manufacturers, internet service providers, software vendors and corporate IT departments. Downloadable small ActiveX control. Provides detailed diagnostic information.
Harel Computers and Communication - (972).3.7658888
Comprehensive computer solutions for organizations and large companies including hardware, software and services. Maintenance of servers and networks.
Tel Aviv
Hartal Software Industries - (972).
Development of database-driven applications and web sites and enterprise client/server applications. Internet training for organizations.
Alfey Menashe
HexaLock - (972).9.9506777
Digital copy protection solutions that help prevent unauthorized copying of digital content stored on optical or other digital media.
Hilan Tech - (972).3.6383356
Software for wage, payroll, worker attendance and human resources management for large companies and public organizations.
Tel Aviv
Hi-Tech Solutions - (972).4.6440440
Optical character recognition (OCR) for transportation applications. SeeCar: license plate recognition systems. SeeCrane identification of container ISO code as it is handled by a crane. SeeGate recognizes containers, truck and wagon chassis numbers.
Migdal HaEmek - (972).1.800.366246
Domain registration, web site design and hosting.
HumanEyes Technologies - (972).2.6518999
Software that enables simple creation of panoramic 3D stereo images from ordinary photographs captured by any single still or video digital camera. Applications: Outdoor advertising, packaging, magazine publications.
IBM - (972).3.9188111
Information Management: DB2 Universal Database. Application Development: VisualAge Generator, C++, Java. e-commerce: IBM Net.Commerce, OS/2 Warp Server for e-Business. Lotus Notes/Domino. Tivoli Enterprise, IT Director.
Petah Tikva
IBM Research Lab - (972).4.8296249
Projects include, VLSI design, verification technology, storage subsystems, computer systems, programming languages and environments, advanced applications, multimedia and service technologies.
ICQ - (972).
ICQ - a revolutionary, user-friendly Internet tool that informs you who's on-line at any time and enables you to contact them at will. Free Software
Identify Software - (972).3.9101900
AppSight Application Problem Resolution solution. Black Box records application execution at multiple, synchronized levels. Recording includes Windows, .NET and J2EE applications. Full trace of function calls and variables in unmanaged code.
Petah Tikva
Idor Systems - (972).3.5373862
E-business solutions and project management. Specialists in IBM Websphere products and connection of IBM eServer and NT legacy servers to Java-based web applications. IT consulting, software products for AS/400, Euro conversion, outsourcing services.
Tel Aviv
IFN Systems - (972).9.7638900
Document management and workflow solutions for organizations. WINS Suite for eContent and eProcess. Implementations for banking, insurance, telecom and pharmaceutical companies. New drug application for FDA. Solutions are built on FileNET foundation.
Kfar Sava
Igal Baum Studio - (972).4.9565533
Web site design using Flash, dynamic effects, Javascripting and database integration in Unix and Windows NT systems. Corporate identity for companies including all marketing production, print materials and CD rom presentations.
Ilient - (972).3.5333675
SysAid web-based help desk software and IT management. SysAid scans network to provide details on each machine and allows remote control of each workstation. Works on multiple platform environments, e.g. Windows and Linux. Free Software
Or Yehuda
I-Logix - (972).8.9471212
Rhapsody in C++ - Visual programming environment that enables software engineers to graphically design and develop real-time embedded software using object-oriented techniques complying with the Unified Modeling Language (UML).
I'm Global - (972).3.5471975
Global Payment Service Provider. Recognized by Visa AIS and MasterCard SDP programs for delivering online authorization and processing service. Merchants can process secure transactions in real time, 24 hours a day. Multi-currency processing.
Ramat Hasharon
ImageID - (972).3.9028777
Proprietary Vividot process automatically identifies individuals within photographs using special pattern recognition and image processing software.
Rosh Ha'ayin
iMDsoft - (972).3.6449333
MetaVision - Graphical intensive care unit patient information system for data collection, management and storage. MetaVision helps the ICU work in a more organized, secure, modern and paperless work environment.
Tel Aviv
iMesh - (972).3.5388700
iMesh - Program for connecting PCs to Internet to enable sharing of files with the worldwide community of Internet users. Aims to establish the largest server on the Internet. Free Software
Or Yehuda
Incentives Solutions - (972).9.8654477
Enterprise Incentive Management (EIM) software. Incorporates complex metrics (such as employee performance, product profitability and market share) to create formulas to calculate optimal incentives. Key performance indicators relevant to incentive plans.
Incom Group - (972).8.9773838
Outsourcing of data and communication services. International private networks, VPN, leased lines, PBX services, frame relay, broker services (trading rooms), consulting, internet services, telecom systems analysis.
IncrediMail - (972).
Design and development of integrated suite of email software products. Email backgrounds, emoticons, animations, 3D effects. Free Software
InfoCyclone - (972).3.6919171
Infocyclone - an appliance that accelerates information retrieval from databases. The appliance contains a fast SQL engine and optimizer that increases performance beyond that of caching mechanisms.
Tel Aviv
Informatica Israel - (972).3.5633600
Enterprise-wide data integration and data quality initiatives including data warehousing, data migration/consolidation, data synchronization, data governance and master data management.
Tel Aviv
InkSure - (972).9.7674166
Integrated security systems for authentication and tracking of any document or product at any time, anywhere. Technologies can be applied to products, labels or authenticity certificates. Also can be applied to government documents such as passports.
Kfar Sava
Insite Computer Technologies - (972).9.9587722
Consulting and design services in the areas of data networks, communication technologies, server farms and disk farms. Professionals in the fields of UNIX, NT, networking and databases.
InSyst - (972).2.5400920
Prediction and optimization solutions for complex multi-variable processes. OnTarget - to improve efficiency of industrial manufacturing processes. UpTime - Predicts system crashes that are not forewarned in alarm systems (for electricity power plants).
IntelliGate - (972).3.5625633
YourWay, text based natural language interaction platform for information retrieval in self-service transactions over cell phones, internet, PDA and pagers using SMS, WAP and internet. Applications in transportation, banking services.
Tel Aviv
Intellity - (972).2.9309665
International web design firm. Multimedia web sites with Flash, Shockwave. Graphic design. Data-based dynamic web sites.
InterBit - (972).3.7529922
Training and software development services include operating system management (Solaris, Linux), security, database management (Oracle), design (UML, design patterns) and application development based on Java technologies (J2EE).
Intergraph Israel - (972).3.6458777
Software applications for computer-aided engineering, design, analysis, manufacturing, publishing and earth sciences such as mapping/geographical information systems.
Tel Aviv
Interlect - (972).3.9413818
Online e-learning systems for high-school bagrut and college level courses. Professional and software training.
Rishon LeZion
InterPro - (972).9.8943559
Web design, e-commerce, portals, internet and intranet applications. Internet marketing strategy and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Interwise - (972).3.9767676
Interwise Connect combines voice, web and video conferencing in one product providing unlimited conferencing and collaboration to everyone in the company. Voice virtual training, web seminars, webcasts.
Airport City
Israeline - (972).3.6498483
Web design and development. User interface design and implementation including programming for web based applications and services. Integration with legacy systems. Web hosting for both NT and Unix platforms.
Tel Aviv
Jacada - (972).9.9525900
Provider of legacy integration and Web-enablement software for mainframe and midrange applications. Non-intrusive Java, XHTML and XML solutions provide graphical interface, web enablement and real-time integration with other systems.
John Bryce - (972).3.7100700
Computer training, consulting and technical services. Sivan operates over 120 classrooms in 13 different locations in Israel. Sivan is an official training center of Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Cisco, Checkpoint, Computer Associates, Redhat, Adobe, Autodesk.
John Bryce Training - (972).3.7535800
Technical courses for IT professionals, retraining programs and end user training.
J-Town Productions - (972).2.6719918
Graphic design studio specializing in web site design and maintenance.
Jungo Software - (972).9.8859365
WinDriver product line - for developing custom device drivers that can run on a multitude of operating systems without modification. Hot-Swap product line - for telephony infrastructure vendors to "Hot Swap" devices while the system is running.
K.S.T. Software - (972).3.9494165
Software solutions provider for IBM iSeries AS/400 systems. Products include: Project conversion tools. Data base conversion program generator. Program cross-referencing and inventory documentation tools. TaskMaster for automatic job scheduling.
Rishon LeZion
Kappix - (972).
DRoster employee scheduling software for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Interface includes daily planner, hourly planner, places, persons, views and templates. Free fully functional trial software.
Bat Yam
Kinor Knowledge Networks - (972).2.5400073
Secure enterprise information integration software. Applications - Health Care: Enables health care suppliers to integrate information and to achieve compliance with HIPAA requirements. Homeland Security: to share data between law enforcement agencies.
Kletsel Design - (972).3.6446737
Graphics design studio. Icons for software, PDA and web sites, corporate identity, digital illustration, PDF brochures. The studio capable of providing solutions in Hebrew, European languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.
Tel Aviv
Kontera Technologies - (972).9.9618800
Contextual advertising solutions. ContentLink finds contextually relevant keywords on a publisher’s web page in real-time and automatically matches them to relevant ads presented as In-Text sponsored keyword links.
Herzliya Pituach
Kopel-Reem - (972).3.5611262
Magic consulting and training packages for software companies and in-house developer teams. DBAlert triggers events in response to chages in database, e.g. Copy file, execute SQL command, send E-mail or SMS.
Tel Aviv
Korentec - (972).3.9215878
Software development projects. Outsourcing for Microsoft .Net systems. Embedded systems.
Tel Aviv
Koret Communications - (972).3.6204777
High-end web sites for corporations, electronic commerce and virtual communities. Publisher of israelinsider (
Tel Aviv
LabonNet - (972).4.6750293
Software to enhance accuracy of real-time PCR tests. Detection of defective samples. Inter-plate calibration of Ct values. Relative quantification with reference genes. Database includes input data and is integrated with analytical and statistical tools.
Lavie Time Tech - (972).3.5617070
Software house for work time processing systems. Products include TimeKeeper and TimeBit.
Tel Aviv
Ligature - (972).2.5326444
CharacterEyes: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software based on neural network technology.
Live Linx - (972).2.5328580
ConteX: Component-centric Document Management, XML-based, content-intensive publishing for print and web delivery. Enterprise Publishing - suite of solutions for publishing large volumes of documentation on internet and/or CD.
LiveDNS - (972).3.9241781
Web site hosting for commercial, institutional and private web sites hosted on Win2000 systems. E-commerce platform: LiveShop and web applications.
Petah Tikva
LivePerson - (972).9.7601277
The leading customer service application over the Internet, facilitating live, 24/7 interactive sales and customer support in 11 different languages and in over 60 countries all over the world.
Moshav Bnei Zion
Logic Oriented - (972).4.8713828
Software development for the business sector. Languages: C#, .net, VC++, Java, PHP and Perl. Databases: SQL Server 2005, MySQL, Oracle and Access. Services in RT, intranet and internet environments in Windows, Linux and Unix.
Kiryat Bialik
LogNet Information Technologies - (972).4.9591122
BillMiner: Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) and Customer Self Services (CSS) software system for account management by Telecom, Utility and financial billers. Communication Service Provider (CSP) Usage and Cost Analyzer.
Log-On - (972).3.5763100
Customized software systems and projects and consulting services on products, application development tools, databases and software migrations.
M.L.L. Haifa Software and Computers - (972).4.8512871
Software development, mainly in the human resources fields, service bureau for organizations, payroll payments.
M.R.M Computerized Vehicle Information - (972).9.7488666
Software and information services for motor vehicle related field. MultiCat - Electronic parts catalog, comprising of a vehicle parts information database and software package.
Hod HaSharon
Machshava Technologies - (972).3.6344843
Services include: Project management, outsourcing system design and development. Construction of large-scale applications, such as nationwide government systems with complex communication requirements. Internet based command and control systems.
Or Yehuda
Magalcom - (972).3.9270111
Installation and maintenance of data communications networks including integration of hardware, software and infrastructure. Design and construction of computer centers on turn-key project basis.
Petah Tikva
Magic Software Enterprises - (972).3.5389292
Software development technology for e-business, e-commerce and CRM solutions across the enterprise with a uniform programming paradigm regardless of architecture, platform or database.
Or Yehuda
MailAmp - (972).2.5662839
Voice email messaging. Flagship product is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook which allows users to create and send an MP3 voice email messages to any email user. Free Software
MailVision - (972).4.8500505
IP Messaging Platform for Unified Messaging - email, voice mail, faxes and files, seamlessly integrated into a single mailbox and accessed from any place at any time using any Internet or telephony communications device.
Mainsoft - (972).8.9781300
Visual MainWin - cross-platform development environment that recompiles Windows source code with the Unix compilers to create native UNIX applications.
Malam Group - (972).3.5312300
System integration and software development on all computing platforms. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Representative of Kana Software for eCRM. National scale election management systems. Human-resource payroll and attendance systems.
Givat Shmuel
manofIT - (972).54.2331812
Consulting, software development, training and integration in the areas of ERP, service applications, CRM and mobile solutions. Specialty in high end MFG/PRO implementations.
Kiryat Ata
MatchPoint - (972).9.9542000
PL/SQL Developer, an Integrated Development Environment that is specifically targeted at the development of stored program units for Oracle Databases.
Herzliya Pituach
Math-Kal Educational Software - (972).2.5340298
Math-Teacher - A friendly and easy to use software for junior and high school level math students and for math teachers. Includes "Test Generator" utility for teachers. Available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swedish and Turkish.
Mevaseret Zion
Matrix - (972).9.9598888
Developing large scale IT projects. Outsourcing of software and computer facilities management. Banking and financial market technologies. ERP and CRM solutions. Operating systems: MVS/CICS, Unix, NT, AS/400. Data bases: UDB, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server.
MaxBill - (972).3.9305520
MaxBill, carrier-grade platform for telecommunications and utility service providers. Multi-currency and multilingual, can be implemented anywhere to support any local currency and any diverse customer base. Internet-enabled allowing eCRM and secure EBPP.
Petah Tikva
Media 4U - (972).3.9535822
Design and establishment of Internet sites. E-business and e-CRM services. Mobile phone WAP sites. PeLE (Personal Learning Edge) web-based software for online courses.
Rishon LeZion
Meitav Systems - (972).3.6000160
Prime financial assests management software.
Melingo - (972).3.6070400
Natural language processing (NLP). Computerization of Hebrew and other complex languages. Morfix search engine and plug-ins, based on morphological analysis and tagging of natural language texts. Automatic text to speech (TTS). Nakdan. Rav Milim.
Tel Aviv
Mercado Software - (972).9.9589930
e-Commerce software solutions for online buying and selling. IntuiFind Search for personalized merchandising in large e-commerce sites.
Mercury Interactive - (972).3.5399999
Business technology optimization (BTO). IT Governance Center - Software for management of IT business processes, including IT priorities, project management, program and portfolio management, financial management.
Metalix CAD/CAM - (972).4.9998436
CAD/CAM solutions for the sheet metal industry. cncKad - Software package for CNC Punch, Laser, Plasma and Flame machines. Supports sheet-metal drafting aids: Notching, chamfering, filleting, shapes recognition, geometry validation etc.
Microsoft Israel - (972).9.9525400
Israeli branch of Microsoft specializing in Hebrew enabled versions of Microsoft Windows Operating systems, Office applications and other Microsoft software products.
MicroType - (972).9.8988021
SP TimeSavers - Bookmark Controller, Link Controller, PDFmarker, UnBloat utilities for conversion from FrameMaker to PDF/Acrobat. FrameMaker training and consulting. Template design.
Kfar Yona
MidLink Computing - (972).3.6911007
Middleware projects. Consulting, mentoring and administration services for large scale distributed computing systems.
Tel Aviv
Milim Writing & Translation Services - (972).3.5623997
Translation, localization and internationalization services. Languages supported include Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu.
Tel Aviv
MindCite - (972).9.8857477
Citer: Ontology-based semantic networks Enterprise Knowledge Platform (EKP). Java based software operates on any computer platform. Applicationsfor military and intelligence agencies, financial and insurance companies, support information systems.
MiniFrame - (972).9.
SoftXpand software that turns one computer into up to 8 independent computer workstations, using only standard monitors, keyboards and mice. In educational institutions all students’ workstations can access Internet, run any software installed on the PC.
MonoSphere - (972).9.7622660
Cross-platform automated storage management (ASM) software solutions. Central and remote management and visibility of all storage resources. Customers include large enterprises, airline, business services and telecommunications industries.
MOST Modern Software Technologies - (972).3.9115511
Software tools for database maintenance and application migration. OnTarget: Automatic analysis and migration of database applications and programming languages to advanced systems. OnDiscovery: Maintenance tools for NATURAL/ADABAS business environments.
Petah Tikva
mPrest Systems - (972).3.9291515
Custom application development and complex software systems from distributed client/server systems to device driver development. mCore Command and control application server on top Microsoft .NET framework.
Petah Tikva
mUrgent - (972).54.7467470
Empact - Email and wireless marketing manager. Customer email list building. Email database hygiene and management. CAN SPAM Act compliant network and services.
MVR Multimedia - (972).9.8663718
3D Animation technology for high-powered media and ad agencies. 3D clips "translate" difficult concepts into graceful animation. Application in medical technologies, aircraft industries, educational and training programs.
Kfar Vitkin
NDS Technologies Israel - (972).2.5894444
Developer of conditional access and interactive TV solutions and management systems used by broadcasters worldwide for secure delivery of digital entertainment to TVs and PCs. Products include, VideoGuard, Electronic Program Guide, Scheduler, MediaStorm.
Negev Software Industries - (972).3.5331976
ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning Projects. IT applications development, software migration. Software quality assurance and advanced testing services.
Or Yehuda
Ness Technologies - (972).3.7666800
Software Integration and Networking Services Group. Business Solutions Group - e-business, financial services, billing. Enterprise Solutions Group. Telecom and Systems Group - telecom systems, GIS and Air Traffic Control systems.
Tel Aviv
Nesstel - (972).9.8353737
Information technology analysis, design and development. Projects management. Software engineering, Client/Server. Data base management: ORACLE, DB2, ADABAS. Systems: UNIX, LINUX, NT. ERP: SAP, ABAP4, Oracle application.
Netcom Systems - (972).9.7709470
Services for service providers, telco's and enterprises. Network and communication systems. LAN and WAN network management, integration of telephony into IP based networks and advanced multimedia applications.
Net-Express - (972).3.6888844
Netex system facilitates Hebrew searches on the internet. The utility allows reaching internet sites by just typing the web site's name or keywords in Hebrew. Free Software
Tel Aviv
Netformx - (972).3.5783178
eBusiness solutions specifically focused on the design, purchase and deployment of complex networks.
Bnei Brak
Netgo - (972).3.5621342
Consulting, development, support and services for the advertising, publishing and media industries. Developer of Hebrew support for QuarkXpress.
Tel Aviv
NetManage - (972).4.8130111
Software systems to transform legacy applications into systems that are easily and readily accessible via the Internet.
Net-Or Technological Systems - (972).3.6420311
DBA services for all phases of system: analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance. DB2 UDB based applications for e-Business.
Tel Aviv
NET-POS Network Point of Sale - (972).9.7466662
Super*POS Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) solution for large chains and individual outlets. Modules for supermarket, convenience store, pharmacy, fashion store, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, fast food, pub sales management with a wide range of reports.
Hod HaSharon
Netposition - (972).3.5503855
Web site design and marketing. Site optimization and registration.
Netschool Group - (972).9.9581006
Conductor™ - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for educational institutions worldwide. Manages all administrative needs of educational establishments, including finances, human resources, student registration and courses, via a common database.
Net-Translators - (972).3.5338633
Software localization, globalization in over 40 languages. User interface localization, cross-platform and BiDi functionality testing. Technical translation services for a wide range of areas including medical, legal, biotechnology and computer hardware.
Or Yehuda
Netwise - (972).3.9799790
Web site design with specialties in information architecture and usability testing. Corporate intranet that enhances knowledge sharing.
Airport City
New Applicom - (972).9.9598688
Enterprise and CRM applications, systems development, database and data warehouse technologies, content and knowledge management products, eLearning products, web technology consulting for e-business. Software development for multi-national companies.
NewGenPay - (972).3.6958844
Payment technology that enables global interoperability among payment service providers (telcos, ISPs and portals, banks, etc). Payment Engine uses cryptography and internet protocols to secure payments and automate risk management.
Tel Aviv
NextNine - (972).3.7673000
Software tools for integration, testing and customer support of embedded systems with support for multi-processor and multi-tasking applications.
Tel Aviv
Nibit Communication and Computers - (972).2.6541404
Oracle based ERP software. Multilingual database for both retail and wholesale markets. Support all levels of business, from Points of Sale stations to management. Clients include food stores, supermarkets chains, hardware and technical equipment stores.
NPX Technologies - (972).3.7687100
Paily guaranteed money transfer service from user credit card. Allows accepting orders from any country in the world and from foreign credit cards. Can be used for high-risk items such as jewelry, computers and electronics.
Tel Aviv
NSIcom - (972).3.5331976
JSCP - Software Co-Processor for Java: JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for Embedded devices. Applications include Internet appliances, PDA, Windows CE type devices, Cellular equipment, data communications, Automotive industry, Ticketing systems.
Or Yehuda
Oleh! Marketing Communications & Design - (972).2.6722476
Web site design and development services. Flash Presentations and Movies. 2D and 3D animation. Online catalogues. Content Management Systems (CMS). Internet marketing and metrics. Bulk email services.
Olive Software - (972).
ActivePaper XML Publisher automatically transforms unstructured PDF files into Rich XML structure that replicates the publication's publication’s content, structure, metadata, graphics and layout. For newspaper and magazine publishers.
Kfar Sava
OLS Software - (972).3.6132865
Developing websites and complex web applications with Open Source tools.
Omnitech - (972).3.9212040
Computer and software systems, communication networks, training and implementation of solutions and maintenance of computer equipment.
Petah Tikva
One1 - (972).3.7677600
Consulting, outsourcing and ERP/CRM/BI focused solutions and software applications. Design and management of data warehouse based analytical systems.
Tel Aviv
Open Source People - (972).77.7008065
Open Source products support, development, customizing and consulting. PHP web site development. PostgreSQL databases. Linux support. BIRT Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools.
Opisoft - (972).3.6136050
Turn-Key projects and solutions for information systems. Establishing data warehouses within organizations, using Oracle or Microsoft SQL, data mining.
OPSWAT - (972).9.9600830
OESIS (OPSWAT Endpoint Security Integration SDK) software kit. Antivirus, antispyware, firewall, antiphishing, hard disk encryption and peripheral device protection applications detection. OESIS for cellular phones and PDAs. Object oriented C++ interface.
Optimata - (972).3.7519226
Virtual Patient Engine. Simulation software for optimizing drug treatment protocols. Technology useful for dosage determination during clinical trials.
OptiTex - (972).3.9049979
CAD/CAM software for fabric, textile and sewn products. Pattern Design System (PDS) for drafting patterns, grommets, darts, pleats. Runway 3D, cloth simulation software. Custom tailored made-to-measure design using dimensions such as shoulder, waist.
Petah Tikva
Oracle Israel - (972).3.9273627
Oracle database designed for Grid computing. Fusion Middleware portfolio of standards-based software products, including J2EE and developer tools, integration services, business intelligence, collaboration and content management.
Petah Tikva
Orad Hi-Tec Systems - (972).9.7676862
CyberSet - Virtual sets for TV news, weather, entertainment, sports shows that integrate live presenters and actors with 3D, computer-generated animations and environments. Unique Pattern Recognition eliminates need for cumbersome studio installations.
Kfar Sava
Ordan Computers - (972).9.9566462
Software for administration and finance in Hebrew. Clinica - for medical office and center management. Zimunit: Appointments management software.
Orsus - (972).3.5386777
Situator, Control Room management software for monitoring sensor and human activity and emergency situations in secured facilities, such as air, sea, rail and ground terminals, utilities, prisons, campuses, military and industrial plants.
Or Yehuda
Outlook Systems - (972).3.5373606
Custom software products and services in client-server, RDBMSs and Internet/Intranet technology.
Tel Aviv
Palcom Systems - (972).3.6443212
Oracle database installation, performance optimization, backup and recovery solutions. DBA experts.
Tel Aviv
Panorama Software Systems - (972).3.6480085
Web-based Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. NovaView e-BI Suite - Client and web-based OLAP query products. Platform for business reporting, analysis and customer relationship management applications.
Tel Aviv
Parametric Tech - (972).9.7753777
Multimedia digital recording solutions, applications and related professional services for business interaction management.
PC NoteTaker - (972).3.5329095, 1-866-2289132 (US toll free)
Electronic pen that captures handwriting on any surface onto any computing device in real time. Inserts sketches, signatures, equations, notes into MS WORD documents.
Givat Shmuel
Perl Technology Israel - (972).54.4624648
Specializing in Perl - Training, consultancy, development and support. Applications include quality assurance, configuration management, database access, web service and web site development.
Pitron Systems - (972).4.8211112
Consulting, software implementation and software development in ERP, CRM , e-commerce, e-business and general computing consulting; quality control and LIMS systems; and hi-tech human resource placement.
PiXeliT - (972).3.5164283
Hosting and web development solutions. Content management system (CMS).
Tel Aviv
PixelPlay - (972).3.7673777
JIVE platform that enables iTV, Mobile and Internet operators to create multi-user games and applications for their subscribers, independent of the platform the subscriber is using.
Tel Aviv
Planium - (972).8.9261058
Business Planner, business planning software integrated with Microsoft Office. Planning tool for managers, analysts and business people, helping them prepare business plans. Sales Planner planning and budgeting tool for sales and marketing managers.
PNMsoft - (972).9.8853633
Dynamic web-based applications for improving business processes. Sequence - Web-based BPM application to build, run and manage in a web environment. Scalable system from single server to NLB cluster.
Poenta Design Studios - (972).3.9230717
Web site development and design, multimedia presentations, Flash animations, 3D animation, print media and pr campaign strategies.
Petah Tikva
Pointer Software Systems - (972).4.9597299
Software development and outsourcing. Experience includes Command and Control Systems, Network and Element Management for Telecom and Datacom; Unix and Windows systems programming; Distributed and multi-threaded system development. Database systems.
Poly Information - (972).3.6876888
Solutions for conversations between man and machine. Proprietary conversational engine for speech recognition systems. Markets include: Call agent assistant, Wireless portals, Interactive TV etc.
Tel Aviv
PortAuthority Technologies - (972).9.7439250
Platform for Information Leak Prevention. Policy-based enforcement to detect and prevent unauthorized communication of all types of sensitive information via outgoing mail, web, internal mail and other channels. Uses fingerprinting technology.
PostalGuard - (972).3.6476626
Secure email communication targeted to enterprises, governments and service providers. Secure paperless electronic information delivery system between businesses and consumers for banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies.
Tel Aviv
Proficiency - (972).2.5480222
Collaboration Gateway - web-based product development collaboration between OEMs and suppliers. Enables feature level design intelligence sharing among major CAD systems (Unigraphics, Pro/ENGINEER, I-DEAS, CATIA). Universal Product Representation (UPR).
PureSight Technologies - (972).9.7631900
PureSight - dynamic Internet content filtering solution for easy deployment of organization’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy based on proprietary Artificial Content Recognition technology.
Kfar Sava
Qlusters - (972).3.6081977
High Performance Computing (HPC) clustering operating system for the Linux platform. Qlusters-OS makes any cluster of Intel/Athlon based PCs function as a single parallel supercomputer.
Tel Aviv
QualiTest Software Testing Experts - (972).3.9775090
Pre-release Software Testing Projects. Performance and scalability tests. Reinforcing in-house Testing Teams.
Beit Dagan
Quality Aspect - (972).8.9751035
Software quality coaching and consulting service. Coaching software development teams for improving their development practices and skills and adopting quality-oriented thinking.
R&B Mold and Die Design - (972).4.9592610
CAMD (Computer-Aided Mold Design) solutions for the mold and die industry. Mold Base Design Tools that operate with Cimatron and SolidWorks.
Ransys - (972).3.7555700
Attentive software for enterprise management of feedback from stakeholders including customers, employees, distributors, suppliers and business partners.
Raz-Lee - (972).9.9588860
Security solutions for IBM iSeries (AS/ 400) computer systems. Firewall+++ for network security. Productivity solutions: FileScope file editor, CodeScope, PopScope. System management tools: WideScope OptiScope, CPUScope, MsgScope DiskScope.
Red Bend Software - (972).3.9022433
Solutions for software developers for efficient software installation and update over any electronic channel. vBuild for InstallShield developed jointly with InstallShield reduces the size of software packages and download transfer times.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Redmatch - (972).3.9388422
Talent Relationship Management (TRM) - Online recruitment management. Redmatch matching engine enables real time matching between employer's job definition, candidate's profile and candidate's preferences.
Rosh Ha'ayin
RepliWeb - (972).3.9217080
Guaranteed scheduled directory replication in network environments. OEM platforms, ideal for distributed applications and services, run on all Windows and Unix platforms, Oracle's OVS, IFS and various specialized streaming appliances.
Petah Tikva
Retalix - (972).9.7766677
Software solutions for supermarkets, convenience stores, fuel forecourts and restaurant operators worldwide.
RichFX - (972).3.5797915
High quality, online merchandising solutions using streaming 3D video graphics technology. Interactive 3D environments for e-marketing and e-learning. RichFX Encoder - animation software plug-in to 3D Studio Max that web-enable computer-generated content.
Bnei Brak
Rosetta Genomics - (972).
Genomic data-analysis database using PC-based MS-SQL-Server. Patent-pending algorithms, to analyze sequenced genomic data.
Roshtov Software - (972).8.6499466
Clicks: Health care information system solutions for healthcare providers and medical facilities.
RSIP - (972).3.6850727
Development of image processing algorithms for industrial and military projects. Custom engineering services in image processing and computer vision fields.
Tel Aviv
Rubidium - (972).9.7451412
Dialog Engine™ enables mass-market devices such as phones, toys, appliances, to hold a natural dialog with its users. Installed as matchbox-sized plug-and-play module, a chipset or software add-on. Integrates speech recognition and feedback generation.
S.H.F. Computers - (972).4.8213899
Communication systems, wireless cellular networks, NMS and embedded systems, simulators, military and commercial applications, SQA and testing.
SANcastle Technologies - (972).4.9096100
SAN connectivity solutions. 2.5 Gbs FC over SONET/SDH, DWDM, ATM or dedicated fiber. iSwitch acts like a router for Fibre Channel networks, providing the ability to consolidate and/or segment SAN fabrics. 8 port FC Router.
Sanrad - (972).3.7674841
Intelligent Storage Area Network (SAN) over an IP based LAN, MAN or WAN. iSCSI V Switch - Storage management and virtualization product for building SANs. Functions include protocol bridging, storage routing, switching, security, load-balancing etc.
Tel Aviv
SAP Labs Israel - (972).9.7779400
CRM, ERP and supply chain software.
SAP Manage - (972).9.9701777
Menahel Top - Windows software for business management and accounting. SAP solution provider.
Sapiens International Corporation - (972).8.9382777
E-business solutions for cross-industry offerings, such as asset discovery, legacy renewal and application reengineering.
Scepia Internet Solutions - (972).3.6083700
E-services in the areas of: e-commerce, creative identity and branding, digital strategy, e-CRM (Customer Relationship Management), content deployment and network architecture.
Tel Aviv
SCP Systems - (972).3.5795444
Internet based e-commerce and e-business systems, operating systems, databases, cross-platform connectivity, human factors engineering in software and web site design.
Bnei Brak
SecureOL - (972).2.6789940
Virtual Environment (VE2) software creates two isolated working environments, Secure and Public, on a PC network to ensure enterprise security policies.
SecuriGo - (972).54.4834734
Network Information Security company. Risk Assessment. Security policies and standards. Firewall, wireless security and encryption assessments. Storage systems security. ERP/CRM systems assessment.
Shigra - (972).9.9589521
new deal Total Direct Marketing Solution (TDMS) package handles complete business cycle from order entry, through to product fulfillment and customer relations and enables management of a large number of catalogs, vendors, warehouses and inventory.
Shine Design - (972).9.8856813
Web site design using Flash.
Shunra Software - (972).9.7643747
Developer of Wide Area Network (WAN) emulation technology. Software tool to test networking products under all possible WAN conditions.
Kfar Sava
Siliquent - (972).3.6948675
Developing new technology for the storage network applications industry, SAN (Storage Area Networks) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) markets.
Tel Aviv
Silver.Net - (972).3.6881808
Financial Resource Management (FRM) product suite. Development of integrative financial software and telecommunication systems for AS/400,IBM MF, VAX, ALFA, UNISYS and other platforms and interconnected PC networks. Modules include cash, loan management.
Tel Aviv
Simbionix - (972).8.9211177
Development of training simulators, for Minimal Invasive Therapy (MIT) applications. GI-Mentor - an interactive computerized simulator designed to provide medical experts with hands-on training for endoscopic procedures.
SimiGon - (972).9.9561777
PC-based hi-fidelity 3D simulation with knowledge management and content building tools. AirBook flight training simulation for military and civilian aviation. AirTrack Passenger Flight Information Systems (PVIS) with 3D simulation views and moving maps.
Sintec Software - (972).3.6506060
Integrated business solutions based on the UNIX platform of Sun Microsystems.
Tel Aviv
SintecMedia - (972).2.6515122
OnAir - Broadcast management system that handles all programming and business activities: program acquisitions, program scheduling and management, promo management and airtime sales, post-broadcasting activities, including pre-billing and sales analysis.
SIT - (972).3.6341299
ERP package (MFGPRO) geared towards specific industrial and mercantile markets: production companies in the electronics, food and beverage, medical supplies, consumer products and transportation industries.
Or Yehuda
Sivan Design - (972).9.7427991
CAD and GIS Civil Engineering software solutions. Water Infrastructure Geographic Information System (WIGIS) to manage data on water infrastructure, sewage and drainage. LAPS system for land and property management.
Snapshield - (972).3.6490008
SNAP (Secured Network Access Platform) - Network-based encryption and point-to-multipoint security solutions that protect voice, fax and data communications from wiretapping and eavesdropping.
Tel Aviv
SoftLink - (972).3.9212325
High-end file transfer solutions for heterogeneous networking environments. FEST - Automated and secure distribution of very large files in the terabyte range.
Petah Tikva
SofTov - (972).3.9230686
Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMs). AutoLab handles all steps of test processing: sampling, data distribution, requisition tracking, divert requests to analyzers, etc. Covers microbiology, pathology, blood bank and other laboratories.
Petah Tikva
SolidCAM - (972).3.5333160
CAM software tools for mechanical manufacturing. Target market: factories and machine shops that need a CAM system for programming parts for CNC machine tools. Integrated with SolidWorks software.
Or Yehuda
Sparta Systems - (972).3.7554040
TrackWise Quality Management software for cGxP issues in FDA-regulated companies. Tracking applications include management of Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA), customer complaints, audits and observations, regulatory commitments.
Speech Therapy Systems - (972).2.5323525
Dr. Fluency - Software for speech therapy that incorporates multimedia, animation and computer technology to create a user friendly therapy environment for people who stutter.
Sphera - (972).3.6132424
An enterprise level software platform that simplifies and automates web hosting business operations enabling hosting providers to better serve their customers, cut costs and increase revenue growth.
Spiral Solutions Interactive Marketing - (972).4.9082180
Signature branding and marketing service especially geared for venture-funded, technology start-ups. Creation of a web brand from logos to complete web design.
SPL WorldGroup - (972).3.5388317
International provider of information technology consulting and enterprise solutions.
Or Yehuda
SQLink - (972).3.7538848
Relational database tools for data management both in the client/server environment and on the Internet. TimeNet - an Internet reporting system for employee working hours.
SRV Internet services - (972).9.8321777
Web site hosting, domain name registration.
StatSoft - (972).3.6397389
Statistica enterprise analytics software for data mining, predictive modeling and knowledge discovery algorithms with more than 11,000 analytic, graphical and data management functions. Supports industry-standard data file formats, ODBC, OLE DB, SQL.
Tel Aviv
StoreAge Networking Technologies - (972).4.8203454
Storage management in a Storage Area Network (SAN) enterprise environment. Storage Virtualization Manager provides a centralized management view of all the installed disk systems. Server Free Backup solutions. Mirroring.
Strategy Runner - (972).3.6881790
Automated trading solutions for financial institutions and private traders. Servers can run analysis operations and decide to buy and sell upon preset conditions, minimizing trading risks. Systems seek to be profitable in both bull and bear markets.
Tel Aviv
Surecomp - (972).9.7639600
Developing turnkey solutions for the wholesale banking environment, with a wide range of integrated Trade Finance and Treasury products.
Kfar Sava
Svivot - (972).9.8854451
Intelligence knowledge management solutions for commercial, public and defense organizations.
SweetChild - (972).2.5671138
Web-based database design and implementation. Custom Programming including ASP, COM, Active X, ADO. E-Commerce solutions.
SweetChild Software - (972).2.5671138
Functional and graphic design of web sites. Web-based database design and implementation. Custom programming including ASP, COM, Active X, ADO. E-Commerce solutions.
Sweethome - (972).1.800.373600
Internet services, domain name registration and web hosting company.
Swiftouch - (972).8.8585762
Embedded Linux systems. Linux/Unix/Windows/Mac integration. Implementation of parallel and distributed computational clusters targeted at scientific, engineering or artistic work (content creation, etc).
Synergix - (972).2.6480396
Drug discovery services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies including: Kinase focused libraries, Mimicry and Copy, classical structure-based drug design and lead optimization. Molecular Conceptor course for molecular modeling and drug design.
Systematics - (972).3.7660111
Distributor and integrator of software system solutions in the fields of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), CAD, e-Collaboration and Asset management.
Tel Aviv
TACT Systems Testware - (972).8.9361477
Quality Assurance (QA), system testing and software consulting company. Expertise in civil and military industries: Information systems, embedded systems, Real-Time systems and telecommunication.
Tadiad - (972).4.9853300
Main focus on development, QA, testing, maintenance, call center, out sourcing and professional services. ERP or CRM project based on SAP, SAP Business One, Forth Shift, MS-CRM.
Taldor Group - (972).3.9298298
Software development, simulations and control systems, CRM, Contact Center, optical scanning and archiving, e-business, system support and integration and GIS.
Petah Tikva
TBM Software - (972).3.5719920
Mechanical CAD/CAM dealer and VAR. Represents Autodesk, Ansys, Smart Solutions, CGTech, Cyco, Cimmetry, Actify, Compunix and other companies. Engineering Document Management (EDM/PDM) and software development. AutoCAD Hebrew Text Editor.
TDNet - (972).3.6950073
Management of electronic journal access via internet and intranet for academic, medical, corporate and government organizations. TDNet's database currently holds over 12,000 e-journal web sites and table of contents records for over 22,000 titles.
Tel Aviv
Team Computers and Systems - (972).3.9278444
Represents large computer manufacturers such as Compaq, Data General+SUN and Hewlett Packard and communications product vendors such as Cabletron and 3-COM-U.S. Robotics, Dataproducts high-end printers and IBM.
Petah Tikva
Technet Computer Systems - (972).3.9212161
Outsourcing networking administration, operating systems expertise, in-house help desk services, internet and intranet creation.
Petah Tikva
Tegrity - (972).3.5392255
Systems for classroom or web based teaching with patented image processing technologies.
Teldan Information Systems - (972).3.6950073
Custom made databases specializing in defense, aerospace, science and technology. Also supplier of business, scientific and technological information including CD-ROM databases and online electronic journals.
Tel Aviv
Tescom Software Quality Assurance - (972).3.5311311
Solutions for software testing and Software Quality Assurance (SQA) especially for information systems, embedded systems and real time systems.
Givat Savyon
Test Insight - (972).3.7517383
Wave Wizard for generating Automated Test Equipment (ATE) programs from designer's simulation data. Scan Converter converts scan tests, Serial or Parallel, written in either WGL or STIL syntax from ATPG sources, into tester formatted patterns and timing.
TestPro - (972).9.8855103
Software and hardware testing services company. Defense and military software development projects, ATP testing, stability test. QA services for medical devices, telecommunications industry. Hardware testing including IEEE certification. MIS applications.
Tikal Knowledge - (972).3.6488618
Open source software services for the enterprise. Open J2EE IDE development environment. Open J2EE web application server. Open KM Portal API for developing portlets, small Java applications that run inside the portal.
Tel Aviv
Tiltan - (972).3.5780711
Automatic functional testing (ATE / CAT), development of complex turn-key test systems. Applications include RF, microwave, wireless communication, cable modems, automatic fueling systems, bio-electrical systems, digital embedded systems, electro-optics.
Bnei Brak
Tk Open Systems - (972).2.6796452
Support services for Linux and Open Source software. Contract PHP and Perl programming for web sites or other purposes. Tk Open Systems IP Routing Firewall. Software validation and testing.
Top Image Systems - (972).3.6487722
Digital information recognition and data capture solutions for forms processing, e-commerce and e-business applications.
Tel Aviv
Topio - (972).4.8546600
Software for data replication and recovery across locations, platforms and storage that support an enterprise. Topio Data Protection Suite (TDPS) with support for heterogeneous servers and storage and multiple storage architectures (DAS, SAN).
TopTran Translation Services - (972).8.9749745
Translation and localization agency specializing in the fields of financial services, IT, telecommunications and bio-, pharmaceutical and medical equipment. Localizing software and documentation into multiple languages.
Tovna Digital Engineering - (972).3.6737317
CAD software development. Autodesk Systems Center VAR dealer and developer in Israel. Software linking AutoCAD with external data bases. Customization of AutoCAD using AutoLISP, ARX, etc. GIS and mapping using AutoCAD and MAP.
TraderTools - (972).9.7408880
e-trading solutions. RateTools streams executable rates, enabling any bank, broker or financial institution to become an electronic liquidity provider. OrderTools manages order books. DealTools executes FX and MM deals in real time.
Tranzila - (972).9.8850480
Software system for online credit card processing. Tranzila uses ASP (Application Service Provider) architecture model, runs on remote servers and is easily integrated with all operating systems and programming languages.
Trendum - (972).9.9726666
Media Mining: analysis of the media for patterns and trends. Spiders network to collect information in real-time. Content Analysis to derive meaningful knowledge for marketing, strategic planning, PR campaigns, crisis management. Joined with BuzzMetrics.
Herzliya Pituach
Trivium Technologies - (972).3.9247449
Software development for companies. Expertise in IP and wireless networking, embedded systems, distributed management systems, operating system kernel, system software and drivers, interfaces and custom applications.
Petah Tikva
Trivnet - (972).9.9518221
WISP - Internet payment system to automatically bill online purchases through multiple billing channels, including mobile telephone bills, ISP bills, telephone bills and credit cards.
TrustWare - (972).3.6444012
AntiMalware enterprise security software for Windows operating systems. Government and military rated Cybercrime security system blocks all malware types: Viruses, Trojan Horses, Worms, batch, script, macro viruses and Addware.
Tel Aviv
Tufin Technologies - (972).3.6128118
SecureTrack firewall policy management software that enables auditing, monitoring and compliance. SecureTrack uses Check Point OPSEC (Open Platform for Security) to track all changes in security policy.
TV-Logic - (972).3.5337949
Turnkey IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) distribution of TV content over IP to provide video-on-demand, interactive directory services, games, video conferencing etc. Targeted for hotel and hospitality industry. Web based management platform.
Or Yehuda
UB Access - (972).2.6483786
Tools for identifying accessibility problems in web sites. SWAP - Semantic Web Accessibility software suite to transform web content to accessible and Section 508-compliant.
UI - (972).9.8358348
Design and evaluation of user interfaces for web applications, 32-bit applications and other computer systems.
Unicorn - (972).2.6491111
Semantic Information Management (SIM). Financial services to fulfill internal governance requirements. Management of data assets of Federal agencies and projects. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) for messaging and workflow management.
Unilink - (972).3.5619293
Real time voice, fax and value-added IP communication and messaging solutions for telephony carriers, Internet service providers and other network operators.
Tel Aviv
Unisfair - (972).3.5373738
Technology for Online Interactive Events - Online interactive presentations, moderated seminars, career fairs, industry and corporate events, trade shows, marketing and PR events. Platform is modular, with open architecture and object-oriented design.
Tel Aviv
Valor Computerized Systems - (972).8.9432430
EDA/CAD/CAM software for PCB design, assembly and manufacturing. Trilogy 5000 integrates logistical and engineering data into a single database for efficient communication. TraceXpert manufacturing execution system (MES).
VCon - (972).9.9590059
Desktop and group videoconferencing systems that offer high-quality transmission of video, voice and data designed to maximize performance over IP networks.
Vigilon - (972).3.5619161
Continual Vigilance platform enables commercial and government organizations to continually identify, track and remediate security vulnerabilities throughout the network environment.
Tel Aviv
Vio - (972).9.9725800
Digital workflow services to the graphic arts sector. Managed distribution of media for the publishing, printing, packaging, prepress and advertising communities. Remote proofing and printing.
Virtual Point - (972).9.7679035
Interactive multimedia and video production services for business, education, entertainment, medical and life science related projects. 3D Animation clips that can be incorporated in PowerPoint and multimedia applications.
Kfar Sava
VistaSpinner - (972).4.8227328
Design of internet sites, multimedia presentations and printed material for high-tech and exporting companies. Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies. Company is staffed by native English speakers.
Warecase - (972).8.8524470
eXtended Task Manager (XTM): Task manager and performance monitoring tool for Windows OS developers. Monitor processes, modules, handles, locks, threads, files, registry keys, memory, windows, COM+ components, services and environment variables.
Watchfire - (972).9.9586077
Web application security. AppShield stops application-level attacks. AppScan - automated application vulnerability assessment.
Webbit Interactive - (972).3.5445696
Web site design and development, business presentations, marketing, publicity, graphics and printing.
Tel Aviv
WebSilicon - (972).3.6449991
Design of Network Management Systems (NMS). Embedding web servers in devices for web based management systems. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for managing network-connected equipment. Java based EMS and NMS.
Tel Aviv
WhiteCell - (972).
Provider of protective security and management solutions for the wireless Internet and mobile data networks and equipment.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Wizcom Technologies - (972).2.5328222
Quicktionary - Hand-held, Pen-shaped scanner and translation tool. Uses include, multilingual translation and assistance for the learning disabled. The QuickLink Pen can scan, store and transmit up to 1,000 pages of text to PC, PDA or mobile phone.
Wizsoft - (972).3.5631948
Software based on mathematical algorithms for Data mining, concept-based text search engines, knowledge management, computational linguistics, accounting and inventory management and operations research.
Tel Aviv
WORDS - (972).4.9814184
Web design, technical writing, translation, technical illustrations.
WSL - Weizman Software Localization - (972).9.9567369
Software and web site localization, translation, technical and marcom writing and desktop publishing, in particular for the hi-tech and commercial sectors in international markets.
XOR Technologies - (972).3.7370737
Consulting, software development, training and integration in the areas of data communication, Internet and e-commerce, security and enterprise system management.
Givat Shmuel
XOsoft - (972).3.5710037
WANSync - business continuity solutions over Wide Area Networks (WAN). Real-time replication and synchronization of business-critical information by delivering cross-platform high availability and disaster recovery solutions.
XPlace - (972).9.9517928
Services include marketing and branding, strategic consulting and software development for internet, intranet and mobile projects.
Yael Software and Systems - (972).9.7639333
Custom software development, consulting, monitoring and integration services and project management.
Kfar Sava
YieldWise - (972).4.6100101
Development of analytical methods and software tools for demand estimation, promo sales forecasting, data warehousing and mining, statistical analysis, survey and time series analysis. Computer and network performance evaluation and capacity planning.
Zend - (972).3.6139665
PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) - an open-source server-side scripting language for creating dynamic web pages for e-commerce and other web applications. Free Software
Ziggurat Systems - (972).9.9551898
B4uB CAD Plug-in. System planning and coordination for construction projects based on Building Information Model (BIM). Project data including mechanical, electronic, plumbing (MEP) systems is stored in a central repository.
Zoomix Data Mastering - (972).2.6483856
Master data quality management software to create and manage a standardized master data set spanning all databases. System is based on self-learning, intelligent algorithms. Automated identification and matching of duplicate records.
Technological Incubators
Company Details
Advanced Technologies Center (ATC)
Am-Shav Technological Applied Development Center
Sde Boker
Ashkelon Technological Industries (A.T.I.)
Green Tech Eco-Technology Incubator
Kiryat Arba
Incentive Technological Incubator
Incubator for Technological Entrepreneurship (ITEK)
Nes Ziona
JVP Studio
Kinrot - Water Oriented Technological Incubator
Jordan Valley
L.N. Innovative Technologies
Lab-One Innovations
Tel Aviv
Maayan Ventures
Meytag High-tech Ventures
Meytav Technological Incubator
Kiryat Shemona
Misgav Technology Center
Naiot Technological Center
Nitzanim Initiative Center
Ofakim Hi-tech Ventures
Patir Research and Development
Rad-BioMed Incubator
Tel Aviv
Targetech Innovation Center
Technion Entrepreneurial Incubator Co. (TEIC)
Van Leer Technology Center
Xenia Ventures
Kiryat Gat
Yozmot Granot Initiative Center
Yozmot HaEmek
Migdal HaEmek
Telecommunications Companies
Company Details
City Technologies - (972).9.8851182
Development of a high bit rate 3G-baseband chip capable of providing near-LAN capabilities for third generation (3G) handheld devices to enable broadband Internet access.
Actelis Networks - (972).3.9243491
Patent pending broadband transport system to deliver fiber optic standard performance over voice-grade copper pairs.
Petah Tikva
Adamind - (972).9.7699500
Spire for P2P messaging and application content transcoding software for operators and OEM partners such as such as Ericsson, Motorola, LogicaCMG and OpenWave. Platform enables rich media content services: MMS, personalized branding and advertising.
AeroScout - (972).8.9363136
RF and baseband patent-pending distance measurement (DM) and location finding technology that can be embedded in Bluetooth integrated circuit (IC) for cellular phones, mobile and desktop PCs, and PDA's. DM between two bluetooth devices with 1m accuracy.
Alvarion - (972).3.6456262
Broadband wireless access equipment. BreezeNET - plug-and-play wireless Ethernet products for mobile computing that can be integrated easily into any LAN environment.
Tel Aviv
ArelNet - (972).8.9420880
Voice over IP telephony gateways. i-Tone Prime, a Carrier Class VoIP Gateway. IP telephony solution including a Gatekeeper, Network Management System, Signaling System 7 (SS7) Server and Store and Forward servers. Supports IN (Intelligent Network).
Atrica - (972).9.9707222
Optical Ethernet system delivers 10Gbps Ethernet technology at a much better price/performance than existing SONET-based equipment. Ethernet Service and Network Management System (ESNM) - TMN-based network and services management suite.
AudioCodes - (972).3.5394000
Voice compression technology for high quality transmission of voice over IP. Gateways and DSL and ATM access devices to enable packet networks to carry voice and data more efficiently and at lower cost than the traditional telephone networks.
Avaya Communication - (972).3.6457500
IP telephony, voice mesaging and contact centers.
Tel Aviv
Axerra Networks - (972).3.7659901
AXN - a line of Multi-service IP Access Concentrators that enable global service providers to offer customers multi-service over a single, unified IP-based network.
Tel Aviv
Axismobile - (972).9.7751775
Mobile messaging applications. Axis Finder: Location-based application; buddy lists for instant messaging; presence based on LBS information. Multi-room, image-enhanced chat with public and private communication.
B.R.International - (972).3.6142182
Turnkey solutions for mobile and landline telecom operators. Telecommunications towers and equipment from network design to manufacturing with complete system integration. Roof top telecommunication antennas, masts and monopoles.
Bnei Brak
Bamboo MediaCasting - (972).9.7464676
SilverStripe enables mobile operators to deliver media services to mass markets. Users subscribe to content channels and can receive on demand audio, video and interactive applications. Supports GPRS/EDGE/UMTS, CDMA networks, Java, BREW environments.
Kfar Sava
Barak - (972).1.800.013013
International telecommunications services. Data communications, including frame relay, X.25, X.75, Lan-to-Lan connections, Internet solutions with fast connection to worldwide Internet fields. Part of Global One company.
Rosh Ha'ayin
BATM Advanced Communications - (972).9.8662525
T family of LAN switching and routing products. Photonic switching. Fast Ethernet Switches, T4, T5, T6 Routing. Gigabit Ethernet Copper and Fiber Switch. Transceivers for coax, thin-coax, twisted pair, and fiber optic networks. EdgeLink VDSL Systems.
Kfar Neter
Bezeq - (972).
Israel's first national telephone and telecommunications service provider.
BigBand Networks - (972).3.6071111
Family of switch routers to enable carriage of multimedia services over flexible networks providing true broadband multimedia services.
Tel Aviv
BitBand - (972).9.8637170
Video On Demand (VOD) server solutions for Broadband IP networks. TV over IP. Vision series of appliance video servers. Dual Gigabit Ethernet (fiber or copper) interface. 500 Mbps output per server. Content storage 320 to 1000 GB per server.
BOS Better On-line Solutions - (972).4.9907555
IP telephony LAN/WAN solutions for enterprises. BOSaNova family of VOIP products includes rack-mountable gateways, an external USB device and software. The series include FXO and FXS analog gateways and E1/T1 PRI digital gateways. Supports H.323 protocol.
BroadLight - (972).3.6132022
Optical and digital technologies for broadband services using Point-to-Multi Point fiber technology. Optical transceiver that supports up to 1.25Gbps symmetrical bandwidth.
Bynet - (972).3.6458080
Consulting, design, marketing, installation, outsourcing, integration, maintenance and training for datacom and telecom equipment and systems.
Tel Aviv
CableMatrix - (972).2.5400980
Policy Server platform enables dynamic, real-time Quality of Service and bandwidth management on a per-customer, per-application basis in both fixed and mobile broadband environments. Allows successful delivery of media-rich applications and services.
CableMatrix Technologies - (972).2.5400980
ODSP On Demand Service Platform: Real-time QoS and bandwidth management enables MSOs to provide bandwidth-intensive multimedia applications, VoIP, video streaming, multiplayer on-line gaming, IP/video telephony, and videoconferencing.
CallUp Net - (972).3.7677905
Messaging solutions that integrate telephony and Internet systems. MessageCase Unified Messaging system includes voice mail, fax and email messages that can be retrieved by phone or via internet.
Tel Aviv
Cardo Systems - (972).3.5623310
Manufacturer of Bluetooth allways headsets and adapters. Universal Bluetooth Adapter plugs in to the audio jack of standard cell phone and provides hands-free Bluetooth communications.
Tel Aviv
CellAdmin - (972).9.7467400
Mobile CMS web-based content management system to generate web pages and WAP catalog. Provider of online billing and m-commerce payment solutions for mobile messaging and content delivery services.
Cellbris Telecom - (972).3.5230080
UniCall multi-user cellular GSM gateway. UniSky remote extension connecting cellular phone to any VoIP gateway. By utilizing VPN Unisky allows Skype and IP calls to mobile phone. CellGate wireless and universal switch system with remote administration.
Tel Aviv
Cellcom - (972).
Nationwide cellular communications network.
CelleBrite - (972).3.9247104
UME-12 - Universal Memory Exchanger allows simple transfer of memory, e.g. names and telephone numbers between a mobile cellular phones such as Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, operating on different technologies: AMPS, CDMA, TDMA, GSM, etc.
Petah Tikva
Cellenium - (972).9.9704144
Mobile M-Commerce solutions to all mobile device users based on proprietary messaging technology CMT. Services include vending, parking, re-fueling, fast food, ticketing, bill payments etc.
CellGuide - (972).8.9365152
Pinpoint wireless location using location-enabling chips, located in the handset or as a software package. Technology enables location-based information services (WAP), roadside assistance, multimedia tourist guidance etc.
Cellocator - (972).3.9025855
Wireless vehicle communication and control systems. Vehicle security and tracking system combining software and hardware designed to manage vehicle fleets. Unit in vehicle tracks location using GPS.
Tel Aviv
Celltick Technologies - (972).9.9710200
LiveScreen with GSMGateway to GSM network to broadcast local information and SMS directly to clients' handset. Cell-Info enables mobile operators to continuously display location information (city, etc.) on users’ handsets. Cell Broadcast Center (CBC).
Celltrex - (972).9.7481042
MailtreX - e-mail system with ability to view attachments on any mobile device (Microsoft Word, images, PDF, etc.) using patented fast rendering techniques. Support for WAP handsets, PDAs ... True scalability for a multimillion-subscriber system.
Bnei Zion
Cellular3G - (972).9.8851182
Fabless semiconductor company developing high end W-CDMA baseband chip for mobile and smart phones and cameras. W-CDMA IP (core) to create dual-mode (2.5/3G) and multi-mode designs (W-CDMA/EDGE-GPRS-GSM) provided with a FPGA based development platform.
Celtro - (972).3.9206500
Carrier-class backhaul switching solutions for cellular networks. DynaMate product family. Rack-mounted terminal that supports up to 48 E1s in hub sites. Compact terminal for traffic optimization in satellite links.
Petah Tikva
Ceragon Networks - (972).3.6455733
High-capacity broadband wireless systems for next generation networks. FibeAir product family provides seamless networking over multiple transport protocols, including IP, SONET/SDH, ATM and Fast Ethernet.
Tel Aviv
Cisco Systems - (972).
Server Networking and Virtualization solutions. Wireless LAN products. Broadband cable. Universal gateways and access servers. Voice and IP communications. Optical networking. Routers.
Tel Aviv
ColorChip - (972).4.6101330
Ultra Low Loss fiber optic components and modules for the fiber optic communications market. Optical splitters. PLC Splitter Chips. PLC Splitter wafers. 1x2/2x2 Couplers. Fiber Concentrators.
Or Akiva
Commil - (972).3.9217770
Voice and data communication infrastructure based on Bluetooth wireless technology that enables the use of off-the-shelf hand held devices such as cellular phones and PDAs for in-building wireless communication without consuming the cellular spectrum.
Petah Tikva
Comsys Communication - (972).9.9717888
Third generation (3G) technology for high-speed data connections for cellular networks. EDGEware software provides packet-optimized physical layer (L1) core processing for EDGE, both for mobile stations and for base stations.
Comverse - (972).3.6454000
Enhanced network services systems that enable wireless, wireline and IP telephony network providers to offer their customers a growing range of revenue-generating enhanced services.
Tel Aviv
CopperGate Communications - (972).3.6444488
CopperStream chipset family for home networking and MDU/MTU broadband access applications based on the HomePNA V3 standard. Delivering broadband services over telephony and coax wiring. Chipsets implement an integrated MAC and PHY engine.
Tel Aviv
CTI² - (972).9.9605227
W.W.Office™ - Computer, telephony, internet integration platform. Personalized services including IP universal messaging, internet telephony with instant messaging and chat, Virtual Assistant and Web Researcher.
Herzliya Pituach
DECELL - (972).3.6443926
Traffic information and route guidance. Traffic data is collected by probing anonymous mobile handsets located within moving vehicles. AutoRoute1 provides to drivers recommended driving routes and expected travel times via cellular SMS, and WAP text.
Tel Aviv
Dmatek - (972).3.6479138
Wireless Personal Monitoring solutions equipped with data-collection units and built-in computing and RF communication capabilities. Personal Tag incorporates various types of sensors, which continuously transfer data to a Local Monitoring Unit.
Tel Aviv
DSP-IP - (972).72.2123256
Video, IPTV and VoIP outsourcing solutions. Voice (iLBC, G729), video (H264, MPEG4) encoders and decoders and signaling stacks like SIP and Jabber. Development for embedded platforms including TI C64, Davinci, Motorola DSPs and ARM processors.
ECI Telecom - (972).3. 9266555
Manufacturer of digital telecommunications solutions for Broadband Access and Transport networks. Optical networking and bandwidth management solutions for metro, cellular, regional and global environments. Hi-FOCuSTM - Multi-Service Access Gateway.
Petah Tikva
ECtel - (972).3.9002115
Integrated Revenue Management (IRM) solutions for wireline, wireless, converged and next-generation operators. FraudView for real-time fraud detection and prevention in mobile networks.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Elmo-Tech - (972).3.6478871
Manufacture of electronic monitoring systems for law enforcement applications. Smart Tags - small body-worn device that continuously transfers data to the Local/Home Monitoring Unit.
Tel Aviv
Emblaze Systems - (972).9.7699333
EMstudio to publish media clips and live content for mobile usage. EMplatform rich media delivery platform, streaming and download servers, user and content management. EMplayer client-based software for viewing rich media in multiple formats.
EtherWaves - (972).3.7511438
Digital radio Intellectual Property (IP) solutions for the automotive and System-On-Chip (SoC) markets. Audio/video decoding for DAB/DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, Digital Audio Broadcasting). Targeted for mobile TV, DAB/DMB, DRM, FM and HD Radio.
Extricom - (972).9.9569522
WLAN architecture for enterprise-wide deployment. Extricom WLAN uses a single wireless switch for the entire network with standard Wi-Fi protocols (IEEE 802.11) and Ethernet. Access Points (AP): ultra-thin, low-cost 802.11 PHY devices.
EZchip Technologies - (972).4.9596666
High-performance network processors (programmable chips that combine the speed of silicon with the intelligence and flexibility of microprocessors) for 10-Gigabit switches and routers.
FibroLAN - (972).4.9591717
Fiber-optic networking and Broad-Band Access systems. MetroStar, carrier class rack-mountable, modular multiple-channel (10/100/155/1000Mbps) media converter. Single and multiple channel devices. MA managed gigabit Ethernet converters and extenders.
Flash Networks - (972).9.9580666
NettGain - a portfolio of technologies that dramatically increase the speed of wireless connectivity for use by data services providers (ISPs, ASPs) and enterprises with satellite and cellular networks as the delivery vehicle.
Flextronics Semiconductor - (972).3.7672700
Wireless solutions for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi products. Bluetooth application processor platform for Bluetooth devices and accessories, such as printers, digital cameras, telecom and networking applications.
Tel Aviv
Formula Telecom Solutions (FTS) - (972).9.9526500
Business control, billing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for communications service providers. Integrated Call Center Solutions (ICCS). CRM, Computer Telephone Integration (CTI), Interactive Voice, Response (IVR), etc.
Foxcom - (972).2.5899821
Fiber optic transmission systems for satellite, broadcast and MDU (multi-dwelling unit) markets. Sat-Light Interfacility Links (IFLs) support L-Band (950-2150 MHz), 70/140 MHz IF (10-200 MHz), C-Band (3.4–6.8 GHz) and X Band (7.2-8.4 GHz).
Friendly Technologies - (972).3.7512783
Design and development of multi-bandwidth infrastructure software for Customer Care geared to leading broadband communication service providers, cable companies, Telcos, ISPs, and CLECs.
Galtronics - (972).4.6739777
Design of custom radio frequency antennas. Wireless solutions for cellular telephone, Bluetooth devices, local area networks, two-way radios. Telescopic antennas. Panel antennas. Stubby antennas. Retractable antennas. Inverted F Antenna (PIFA).
Gilat Satcom - (972).3.9255050
International service provider of broadband internet, data and voice services using VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal), fiber optic and other fixed and mobile technologies. Satellite space segments are provided by Intelsat, Eutelsat and others.
Gilat Satellite Networks - (972).3.9252000
VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) satellite communication systems that provide end-to-end enterprise networking and rural telephony solutions to customers across six continents. Interactive broadband data services.
Petah Tikva
GMA Communications - (972).3.9242406
Voice-processing technology. Integrated TDM and IP based unified messaging and interactive voice products. IVR and Call Center implementations. Customers include Telco's and large public utility services.
Petah Tikva
Hot - (972).1.800.077077
Telephone service for cable subscribers.
Hypermedia Systems - (972).8.9363077
Hypermedia Gateway enables allocation of PRI B-channels for inbound and outbound PSTN, cellular (GSM, TDMA and CDMA) and VoIP calls in one box. Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) access. UMTS gateway (3G gateways). Cellular analog gateways.
Infineon Technologies - (972).9.8924140
Broadband access, Ethernet switches, VDSL, VoIP, network processors, broadband wireless, optical networking.
Infogin - (972).3.9036501
Advanced middleware solutions to mobile operators, ISPs, portals and content providers that enable automatic, real-time filtration and adaptation of any web content to any mobile device.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Infra-Com - (972).
Optical ICs for short-range (SR) wireless communications. Non-line-of-sight (NLOS) and non-directional (ND), high-speed wireless communication using the optical air medium. Analog Transmitter Driver IC for diffused infrared (DIR) communications.
Innovation Systems - (972).3.6470417
IS-REAL Mobile massive multiplayer game platform. Allows easy conversion of PC based games to cellular.
Tel Aviv
iPoint Media - (972).3.7657364
Vitrage 3G IP video telephony applications and services platform to provide hosted video services over a Centrex-like model. Live one-to-many (O2m) video distribution system. Applications in entertainment, video helpdesk and contact center, banking.
Tel Aviv
iSkoot - (972).2.9924549
iSkoot phone application, free software that enables use of internet phone service from a cell phone. Provides mobile carriers and equipment manufacturers interoperability with Skype, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger Internet telephony PC-PC networks.
Beit Shemesh
ITS Telecom - (972).3.5576866
Manufacture of PBX Peripheral solutions, Cellular GSM gateway, SMS Transmitter and Call-Back system. VME Pro - flash memory Voice Mail/Automated Attendant Solution in a 19-inch case rack. Music and Messaging on Hold Solutions, controlled via the Internet.
Ituran - (972).3.5571333
Wireless tracking solutions. Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology based on terrestrial network triangulation and Differential Time of Arrival (DTOA) model. Fleet Management services combining DTOA with GPS.
IXI mobile - (972).9.7476666
IXI-Connect OS Phone Operating System includes PMG (Personal Mobile Gateway) technology that allows a mobile device to wirelessly Internet-enable a variety of companion devices such as messaging devices, watches, cameras, and MP3 players.
JAJAH - (972).
Phone service that provides consumers with a web-activated calling solution without special software or equipment. Free and low cost long distance calls over regular phones.
Jungo - (972).9.8859365
OpenRG - Software infrastructure for residential and SOHO gateways and Integrated Access Devices (IADs). Enables wide range of broadband-based applications and services and development of broadband access devices. Remote configuration, VPN support.
Juniper Networks - (972).9.9717333
VoIP Session Border Control solutions. Customer premises equipment (CPE) for enterprise VoIP locations. VoiceFlow series fast Ethernet packet processing device that handles SIP, H.323, MGCP protocols for up to 20,000 concurrent VoIP calls.
Kayote Networks - (972).2.
Platform with interconnectivity services for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) and resellers of VoIP services. Protocol conversion, NAT traversal, transcoding, DTMF and integration with Packet Cable for Multi-Media (PCMM) systems, etc.
LEA*D IP Systems - (972).4.9991212
LEA*Dsystem - a center-less integrated hardware and software telecommunications and IP convergence system for telecommunications (cable, DSL, wireless, satellite, and broadband cellular) companies that serve residential, SOHO and SME customers.
Leadcom Integrated Solutions - (972).3.5576888
Full turnkey project management for telecom networks including all stages of planning, infrastructure and implementation. Wireless and wireline network integration. Computer network and telephony Integration in enterprise networks.
LocatioNet - (972).9.8856451
Comprehensive platform for wireless location based services; supports all standard cellular interfaces (SMS, Voice, WML, XML, etc.). GIS Engine with geo-coding, mapping and routing engine, which provides concurrent users with fast access to any map type.
LYNX Photonic Networks - (972).3.9155000
Photonic switching devices and photonic routing sub-systems that enable dynamically managed optical switched networks.
Rosh Ha'ayin Communication - (972).9.7667333
Plus (Power Line Ultimate System) product line enables power utilities to offer their customers high-speed telecommunication services over existing power lines. Applications include Internet, telephony, AMR (automatic meter reading), home automation.
Kfar Sava
Med-1 - (972).3.7666010
Established MedNet - a national communication infrastructure of fiber-optic cable connecting the main business and population centers in Israel. SDH transmission network. Gigabit Ethernet.
Tel Aviv
Metalink Broadband - (972).9.9605555
Design of xDSL chipsets for broadband communications. Real-MIMO RFIC in a single chip: WLANPlus MtW8150 employs 2 RF channels and supports IEEE 802.11n standard for Multiple-Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) applications. VDSL upstream rates up to 9.5 Mbps.
Millimetrix Broadband Networks - (972).3.9026522
Point-to-point radios providing solutions for backhaul needs of mobile and fixed networks for voice and high-speed data. Unilink-IP: Ethernet/IP radio with 100Mbps (100BaseT) throughput and software-configurable bandwidth. DSP modem technology.
Givat HaShlosha
MIND CTI - (972).4.9936666
Global provider of billing, customer care, accounting and management solutions for voice, data and IP services. Customers include worldwide leading carriers servicing millions of subscribers using wireless, broadband and wireline communication services.
Mirs Communications - (972).57.7575757
Nationwide cellular communications network operator providing mobile communications services for business and executive accounts sectors.
Tel Aviv
Mobile Tornado - (972).9.9581150
IPRS (IP Radio Service) technology enables instantaneous two-way radio communication with unlimited international and roaming capabilities over 2.5-3G networks. MT Platform, enables integrating voice into existing mobile Internet applications.
MobileAccess - (972).8.9183888
Seamless access to wireless voice and data services over cellular or Wi-Fi networks. Radio Frequency (RF) signals over fiber optics to distribute voice and data services to wireless users throughout a building or campus.
MobiMate - (972).8.9319118
Applications and application-services for mobile devices such as handheld computers, cell-phones, smart pagers. Software products for a host of mobile technologies, including Palm OS, Pocket PC, BREW and J2ME.
Motorola Israel - (972).3.5658888
Telecommunication systems and services. Wireless cellular infrastructure.
Tel Aviv
MRV Communications - (972).4.9936200
TereScope™ utilizes wireless optical technologies to bridge the last-mile in carrier and high-speed broadband access networks. OptiSwitch™ product line designed for high-density fiber optic switching applications.
MTI Wireless Edge - (972).3.9025050
Flat panel antenna manufacture and design. Broadband antenna systems for communications, COMJAM, ESM, ECM, Sigint (Comint, Elint), and UAV applications. Conform to ETSI, FCC, MPT, BAPT and DTI standards. Wireless Local Loop (WLL). Point-to-Multipoint.
Rosh Ha'ayin
MTS - (972).9.7621777
Operations Support Systems (OSS). Telecommunications management and customer care and billing serving enterprises and service providers.
Mushroom - (972).3.6490830
Content and applications services for cellular operators. WAP applications: communities, comics, animation. Flash animations, pixel animations and icons.
Tel Aviv
m-Wise - (972).9.7466611
M-commerce services and integrated billing solutions for multi-national businesses and mobile operators. Applications include advertising, ticketing, booking, information, micro-payment, network billing.
MyFont - (972).3.6180904
Font Messaging Service for sending colored messages with designed fonts from mobile phones.
Bnei Brak
Nareos - (972).3.9236701
PeerReach Suite - Digital content distribution in global P2P networks with DRM-protection, billing and context-based advertisement. Technology can be used for films, books, software and games. PeerCastTV Suite - content delivery for TV studios.
Petah Tikva
NeuStar Messaging - (972).4.8142222
Mobile Instant Messaging platform IMSC compliant with OMA IMPS specifications. Instant messages sent to non-IM users as SMS.
Tirat Hacarmel
One-Fone - (972).
Mobile VOIP telephony.
Onset Technology - (972).9.9561615
METAmessage family of software products convert any kind of message - fax, voice, email and attachments - into device-independent information accessible and manageable on wireless devices.
Herzliya Pituach
Optibase - (972).9.9709288
Carrier grade rack mount streaming platforms for TV broadcast over IP/ATM broadband networks. MGW 5100 - multi-service platform that encodes, transcodes and transmits up to 36 MPEG or Windows Media video channels in real-time. MPEG encoders, decoders.
Orange - (972).
Nationwide cellular communications network operator with the GSM system.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Orbit AGM - (972).
Airborne and Ground Mobile stabilized satellite systems for communication, entertainment satellite TV, commercial and military applications. Antenna positioners and controllers for satellite TVRO per RTCA/DO-160C, approved by the FAA, CAA and INMARSAT.
Orbit GTS - (972).9.8922736
Antenna positioning and tracking systems (pedestals, controllers, antenna). Turnkey tracking systems. Aircraft, UAV and missile tracking. Radars and DF antenna systems.
Orbit Marine - (972).9.8922736
Manufacturer of Marine Stabilized satellite systems for communication, satellite TV commercial and military customers. Antenna sizes ranging from 80cm to 2.8m in C or Ku-Bands for satellite tracking and Tx/Rx (two-way) satellite communication.
Orbit Technology Group - (972).9.8922837
Communications equipment for global defense companies. Tracking systems for communications and transfer of data between mobile and static platforms to aircraft, helicopters, ships and satellites.
Orca Interactive - (972).9.7699444
Scalable solutions for commercial iTV services for movie-on-demand providers, broadcasters, cable operators, FTTH, xDSL operators, content providers and broadband ISP operators.
PacketLight Networks - (972).3.6475000
Storage and GbE transport system for the Metro access. Optical equipment for storage transport over any type of network: SONET/SDH, WDM and IP/Ethernet infrastructure. DWDM/CWDM multiplexer.
Tel Aviv
Parallel Communications - (972).9.7466251
OfficeOne all-in-one rich media communications suite for the voice over IP service provider and for Application Service Provider portals. OfficeOne terminals communicate via the NGCP server and with external SIP and H.323 terminals.
Passave - (972).3.6887272
ASICs for Ethernet broadband fiber access networks, primarily for Gigabit EPONs (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) and IEEE 802.3ah protocol standard. Founding member of EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) technology alliance.
Tel Aviv
P-Cube - (972).9.9569220
SE1000 - P-Cube's Service Engineering platform designed for medium to large ISP POPs and data center applications. Each unit can manage more than a million concurrent IP service flows at wirespeed, supporting over 150,000 subscribers.
Pelephone - (972).3.5728888
Nationwide cellular communications network operator with CDMA technology.
Peroon - (972).3.6449325
Symbian OS development house offering advanced training and consulting services to the Symbian OS developer community. Wireless embedded solutions for GSM/GPRS, WLAN, GPS, Bluetooth.
Tel Aviv
Personeta - (972).9.7413060
Value-added telecom services. TappS NSC carrier-grade Network Service Controller provides multiple carrier-grade services on the same platform with shared service resources. Enables integration of media servers, web interfaces and softswitch features.
Hod HaSharon
PowerDsine - (972).9.7755100
Power over LAN systems to supply power to IP phones and other devices using Ethernet network cable infrastructure. Embedded IEEE 802.3af compliant, easily integrated into Ethernet switches. Wireless Local Loop (WLL) integrated Telecom power supplies.
Hod HaSharon
PRAF Microcomputer Technologies - (972).3.5031045
Automated Attendants for PBX Systems. Analog Line Supervisors - Line Monitoring modules for integration with PBX, IP and cellular gateways. Mobile Cellular Phones Memory Exchanger for cellular operators and mobile phone distributors.
Provigent - (972).9.9505434
System-on-chip (SoC) solutions for the fixed broadband wireless industry. Application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) optimized for PTP and PMP broadband wireless applications.
Qualcomm Israel - (972).4.8506506
Research and development of advanced communication systems and products. Developer of CDMA technology for digital wireless communications.
R.R. Satellite Communications - (972).8.6499007
Global satellite services for television, radio and data channels. Service provider via Flyaway and Transportable Uplink and Downlink systems, Teleports with dishes for C- and Ku-Band, authorized by Intelsat, Eutelsat, Panamsat, Arabsat, Nilesat and Amos.
RAD Data Communications - (972).3.6458181
Multiservice access nodes and E1/T1 converters, multiplexers, universal multi-service NTUs, digital service access devices (CSU/DSUs), modem racks, xDSL, HDSL, fiber optic modems and converters, ATM access devices, integrated bandwidth managers.
Tel Aviv
Radcom - (972).3.6455055
Manufacturer of protocol analysis and test equipment for LANs, WANs and ATM, supporting over 350 protocols, including, ATM, IP, POS, cellular, ISDN, PPP, DSL. Latency measurements, voice over IP, Internetworking, MGCP-SIP, MPLS, etc.
Tel Aviv
Radware - (972).3.7668666
Internet Traffic Management (ITM) solutions. Web Server Director - for local and global traffic management. Cache Server Director - for internet cache management. FireProof - Security traffic management. LinkProof - Internet link traffic management.
Tel Aviv
Radwin - (972).3.7662900
Carrier-class broadband wireless solutions for voice and high-speed data services. WinLink: Point-to-point wireless multiplexer operates in the license-free 5.725 - 5.850 GHz bands. WinAir point-to-multipoint solution for telephony and IP-based services.
Tel Aviv
RegiSoft - (972).3.6321691
World Trade Server (WTS) value-added services (VAS) for mobile marketing, mobile ticketing and personal mobile content distribution. WTS creates an electronic proof-of-purchase.
Remmon-Remote Monitoring - (972).4.6096980
Remote monitoring of automated systems using a personal cellular phone as the control panel. MS Windows based application operates over any cellular network with standard OPC protocol. Application include irrigation management.
Sde Eliyahu
Resolute Networks - (972).8.9736888
Circuit Emulation Services (CES) gateway and Synchronization over Packet applications for voice and data telecommunication over Ethernet, IP or MPLS infrastructure. Supports implementation of OEM standards-compliant TDM Over Packet (TDMoP) equipment.
RiT Technologies - (972).3.6455151
LAN wiring products - Patch panels, cables, cords, connectors, and communications outlets for copper and fiber optic connectivity. PatchView for the Enterprise - real-time network cabling management application based on an SQL-relational database.
Tel Aviv
Rotal Communication Systems - (972).3.9180555
Provider of Fiber Optic transmission networks. Integration of different infrastructures such as RF, Fiber Optics, Wireless, LAN and WAN. Installation of CATV networks from the drop connection to home-pass.
Petah Tikva
Runcom Technologies - (972).3.9428888
Platform for content-rich interactivity between TV broadcasters and subscribers. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) System-On-Chip and Base Station System-On-Board solutions for mobile wireless MAN, DVB-RCT and BWA environments.
Rishon Lezion
Satlink Communications - (972).2.5349086
Provider of end-to-end solution for content transmission over satellite platforms. C-band and KU-band earth stations authorized by Intelsat, Eutelsat, Panamsat, Asiasat, Americom, NSS, Europstar, EuroAsiaSat, HispaSat, HellasSat, Yamal, Sirius and Amos.
Neve Ilan
Schema - (972).9.9567955
Telecom Resource Management (TRM) solutions to optimize and manage wireless carrier network resources.
Seabridge - (972).9.7751111
Broadband services and networks. Multi-service packet switches integrating multiple broadband technologies (ATM, Ethernet, IP, MPLS, TDM and Frame). Carrier Ethernet switches for Ethernet-based residential and business services. A Siemens company.
Hod HaSharon
Shiron Satellite Communications - (972).3.9183900
Two-way multimedia satellite communication system, incorporating innovative system architecture, algorithms and digital signal processing for broadband communication systems via satellite.
Petah Tikva
Stellar Satellite Communications - (972).3.6175146
Stellar data communicators designed to work with the worldwide ORBCOMM network of LEO satellites. Applications include GPS, GSM modem, vehicle tracking, fleet management, environmental monitoring, oceanographic research, security.
Bnei Brak
Surf Communication Solutions - (972).4.9095777
Media over Packet (MoP) Triple Play (Voice, Video, and Modem/Fax/Data) Mop conversion solutions for communication equipment manufacturers. Integration levels: DSP software; DSP hardware/software; PTMC boards; and PCI boards.
Tadiran Communications - (972).3.5574661
Military communications. High frequency (HF) (1.5 to 30 MHz) and Very High Frequency (VHF) (30 to 108 MHz) band equipment. Handheld VHF/UHF Radio. Military computers, Rugged Personal Digital Assistant (RPDA-88). Wireless headset for VRC or PRC radios.
Tadiran Spectralink - (972).3.5573102
Wireless communications systems. Airborne Search and Rescue (SAR) Systems. Ground and Air Data Terminals for command, telemetry and video links. Anti-jamming communication.
Tadiran Telecom Business Systems - (972).3.9262000
Wide range of communications solutions including Telephony systems, IP-based telecommunications, Coral FlexiCom servers, FlexCT management and routing tools, Voice call services, CT, unified messaging, remote office and SOHO applications, call center etc.
Petah Tikva
TADLYS - (972).3.9414201
Bluetooth technology for patient and equipment tagging and location in hospital environment. Tele-monitoring of patient signs. Homeland security for supervision of tagged personnel. Radioos: wireless audio and data accessories such as wireless Headsets.
Rishon Lezion
TD Soft Communication Software - (972).9.9703888
VoNGATE - voice access gateway that provides wireline quality voice services over next generation access (NGA) of DSL, Cable and Wireless networks.
Telco Systems - (972).9.8662525
Layer 2 10/100/1000 Ethernet SNMP-managed and stackable switches to transport data over copper and fiber. VDSL solutions for the MTU/MDU markets. VoIP solutions for the SME and SOHO environments, Multi-Layer IP switching and routing platforms.
Kfar Neter
TeleMessage - (972).3.9225252
Universal Messaging Services (UMS) enable users to send messages containing voice, text or images from a Web or WAP site and from any fixed or mobile phone. Supports multiple languages, text to speech conversion, e-mail notification, unlimited SMS length.
Petah Tikva
Telrad Connegy - (972).3.9157888
AdvanceIP converged system that combines Voice over IP (VoIP) while retaining the quality of digital telephony systems. Avanti family of phones. i.Picasso IP phone.
Petah Tikva
Telrad Networks - (972).73.2467000
End-to-end telecom networks solutions and systems integration services. Convergence of voice and data to a unified network. Migration from TDM PSTN to Packet Public Network.
Terayon Communication Systems - (972).3.6458500
Broadband solutions that provide cable broadcast video, high speed Internet, digital video and advanced IP telephony services over cable and telephone networks. Product families include cable modem, DSL, telephony and digital video systems.
Tel Aviv
Texas Instruments Israel - (972).9.9706444
Cable Broadband Communications (CBC) Development Center - Technology based on SOC (system on chip) components, RF solutions and systemic software.
TMT - (972).2.5328202
Doc Technology Chip solutions for delivering data over coax. Ethernet over cable TV infrastructure. HomeRAN - home networking over coax. CAbleRAN - Broadband and LAN in buildings and MDUs.
TraceSpan Communications - (972).9.7462221
ADSL, ADSL2 broadband monitoring systems. DSL Xpert Multi-Layer Analyzer for Telcos and ADSL equipment makers to test and monitor quality of ADSL products. DSL Phantom non-intrusive interception of P2P communication for law enforcement authorities.
Unipier - (972).9.8920888
Service Broker for Intelligent Policy Management (IPM). Code-free GUI for policy creation, service configuration, business rules and policies such as access control, premium charging, personalization, branding. Integrates with the operator’s proxies.
Unity Wireless - (972).4.9592522
RF for 450 MHz to 3.5 GHz mobile and fixed wireless network infrastructure. RF components: LNA, SCPA, MCPA, cavity filters, duplexers, band pass filters, diplexers and triplexers. Repeaters for GSM, CDMA and WCDMA networks. Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA).
VBox Communications - (972).9.9502821
Receiver solutions for digital TV and data broadcasting networks. PCI cards and USB boxes for digital TV reception and handling of encrypted Pay TV services. Ethernet satellite routers and gateways for the reception of high quality digital content.
Visonic Technologies - (972).3.7681400
Local Positioning System (LPS) solutions for hospitals and buildings. Patented wireless EIRIS (ELPAS Infra-Red Identification and Search) and IRFID (IR and RF Identification) technologies.
Tel Aviv
VocalTec - (972).9.9707777
Telecom equipment provider of network voice solutions for carriers and service providers. Founder of VoIP technology. Essentra - SIP-Based softswitch architecture integrates benefits of SIP, MEGACO/H.248 and H.323 technologies with PSTN/SS7 connectivity.
WaveIP - (972).4.9937333
Broadband fixed wireless access network for Internet, data, video and voice.
Wavion - (972).4.9097300
Wi-Fi Access Point for metro Wi-Fi network deployments. Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology with six radio transceivers and six antennas employs digital beamforming to focus the energy to and from the clients on a per-packet basis.
WiNetworks - (972).9.9519556
Wireless and Digital video broadcast solutions based on Hybrid WiMAX DVB (HWDV) technology. Broadband wireless access. Multi-Service gateways with Ethernet switching, VoIP. Cellular E1/T1 backhaul. PBX/LAN connectivity. WiN3000 modular base station.
Wireless - (972).3.6124980
Israel's Wireless Information Portal. WAP, wireless devices and services.
Wisair - (972).3.7676606
Ultra Wideband (UWB) chipset for consumer electronics. UWB chipset based on WiMedia UWB radio platform with an integrated RF transceiver chip and a MAC/PHY baseband chip. Single CMOS chip encompassing MAC, Baseband and RF functionality. UWB antennas.
WiseBox - (972).9.9542095
Multiplayer casino applications and gambling for mobile phones.
Xtend Networks - (972).3.5162226
Symmetrical high-speed bandwidth (up to 3GHz) over cable TV coax networks for data and video-telephony. XHUB located at the fiber node, converts the HFC network standard frequency band to the coaxial plant's "Xtended" bands.XTB, Xtendifier.
Tel Aviv
Zlango - (972).3.7600900
Icon-based international language, with over 200 icons. Mobile application enables creation and sending of Zlango messages to mobile phones.
Ramat Hasharon
Transportation Companies
Company Details
Afikim Electric Mobilizers - (972).4.6754825
Electric battery operated indoor and outdoor scooters. Suitable for senior citizens and disabled people.
Amit - International logistics services - (972).3.9720001
Integrators of foreign trade logistics. Exhibition and fine art logistics. Customs clearance. International forwarding. Air and ocean consolidators. Maritime insurance. International courier services via TNT.
Tel Aviv
Ariel Group - (972).3.9630801
Manufacture and maintenance of intelligent traffic control systems and traffic components.
Rishon Lezion
Arkia Israeli Airlines - (972).3.6903712
International tourism charter flights and domestic flights.
Tel Aviv
Asfir - (972).4.6528995
Orthopedic hydraulic seats and suspension seats for vehicles. 4X4 products: skid plates for off road vehicles, side protectors, ATL winch bumper, tubular winch bumpers, rear bumpers and towing devices, hi-lift jack and base plate.
Tel Adashim
Ashdod Bonded Ltd. - (972).8.8566566
Cargo services in export and import activity, bonded storage, free warehouses, outsourcing logistic services and distribution layouts.
Ashdod Port - (972).
Deep water port that serves central and Southern regions of Israel. Piers can serve all types of ships up to Panamax type with 60,000 tons deadweight. Includes passenger and cruise ship terminal.
Ashkelon Marina - (972).8.6733780
Boats up to 45m depths 4m - 6m. VHF CH 16-11. Shipyard with a 100 ton travel lift and professional repair services.
Ashot Ashkelon - (972).8.6721505
Gear drives and transmission systems. Automatic transmissions for heavy vehicles, gear assemblies for aerospace applications, short and long shafts for jet engines and gas turbine engines. Hydraulic and mechanical PTO's. Clutch independent drives.
Audi Israel - (972).3.5775283
Importer and agency of Audi cars.
Bnei Brak
Automotive Equipment Group - (972).3.6841310
Importer and distributor of Chrysler cars and trucks, Jeep, Porsche cars. Automotive spare parts and accessories.
Tel Aviv
Automotive Industries - (972).4.6558122
Assembly plant for cars and trucks mainly for the Israel Defense Forces, police and export. Design of armored protection. Abir 4x4 military vehicle. Desert Raider 6x6 airborne, all-terrain reconnaissance, surveillance vehicle.
Nazareth Illit
Avis - (972).3.9773200
Operates 16 rental branches in Israel. Domestic and outgoing rentals.
Aviv Shigur - (972).1.700.503300
Domestic courier services for next day delivery of parcels. Country wide network includes 17 depots. Customized logistic services. A fleet of over 200 intercity transportation trucks.
Ayalon Highway - (972).3.6931212
Freeway from Holon to Herzliya. The web site shows the speed of traffic flow on the highway.
Tel Aviv
Ayit - (972).8.6104488
Flight and tourism services. Flight school. Operates Sdeh Teiman airfield. Flights over Israel.
Baz - (972).4.9569000
Manufacturer of components and sub assemblies of airborne structures such as wing pod, tail cone for business jet, camera pod, fan cowl door. Certified for production by major aircraft manufacturers in Israel and abroad.
Beit-Alfa Technologies - (972).4.6533060
Design and manufacture of special purpose vehicles. Fire fighting and rescue vehicles: Municipal water/foam tenders, airport crash tenders. Bullet-proof armored vehicles. Riot control vehicles. Water restraint system for prisons.
Beit Alfa
Ben Gurion Airport - (972).3.9710000
Main international airport of Israel named after the first Prime Minister of Israel David Ben Gurion.
Blue Marina - (972).8.8557246
Part of the tourism and business complex 2 km south of Ashdod. Marina can accommodate boats up to 40 m long. Includes shipyard, fuel station, and related services.
BMW Israel - (972).3.6899000
Importer and agency of BMW cars and motorcycles.
Tel Aviv
Budget - (972).1.700.704141
Operates 12 locations in Israel. Has a fleet of about 2500 vehicles with over 25 models.
Tel Aviv
C.A.L. Cargo Air Lines - (972).3.9779999
All cargo airline operating jumbo freighters to USA, Europe and Africa. Exporting from Israel agricultural fresh produce and industrial materials and importing heavy machinery, automobiles, industrial and scientific equipment.
Airport City
Cal Auto Group - (972).3.7912000
Car rental and leasing. Minibuses and 4x4's.
Tel Aviv
Carmel Cables - (972).3.8566790
Various cables for American, Japanese and European cars. Accelerator cables, clutch cables. Shift cables to control park, neutral, drive and reverse positions. Hood and trunk release cables.
Bat Yam
Carmel International Shipping Services - (972).4.8545454
Liner shipping agency dedicated for sea liner container services.
Carmelit Subway - (972).4.8376861
Subway that connects Haifa downtown area with the Carmel Center on the Carmel mountain.
Caspi Cargo Lines - (972).4.8678188
International broker active mainly in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Agency services to all types of vessels including preparation of cargo manifest, Bill of Lading, and other documentations. Company operates eight general cargo trading vessels.
Citroen - (972).3.5631333
Importer and service agency for Citroen car models. Owned by Lubinski Ltd.
Bnei Brak
Conmart - (972).9.8929510
Worldwide maritime shipping. Chartering and brokerage services. Port agencies in Haifa, Ashdod and Eilat ports.
Connex - (972).*6686
Public bus transport operator in Ashdod and Tiberias.
Tel Aviv
Cross-Israel Highway 6 Management - (972).3.9081111
North to South cross-Israel Highway 6 toll road management.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Dan Transportation - (972).3.6394444
Public bus transport operator in greater Tel-Aviv metropolitan area and the suburbs.
Tel Aviv
Derech Eretz Highways - (972).
Planning and construction of North to South cross-Israel toll-way (Highway 6). Route stretches along 300 km, from the Beer Sheva area in the south to Rosh Pina and Nahariya in the north.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Dodge - (972).3.6881125
Importer of Dodge cars.
Tel Aviv
Dov Hoz Airport - (972).3.6984500
Commonly known as Sde Dov, serves mainly for domestic flights to the north of the country, to Ein Yahav and to Eilat.
Tel Aviv
Egged Bus Company - (972).3.6948888
Public bus transportation company with services to all regions of Israel.
Tel Aviv
Eilat Airport - (972).1.700.705022
Eilat Airport today serves internal civilian flights, international charter flights, private flights and special flights.
Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company - (972).8.6740601
Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline serves as a land bridge for transporting crude oil from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean. Infrastructure services for liquefied petroleum gas, fuel oil, distillates and coal.
Eilat Port - (972).8.6385332
Israel’s "Gateway to the South" for cargo traffic to Africa, Asia and the Far East.
EL-AL Israel Airlines - (972).3.9722333
National airline of Israel. International flights and Cargo services.
Eldan - (972).3.5654545
Operates 15 rental branches in Israel. Operational leasing and car fleet management.
Tel Aviv
Europcar - (972).1.700.505069
Car rental, operational leasing.
F.N. Aviation - (972).9.9577717
Air taxi flights over Israel. Flight training school. Cessna fleet.
Ford - (972).8.9139988
Importer and service agency for Ford car models Focus, Mondeo, Explorer, Transit, Econoline. Owned by Delek Motors Co. Ltd.
Nir Tsvi
Galor Systems - (972).3.6076300
Gilboa tour operator software. Travel agency system and online reservation software. Interface to GDS (Global Distribution System) for content and updates. BSP (Bank Settlement Plan) ticket reconciliation and reports. Multi-currency transactions.
Tel Aviv
Globespeed - (972).3.7549575
Agent for Continental Airlines, Air Canada, Hungarian, Czech Airlines, Cyprus Airways, Air Sinai (Egypt Air), Hellas Jet, Egypt Air, British West Indian Airways. GSA representation, cargo, ground handling and import services.
Gold Line Shipping - (972).4.8562222
Worldwide shipping agency representing international shipping lines. Inland haulage, custom clearance, storage and warehousing, distribution, project and conventional shipments.
Haargaz Transporation - (972).3.5685815
Manufacturer of buses with the chassis of Scania, Man, Mercedes and Volvo and train cars. Low floor city bus. Inter city bus for tourism travel. Armor plated bus with removable armor plating that protects against small arms fire.
Tel Aviv
Haifa Airport - (972).4.8476111
Domestic airport for flights to Eilat and Sde Dov. International airport for charter flights for nearby destinations such as Cyprus - Larnaca and Paphos, Rhodes, Crete, Sharm el Sheikh and Amman.
Haifa Port - (972).
Natural port in the Haifa Bay. Includes international passenger terminal. Quays dedicated for use by bulk grain vessels whose cargo is fed by conveyor to adjacent Dagon Grain Silo.
Hertz - (972).8.9777777
Operates 14 rental branches in Israel. Operational leasing and car fleet management.
Herzliya Airport - (972).9.9719555
Herzliya Airfield is mainly used for teaching flying and for private aviation activity. Airport is classified as A1 according to the ICAO standard, Annex 14.
Herzliya Marina - (972).9.9565591
Berthing facilities for up to 800 yachts. Four point mooring system (no anchoring). Adjacent to shopping centers, hotels and hi-tech companies.
Honda - (972).3.6255625
Agency of Honda.
Tel Aviv
Hyundai - (972).3.9154444
Importers of Korean Hyundai vehicles including passenger cars, trucks and recreational vehicles.
Tel Aviv
Israel National Roads Company - (972).3.7355444
Planning, development and maintenance of the interurban road infrastructure. Traffic management and safety control on interurban roads.
Or Yehuda
Israel Ports Development and Assets Company - (972).
Planning, construction, security, equipment and infrastructure development of Israel's seaports in Haifa, Ashdod and Eilat that handle Israel's international maritime trade.
Tel Aviv
Israel Railways - (972).3.5774000
Railways 2000 metropolitan system in progress will have lines to Netanya, Herzliya, Petah Tikva, Rosh Ha-Ayin, Hod Ha-Sharon, Kfar Saba, Lod, Rehovot, Ashdod, Rishon Le-Zion, Ben-Gurion International Airport, Modiin and Haifa and Nahariya in the North.
Israel Tractors - (972).3.5571555
Agency that represents Caterpillar, Navistar-International and Ingersoll-Rand trucks, tractors, dozers and other heavy construction machines.
Israir Airlines - (972).3.7955777
International charter flights and routes within Israel including flight to Eilat from Haifa and Tel-Aviv.
Tel Aviv
IsraLimo - (972).3.6478265
Luxury limousines, Sedan, SUV, van, charter bus and motor coach chauffeured ground transportation. Israeli Airports Limo Services and Ben-Gurion (Tel Aviv) Airport transportation services.
Tel Aviv
Kamor Shipping Services - (972).4.8681000
Shipping agency and husbandry services. Loading and unloading of vessels up to cape size calling Israeli ports with grain, fertilizers, liquids, chemicals, oil products, steel. Customs entry clearance of cargo. Chartering. Broker for charterers worldwide.
Kavim Public Transportation - (972).3.5570600
Public bus transport operator in Tel Aviv, Petah Tikva and Kiriat Ono lines.
Lucy Borchard Shipping - (972).3.5207500
Borchard Lines Operate a network of container vessels between Israel and major ports and terminals of Northern Europe, United kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Egypt and Cyprus. Container liner services.
Tel Aviv
M.M. Trade and Customs Services - (972).3.6503400
Logistics, international freight forwarding and custom brokerage. Container services and air consolidation services to and from Israel from countries in Europe, America and Asia.
Maman Cargo Terminals - (972).3.9715309
Cargo terminal at Ben-Gurion Airport. Ground services for both air cargo and air passengers in Israel. Third Party Logistic (T.P.L) services for the full supply chain. Ground handling services for airlines.
Mayan - (972).3.5767800
Air and sea freight imports and exports. Logistics - warehousing and distribution. Customs clearance.
Mazda - (972).8.9139988
Importer and service agency for Mazda car models Mazda6, MPV, MX-5, BT-50. Owned by Delek Motors Co. Ltd.
Nir Tsvi
Mercedes-Benz - (972).3.9154444
Importer and service agency for A-class, C-class, E-class models. Part of Colmobil Group.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Metro - (972).3.5623771
Importer of two-wheel motor vehicles, motorcycles, scooters and accessories. Companies represented include Yamaha, Kawasaki and Sanyang.
Tel Aviv
MetroDan - (972).8.6278040
Metropolitan bus service in Beer Sheva region with a fleet of over 90 buses and 19 lines.
Metropoline - (972).1.222.5900
Interurban public transportation company.
Tel Aviv
Mini - (972).
Importer of Mini car models.
Mitsubishi Motors - (972).3.9154444
Importer and service agency for Mitsubishi models Lancer, Pajero, Grandis and Magnum 4x4. Part of Colmobil Group.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Mivrag Cold Forming Technology - (972).4.9895100
Cold forming products: Vehicle jack components, brake caliper pins, cold formed powertrain components, body and chassis hardware, seat hardware assemblies, modular door hardware components.
Ein Hashofet
Neta Urban Transportation Co. - (972).3.6893000
Government company authorized to establish a light train service within the greater Tel Aviv metropolitan area connecting cities in the Dan region, including Holon, Bat Yam, Rishon Lezion in the south and Herzliya in the North.
Tel Aviv
Nissan - (972).3.6381111
Agency of Japanese manufacturer owned by Carasso group. Models marketed in Israel include Maxima, Primera, Pathfinder, Terrano, Patrol, X-Trail. Atleon, Cabstar trucks.
Tel Aviv
Ofran holiday autos - (972).3.7951010
Car rental broker in Israel in joint venture with Holiday autos international.
Tel Aviv
Orange Aviation - (972).8.9235751
Air taxi service. Private aircraft. Air-Ambulance service includes rescue and evacuation of injured people in special aircraft, including medical equipment and medical staff.
Moshav Ben Shemen
Peugeot - (972).3.5631333
Importer and service agency for Peugeot car models 206, 307, 407, 607 and Partner.
Bnei Brak
Polyrit - (972).8.6746616
Molded foam, flexible, semi rigid and rigid Polyurethane products. Interior decorated panels, head rest, seats, seat cushions, steering wheels, bumpers, gear shift handles for automotive industry. Electronic housings for medical computer equipment.
Porsche - (972).3.6841360
Importing and service agency for Porshe brand cars.
Tel Aviv
Programa Logistics Systems - (972).
Consultancy and engineering for supply chain, logistics and material handling systems. Transportation and warehouse management systems. Logistics infrastructure and database definition. Software development control. Site and facility master plans.
Rakevet Kala - (972).2.6259322
Jerusalem Mass Transit Light Rail System.
Rosh Pina Airport - (972).4.6936478
The airport serves as a domestic airfield, with service to fly to Eilat, Dov Hoz airport, Haifa, Herzliya, Ben Gurion airport and all the landing strips in the country.
Rosh Pina
Sa-Gal Rent-a-Car Company - (972).3.6815441
Rental car services to tourists, commercial and government institutions. Branches also in Jerusalem, Netanya and Haifa.
Tel Aviv
Sea Transport & Trading - (972).3.6999420
Ship agency, chartering broker for dry cargo worldwide. International trade and forwarding service. Dealing with the ocean carriers for breakbulk cargoes like forest products, steel, pipe, construction equipment, trailers and automobiles.
Tel Aviv
Seat - (972).3.6090669
Importer of Spanish Seat car models Ibiza, Cordoba, Toledo, Leon.
Tel Aviv
Sharon - (972).3.9721536
International freight forwarding and logistics services include customs clearance, consolidation, land transportation, packing, insurance, and door to door delivery.
Siemens Traffic Systems - (972).3.5576636
Parking and traffic control systems. Parking entrance terminal. Parking ticket and barcode reader. Parking remote control Transponder and antenna.
Sixt Shlomo Rent a Car - (972).1.700.501.502
Car rental and leasing with 20 offices in different cities. Represents branch of international
Airport City
Skoda - (972).3.5778660
Importer of Skoda car models Superb, Octavia, Fabia. Company owned by Champion Motors.
Bnei Brak
Solel Boneh - (972).3.6301600
Roads and Infrastructure Division of the company carries out a wide range of infrastructure and roads projects, including development and paving work on roads, interchanges, runways and asphalt overlays, water, sewage, drainage systems.
Sphericon - (972).9.9511046
DAISY system measures and detects driver alertness and inattentiveness and warns of dangerous driving patterns.
Ssangyong Motor - (972).3.6366777
Agency of Korean car manufacturer. Models marketed in Israel include Rodius, Musso pickup, Korando and Rexton.
Tel Aviv
Subaru - (972).3.7910000
Importer of Japanese Subaru cars. Models include Impreza Sedan, SPorts Wagon, STI, Forester, and B4 Station.
Tel Aviv
Sun Car - (972).3.5237017
Long and short term car rentals and leasing. Airport service phone: 050.2377477
Tel Aviv
Superbus - (972).8.9205005
Interurban public transportation company wth service lines between Ramla, Lod, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Modiin Rishon Lezion and smaller towns in the region.
Taavura Holdings - (972).8.9270420
Road haulage and logistics. Bulk transport, car haulage, haulage of cements raw materials, rocks, aggregates, agricultural produce, containers and general cargo.
Tamir Rent a Car - (972).9.8616470
Car rental company with central office in Netanya.
Tashtit - (972).8.9270500
Importer for the Dutch DAF Trucks and DAFBUS brand of buses.
Toyota - (972).3.6255444
Importers of Toyota vehicle models including Yarix, Corolla, Runx, Camry, Land Cruiser etc. Service agencies around the country.
Tel Aviv
Traffilog - (972).3.9009500
Real Time Car Diagnostics (RCD) system for automotive industry. RCD system with GPS/GPRS, vehicle location, command and control system for vehicle fleets. Real-time diagnostics for trucks and mechanical engineering equipment. Real-time military systems.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Travel Global Systems - (972).3.9234548
B-to-B and B-to-C software solutions for handling large volume transactions and reservations within the travel industry.
Petah Tikva
UMI - (972).3.9534455
Agency of GM in Israel importing Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Isuzu and Opel cars. Service agencies around the country.
Rishon Lezion
Unishipping Israel - (972).3.7441112
Ship and chartering agent. Size of vessels from 2000 dwt up-to panamax. Livestock transport. Parcel service between US Gulf, US, Canada east coast, Central America and between full Mediterranean - Black Sea range.
Tel Aviv
Unitag - (972).3.9797970
General Cargo Sales and Service Agency (GSSA) for Aeroflot, Belavia, Latpass, Lithuanian, Siberia, Samara, Ural Airlines. Airfreight local and international forwarding. Cargo ground handling.
Volkswagen - (972).2.5655555
Importer of Polo, Golf, Bora, Beetle, Passat, Touareg models of VW cars.
Volvo Israel - (972).3.6255600
Importer of Volvo cars.
Tel Aviv
Xenlight - (972).8.9266191
Xenon lighting systems for the automotive market, aviation landing and taxi lights. Ballasts for 35/50W High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D) high-pressure Xenon arc tubes, ignition connectors and other products using these ballasts. Dimmable diving light.
Zim Israel Navigation Company - (972).4.8652111
Zim operates a fleet of over 80 vessels. Zim Container Service operates between Haifa, its home port, and the Far East, via the Mediterranean and North American ports.
Venture Capital Funds for Israeli Startup Companies
Venture Fund Detailst
AIG Orion - 03-7538890
Internet, network convergence, content management
Alon Technology Ventures - 03.7954121
Information technology, medical devices and other life sciences. Focus on mid to late-stage companies.
Ampal - 03.6080100
Telecom, Datacom, energy distribution and basic industry
Tel Aviv
Apax Partners - 09.9586330
IT, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and Services
Apropos IT Ventures - 02.6482350
Seed and early stage companies in Internet and information technology.
ARBA Finance Company - 03.6964420
Computers, communications, internet.
Tel Aviv
Ascend Technology Ventures - 03.7513707
Communications, Internet and Internet infrastructure, software, semiconductors and medical devices.
Aura Investments - 03.7440333
IT, software, high-tech companies with high gross-margin in large markets
Tel Aviv
Aviv Venture Capital - 03.6114050
Communications, information technology, medical devices, materials engineering.
Tel Aviv
Benchmark Israel - 09.9617600
Enterprise software, networking equipment, semiconductors, mobile computing.
Herzliya Pituach
BRM Capital Advisors - 09.9549555
Internet infrastructure, software, communications.
Herzliya Pituach
Carmel Ventures - 09.9594894
Software especially for B2B e-commerce, Internet infrastructure, and enterprise applications.
Catalyst - 03.6950666
Tel Aviv
Cedar Fund - 09.9577227
Telecommunications, networking, Internet infrastructure and enterprise software.
Challenge Fund - 03.5628555
Communications, Machine Vision, Semiconductors. Medical Devices, Biotechnology and Healthcare.
Tel Aviv
Clal Biotechnology Industries - 03.6075733
Biotechnology, biopharmaceutical companies.
Tel Aviv
Clal Industries Venture Capital Cluster - 03.7650302
Telecommunications, Information Technology, Life sciences (Biotech, medical devices) and software.
Tel Aviv
Concord Ventures - 09.9602020
IT, Medical technologies, communication, software, Internet and semiconductors.
Decima Ventures - 03.6094243
Tel Aviv
Delta Ventures - 09.9517755
IT, Telecommunications, Internet, and semiconductors.
Herzliya Pituach
Denali Ventures - 09.9511990
Investments in life science and health care technology companies.
Discount Investment Corporation - 03.5672700
Communications technologies, services and content.
Tel Aviv
Edmond de Rothschild Venture Capital Management - 02.6490670
Telecommunications, semiconductors, software, and medical devices.
Eurofund - 03.5202447
Telecommunications, microelectronics, information technology.
Tel Aviv
Evergreen - 03.7108282
Communications, semiconductors, imaging, software, biomedical informatics.
Tel Aviv
FIMI Investment Fund - 03.5652244
Textile, software, consumer electronics, power generation, communication, automotive, food and plastics industries.
Tel Aviv
First Isratech Fund -
Life science related technologies.
Formula Ventures - 09.9601800
E-business, enterprise software, communications and convergent media.
Forum Consulting & Business Development - 09.7445141
Software, electro-optics, medical and electronic instrumentation.
Gemini Israel Funds - 09.9584842
IT, Communications, Semiconductors, Industrial Equipment, and Medical Technology.
Genesis Partners - 09.9729000
Communications, enterprise software, cellular and wireless Infrastructure, storage systems.
Giza Group - 03.6402323
Corporate finance services and technology venture capital fund management.
Tel Aviv
GlenRock - 03.9701800
Life sciences, pharmaceuticals, medical devices. Software, electronics, communications.
Heifetz Technologies - 02.6527712
Software, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, communications, internet, hardware.
Hyperion Israel Venture Partners - 03.9039988
Telecommunications, Semiconductors and Optronic components, Medical Devices, Information technology.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Infinity Venture Capital Fund - 03.6075456
Information technology, communications, life sciences, and industrial technologies.
Tel Aviv
InnoMed - 02.5332808
Early stage companies developing healthcare technologies and products.
Neve Ilan
Intel Capital Israel - 03.9207111
Networking, Communications and Internet Solutions, Wireless, Computer Telephony, Digital Entertainment and Data Center applications.
Tel Aviv
Israel Cleantech Ventures - 054.6224663
Software, hardware and materials technologies related to alternative and renewable energy and fuels, energy efficiency, water resource management and waste water treatment, pollution mitigation and sustainable agriculture.
Ramat Hasharon
Israel Healthcare Ventures - 03.6488566
Medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical-related IT.
Tel Aviv
Israel Infinity Fund - 03.6075456
Information technology, medical technology, semiconductor industry.
Tel Aviv
Israel Seed Partners - 02.5655111
IT, Communications, E-commerce, B2B, Digital imaging, Semiconductors, Life sciences.
Jerusalem Global Ventures - 02.5722222
Communications infrastructure technology, wireless data, optical systems and components. Medical devices and biotechnology.
Jerusalem Software Incubator Ltd. - 02.5870012
Software tools and computer applications. Miscellaneous technologies.
Jerusalem Venture Partners - 02.6409000
Enterprise software, semiconductors, materials, communications.
Kerem - 09.9601822
IT, Software, Internet, engineering, medical equipment, and communications.
Koor Corporate Venture Capital - 03.9008410
Telecom and Wireless Technology, Semiconductors, Enterprise Software, Life Science.
Rosh Ha'ayin
Kreos Capital - 09.9514434
Communications, semiconductors, healthcare.
Herzliya Pituach
Lab-One Innovations - 03.6475788
Information and communication technology.
Tel Aviv
Liav Fund - 03.6129001
Early-stage investment fund in the areas of media, enterprise software, mobile telecommunications and Internet companies.
LightSpeed Gemini Internet Lab (LGiLab) - 09.9719111
Seed investment in early stage internet start-up.
Maayan Ventures - 08.6466869
Medical Devices, Semiconductors, Telecom, Software/Hardware, Homeland Security, Materials and Energy solutions.
Marathon Investments - 03.6081788
Biotechnology, inspection and advanced electronics.
Tel Aviv
Maytree ventures - 09.9505456
Energy and environmental technologies.
Medica Venture Partners - 03.5160577
Medical devices and bio-pharma technology.
Tel Aviv
Millennium Materials Technologies Fund - 03.6439986
Advanced materials, industrial processes, chemicals, bio electronics materials and materials for life sciences.
Tel Aviv
Navitek - 02.6797470
Start-up or middle-stage high-tech companies.
Ofer Brothers Hi-Tech - 03.6438890
Communications, software, medical devices, bio-technology and microelectronics.
Tel Aviv
Partech International - 09.9573444
Software, internet, healthcare IT and communications.
Persys Group - 09.9516101
Medical devices, software. Seed and early stage companies.
Pitango Venture Capital - 09.9718100
Telecommunication, data communications, semiconductors, Internet infrastructure, medical devices and biotechnology.
Platinum Neurone Ventures - 09.9728636
Communications, Information Technology, Semiconductor and Medical device sectors.
Plenus - 09.9574944
Venture lending fund for mid- to late-stage technology companies. Enterprise software, capital equipment, semiconductors and medical devices.
Poalim Capital Markets Technologies - 03.5675333
IT, E-commerce, multimedia software, telecommunications, electronics.
Tel Aviv
Portview Communications - 09.7413140
Early stage companies in the communications industry.
ProSeed - 03.5661284
Communication, Network Security, Software, IP Telephony, Internet, Intranet, E-Commerce.
Tel Aviv
Rafael Development Corporation -
Defense technology, semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, communications.
Samurai Ventures - 03.6114440
Communications and Information Technology.
Sequoia Capital - 09.9579440
Communications, software, semiconductor
Shrem Fudim Group - 03.6845555
Israeli high tech companies.
Tel Aviv
Siemens Venture Capital in Israel - 09.9715655
Communications, Medical solutions.
StageOne Ventures - 03.7100140
Telecommunications technologies, QOS/VPN/CDN, OSS-NMS, mobile datacom and 3G, multimedia streaming, optical networking, system- on-chip, LAN WAN servers, and storage networking.
Tel Aviv
Star Ventures - 09.9512888
Communications, enterprise software, internet, medical devices and software.
Herzliya Pituach
Steps Ventures - 03.5193444
Software, Communications networks.
Tel Aviv
Syntek Capital - 09.9701828
IT software, telecom, Multi-media.
Takeoff - 09.7408442
Software for internet, Biotechnology, also open to other industries.
Tamir Fishman Ventures - 03.6883512
Communications, Software, Internet.
Tel Aviv
Technological Incubators -
All subjects considered.
TechnoPlus Ventures - 03.7666555
Communications, medical devices, software and Internet infrastructure.
Tel Aviv
Terra Venture Partners - 052.3423737
Renewable energy, alternative fuels and energy efficiency. Water related technologies such as water purification.
Teuza Venture Capital Fund - 04.8728788
Software, semiconductors, communications, electronics and medical equipment.
Veritas Venture Partners - 09.9561621
Internet, network communications and healthcare.
Herzliya Pituach
Vertex Capital Funds - 03.5357621
IT, communications hardware and software and semiconductors.
Vitalife Life Sciences Fund - 03.7100102
Life science and medical devices.
Tel Aviv
Walden Israel - 09.9513460
IT, Internet infrastructure, communications, software, healthcare technologies especially medical devices and biotechnology.
Herzliya Pituach
YLR Capital Markets - 03.5667339
High-tech, healthcare, marketing, retail and other growing markets.
Tel Aviv
Yozma Group - 03.6437766
Communications, IT and Medical Technologies.